Anyone need any ideas?

I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas, but I’m no good at programming. I can help anyone who’s having writer’s block, or something.

i could use some help with making a monster pm me if you want to help.

I need help making alien species.

@fantom I help you with that I’m really good doing that!!!

Message me if you would like help! Currently, I have a lot of ideas, but no way to program them. If anyone would be able to program them, I’d only want to be recognized as the story creator. Here’s one idea.

You’re living in a world where people with super powers are guaranteed an easy life of success, fortune, and glory. Normal people are considered below super-powered people, and often work as their subordinates. People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates aren’t recognized in this world. They would be ranked below a super-powered with the ability to blow bubbles by whistling. You are a rebel. You’ve been one since childhood. You’re exceptionally smart in within your school, but not so smart as to be considered super-powered. As a conflict arises between you and your arrogant super-powered classmate, you face two options, give in, or fight back. Depending on how you respond to this situation, you may soon find yourself in prison conspiring with other prisoners, or meeting a kind (insert other sex here) super-powered who does not agree with modern society’s views on how normal people are worse than the super-powered.

It goes on and on, but 1.) I don’t want anyone to copy me entirely, and 2.) I’m too lazy to put the rest on unless someone actually cares and is willing to collaborate with me.

Oh, yeah, and I’ll demo or beta test anything. I hope I’ll give helpful feedback.

I need help making alien species.

I like ideas! Sometimes I get a good, practical idea that works, sometimes I try something and it blows up in my face like when my brother threw a yoghurt at my head.

Need help with them?