How to run demos? (html downloads)


How do you run demos? Cuz I wanna kinda try some of the WIP games in the site.


When I download some html downloads it doesn’t do anything for me.


Which site? On here? If so, just click on the link. Although, many Dropbox accounts no longer can host html content unfortunately, so that’s a hit and a miss. More and more accounts are no longer able to host html content.

If it’s a dashingdon link just click on the link.

If it’s an html download, look for it in your downloads file and double click on it.


Like this demo The World is Yours: Football
It gives me a error when I try to play the demo.


That means you can’t access this demo anymore.[quote=“NeoHeartless, post:3, topic:21156”]
many Dropbox accounts no longer can host html content


Oh. Thank for helping me, I’m new to this community so thank you.


No problem. The whole dropbox fiasco has gotten quite a few people confused and wondering what will happen to their favorite WiPs.


That downloaded html should be able to run on any browser (I know for certain it works perfectly with chrome, and works with firefox…) Should be as easy as double clicking and viola!