The World is Yours: Football


This is a new project of mine, and as you can probably tell it’s a CYOA about football- the world sport (for all you Americans that’s soccer). It’s quite fitting since the FIFA World Cup is underway.

I’m not very good at coding, so please excuse the lack of stats and the fairly linear progression of the game. Due to my lack of coding skills, you can only play as a male with a set past. Sorry to all those feminists out there.

The story follows a young man, raised by the streets trying to chase his dream of playing in the World Cup.

Enjoy! And please leave any feedback/thoughts/suggestions- much appreciated.



Played the demo and I liked it! :slight_smile: No errors spotted. Keep it up!


Yes i have been waiting for a soccer game but I call it football

Am a footballer myself so so glad you made it

Bad things

Too short :wink:


Maybe if you make the rolls more specific so like attackive midfielder deep forward

What if you can decide what background you came from

And if you could pick for example you have 4 skills you can pick which ones your best at in descending order

Dribbling +4
Shooting +3
Defending +2
Heading +1

And maybe in the matches you go into a but more detail

And what if chances come across to you in the actual game so you can pick to pass shoot dribble

Just a few suggestions

But apart from that keep it up

Question because i need someone to clarify this.

The English call it football
The American call it soccer

So no difference just how they call it? also no errors :stuck_out_tongue:


@Aera the English invented the game and named it football (sure, there are references to kicking a ball shaped object going to the Chinese, but the modern game was invented by the English).
The word soccer was an old English slang term for the game. It is no longer used by any Englishman and hasn’t been for 100+ years.
The Americans later invented their own game called football (why, I will never know. Hand-Egg would be more appropriate) and needed a separate name for the English version. They chose soccer.

Now, as an English teacher in Korea educating Korean students using American books, every time the word ‘soccer’ is used, I tell the kids to call it football. The sport is English and we reserve the right to name it.

Wasn’t soccer invented by the Aztecs, who ran around a field kicking the skulls of their enemies?

Also I despise FIFA since the guys who run it genrally tend to exemplify the worst excesses of our society (Far more so than even the IOC).

Football in its basic form (kicking a ball) has been ‘invented’ by many countries through history, including the Aztecs, kicking the heads of their enemies. Football in it’s current form was invented by the English.

I don’t think anyone who likes football likes FIFA. World Cup in 2022 in Qatar? Has there ever been a more blatant bribe committed?

@JLBH i see :stuck_out_tongue:

@andymwhy thanks for that information now it is clear :smiley:

@idonotlikeusernames okay the head kicking is creepy, very creepy /:slight_smile:

I didn’t get a chance to play the demo but a football/soccer game sounds pretty interesting. I would imagine you get to date one of the cheerleaders? Haha, that would be pretty cliche, wouldn’t it? Anyways… I could definitely see it turn into a game with all the choices to be thought of.

^ Soccer doesn’t have cheerleaders just supporters who like to bash in each others faces.


Finally a football choicescript game. I think this has a lot of potential.


Very interesting rubs evil beard and mustache.

If your World Cup dream is quashed, can there be an option to play with the severed heads of your enemies instead? Like Sepp Blatter?

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate you.

@Miki Glad to know that you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

@JLBH The past has to be set because (a) I’m not very good at coding/big blocks of text and (b) It helps developing the moral/message of the tale. I would really like to add in those stats that you suggested, but as I mention I’m not very good at coding. I would like to go into games and positions in more detail however the typical reader wouldn’t understand most of it and end up skipping the better part of it. However you’ll still get to choose how to play for the games. The line between RPG and Simulation is a very fine line. But thanks for your extensive feedback and I’d love to hear more of your ideas!

@Aera As JLBH and andymwhy stated, the only difference is the name. Hopefully this game will interest you in the sport :slight_smile:

@andymwhy As I live in Australia I always have to remind people I mean soccer when I say football. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

@idonotlikeusernames Yes, FIFA isn’t exactly the fairest of organisations. So I plan to show that in this game. And also show the fury of the fans in the game as well.

@EarnBoogie As said already, football doesn’t have cheerleaders. However you will have the option of dating super models, friends and your manager’s daughter. Maybe even your teammates’ wives (John Terry reference). Maybe even the darker side of this topic- hiring escorts? Certainly wouldn’t be unusual in the football world.

@cilvercat Thank you :slight_smile:

@Beezlebub Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Havenstone Sure, but your dream can only end if you choose to give up. If so, I’ll add an Easter egg to satisfy the needs of the deeply eccentric :stuck_out_tongue: Coming next update…

I will be including media coverage in the game to directly show the consequences of your actions. Also might add a social media dynamic if it isn’t too difficult.

Again, thank you everyone for the feedback. Next update coming 18/12/2013.

carnt wait !

Ace mate! a fellow Aussie on the roll. I am interested i just want some clarification on the “Soccer” and “Football” words :stuck_out_tongue: oh and for the record Aerial pingpong :smiley: lols it is a joke peace to everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll never know…

***New Update***
In this new update you find out the result of the Nike Exhibition, revisit and old face and receive a surprise.

New things in this update:

  • Improved Stats
  • Positions/Skills play a much bigger role in the story
  • New Characters
  • Story progression
  • Easter Egg @Havenstone

Please let me know what you think.

And enjoy the update.



Nice game

One thing I don’t like is man united :-& don’t like Man U haha