Dropbox not working?

For some reason all dropbox links just stopped working on my phone. Everytime i try to open one it just goes ro the about:blank page and i tried to use the links with their app but they dont really open.

Dropbox no longer renders html. All wips still on there are dead unless the author decides too move them.

Dropbox has stopped the rendering of html content. What that means is that WiPs can no longer be used on dropbox.

Edit: Ninja’d

Ive seen recent authors update stuff there and the link was still working apparently but there is any other way to open them?

On firefox and chrome it just downloads the file you click the downloaded html file and play (and yes you can play that game not connected to the internet since it is now saved locally on your computer)

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I only have my phone so im not sure it would work (since its windows phone)

Only works on pcs, havent tried my smartphones (I already know it will be a no go on an apple device not sure about an unlocked android)