Links that don't like to work


Hello people of CoG I’ve been gone for quite some time now story time later anyways on to the topic

Recently (today) I’ve been having problems with links such as them not working and sending me to download a file that ddoesn’t work usually Dropbox converts the files to be read on Mobile so I have no problems. However today I noticed that I couldn’t access the link for an open beta that I had tried awhile back which kind of made me sad but I thought maybe he deleted it but then I remembered that it would tell me that the content was not found I don’t know if this is a problem on CoG’s side of things or not but I need help

I’ve attached an example that is me trying to access the link to Celestial by Fantom

Dropbox discontinued support for this kind of html file hosting, unfortunately. That means that none of the links work anymore, and the files are left up to the authors to transfer either to their websites for hosting, or dashingdon.

It appears that they are ending the support in waves, so some links might work longer than others. But all them will end up broken sooner or later.

It was last discussed over in this thread:


Thank you sir for the heads up

Always happy to steal @FairyGodfeather’s job whenever I can.