Hosted Games Streaming on Twitch

Youtube would be awesome if you don’t mind!

It’s probably cause of my bad internet connection but whenever I try to watch a stream or a video by a Twitch user it buffers every few minutes or so which sucks :pensive: Youtube doesn’t have this problem with old twitch streams turned youtube video so I would love to see that!


The idea of a launch-day stream is a good one, and I appreciate the limitations of having the core staff be US-based while the authors and readers are a bit more globally scattered. While it’s impossible to make the livestream accessible to everyone at every timezone, every job and sleep schedule, etc., you can make the Q&A portion of the stream more accessible by polling for questions in advance, here or on Twitter.

If the streams are successful enough to become regular (say… every other week, maybe?) I’m sure it will be appreciated by those of us who have limited time to browse the forum.

Lastly, congratulations on what appears to have been a quite successful first stream!

Edit: I forgot to link to my favorite timezone converter. I find that having a link for checking one’s timezone easily makes everything just a bit more accessible.


Howdy! I am bumping this thread to update y’all a bit! I will be streaming next week’s release Lux, City of Secrets! Everything looks on track to release on time, so do feel free to post some questions you may!

I am planning on saving the questions shared here (as well as on Reddit, twitter, and anywhere else I may get them) and answering them on stream, so hit me with your best shot! <3


minor update… i bought more RAM :eyes:


You might make a Kofi or something for any equipment you need for streaming but don’t have? I know I’d kick in a few bucks to help you get whatever you need.



I’ll just start a new campaign on the next stream though! :wink:

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This is very sweet, thank you! At the moment this is an experiment and vocal support here and during streams are the biggest help y’all can give me :smiley: Engagement with these streams is how I can show my bosses that this project is worth investing in :heart:


For those keeping an eye on this thread, I will be playing Lux, City of Secrets tonight on twitch! You can tune in here at 7:30pm CST :smiley:

Bring any questions you might have about HG publishing or some get-to-know-you’s if you want to see more of my ~sparkling personality~


The stream is live now with Lux. :D


I’m on my way!


Thanks for joining me last night! I know it was a little bumpy but I super appreciate the support <3


I want to say that @KaiDeleon is excellent at bringing the stories to life and makes it a really easy listening experience and a lot of fun.
Kai also voices all the characters with their own accents - so it’s a real performance :smiley:

We also vote on the choices to be made, talking about the story, CoG/HG story design and every bit of life in between.

The only downside for me is the time. So the new campaign is #LetKaiStreamDuringWorkTime

On a more serious note, @KaiDeleon, you could consider more regular streams and perhaps pick up an older, classic title and maybe even go through more (all?) of it over the course of 2-3 streams?


I appreciate this so much!! I am having a lot of fun with the streams and would love to do some midday streams when I can, which perhaps I can work into the weekend :thinking:

I do really like the idea of this! At the moment the streams are a side experiment that I am figuring out, but I can definitely see this becoming a thing once I have the whole process nailed down :smiley:


Howdy friends! I will be streaming tomorrow’s releases at 7:00PM CST over on my Twitch! We will be ending a little early at about 8:45 because I have plans to cry over the final episode of Critical Role.

I will be playing about 45 minutes each of Donor and Fifty! I look forward to having y’all there :smiley:


Hey folks! I will be streaming in about 20 minutes!! Some notes, generally: I update about streams and HG releases fairly often on my Twitter so feel free to follow me there, and for tonight in particular I will likely be distracted by bring up tonight being the final episode of Critical Role.

Just an FYI for any fellow Critters out there :eyes:

I can’t wait to dive into tonight’s games! :heart:


Howdy Hey! I will be streaming this week’s release on Thursday! I am very much looking forward to the release of Kiss from Death as I am sure many of you are! Stream will begin at 7pm CST

I also would like to thank the folks that have joined my previous streams, the support means a lot and makes me very happy! I am very thankful to have y’all :heart: and further I am hoping to start streaming on Saturdays at a more accessible time for our international friends. It wold help me very much if y’all could let me know what kind of time woks for y’all. (Let me know the local time and your time zone and I can do some Math to figure out a schedule that accommodates)

Edit: Added a link directly to the game and here is the announcement post! Please send Will your congratulations!


Having a bit of technical difficulties, but the stream will be starting here in a few minutes!


I could only pop up for a few minutes, but I enjoyed the stream! I’m not a Twitch person, but I found it very endearing, with its laid-back, slow-paced style. Anyone reading this should consider checking it out.


Thank you so much! Definitely check out the full game, it is super fun and tugs at the heartstrings :heart:


Did one of my periodic checks of Parenting Simulator on Steamdb and noticed that the high for Twitch numbers was pretty far askew, since prior to that I think the max it ever had was like 7 and now it was 71. Apparently a streamer of some note (I don’t know how many subscribers constitutes successful, I’m not on Twitch normally, but 9,000 subscribers is pretty good on other social media so I figure it tracks here as well) played it the other day in between her usual rounds of Rimworld. Not sure if it’ll have any noticeable bump for sales or anything, but I figure any press is good press.