Choice of Games/Hosted Games Twitch Streams?

I realized today that I think it would be really fun to watch a Choice of Games twitch stream where the chat dictates the choices. I looked through the archive here and found that the idea was tossed around a few years back but can’t find much else about what happened. Did that ever come to anything?

I understand that a lot of reading over an extended period of time might not appeal to most mainstream twitch audiences, but I feel the opportunity for chat involvement to actual be involved with shaping the narrative would be quite engaging and fun. I’d love to see, and participate in, a communal run for some of the more popular games on the site, like, Choice of Broadsides, or The Great Tournament. I feel like such streams would also serve to help the authors, as people might be compelled to buy the game for themselves because they want to see a pathway that wasn’t chosen.

Maybe the audience is too niche, maybe there wouldn’t be enough viewers, but who knows, I personally would love to see it. Thoughts?


I think @KaiDeleon has been doing this with Hosted Games as they release. There’s a thread about it here:

Hosted Games Streaming on Twitch - Hosted Games - Choice of Games Forum


Oh, that’s awesome! Thanks for the link!


Howdy! Yes I have been streaming our new releases for Hosted Games, and I want to start streaming some of our other titles as well :slight_smile: currently I am still working out a good schedule so the streams are accessible to more of our users. If there’s anything specific you would like to see do feel free to comment on the linked thread (which thank you so much @Schliemannsghost :smiley:)

I do try and update the thread when I plan to stream, so following that is a good idea if you’d want to participate


Would it be possible to give a headsup on the forum, maybe a day? I’m not on socials much so don’t see the twitch notifications, or is it a set time?

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I generally give a heads up the day of, and I always stream the day Hosted Games releases new titles. I want to start streaming CoG titles as well, but I have been coincidentally busy these last few release days.

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