Hosted Games on twitter?

Quick question to the staff:
Is the @hostedgames account on twitter official or fanmade?

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I feel bad for this, but let me summon them.
@Mary_Duffy @RETowers

So I spent like a minute sitting here going back and forth like, “Okay, if I tweet from it to answer the question, that’s funny, but IDK how to make the also confirm that it’s real” and I’m not supposed to sit here forever trying to figure out how to make a joke both funny and informative anymore, so yes, the current official accounts are: Choice of Games and Hosted Games.


Thank you <3
you could link your post there on the twitter now

Nice! Does this mean you all might make an official Hosted Games FB, too?

Since the HG account is lacking in followers compared to its CoG daddy, can the CoG one put out a tweet to convince some of its followers to follow the HG account? I feel like many of them would if they knew it was out there.