Hollowmoon Valley (WIP 8/28/20)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy future updates! :two_hearts:

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Yuppers, and sorry about that! Lovely @tenwahi shared how I can fix it, so I’ll be getting on that soon! I might not be able to fix all 3 chapters by the today, but I’ll post it as soon as I get it done!


As someone who can’t always or doesn’t want to communicate verbally it makes me very happy we have choices to not talk and I hope that continues throughout the game. :blush:

The lines “I can’t help the happy noises that escape me” and “Buried under millions of blankets, perhaps a stuffed animal or a dozen to cuddle” as well as “Wrapped up in the warm, safe arms of somebody special and trustworthy” are so adorable and pure they just make my soul happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, the relationship between Al and our MC makes me think of Dean and Sam from supernatural because of lines “Al would stay with me guard against the monsters under the bed” , “You are my beloved brother, I will always protect you.” and “I think that might’ve be the longest he’s gone without checking in on me” as well as the fact it seems he is the one to always be there for us when we have a ?panic or anxiety? attack.

And I just have to say the part with Isa where He give the reasons behind everything was written so well I got asmr tingles. :grin:

Btw I was also wondering what the age is of our MC because I can’t figure out if we are in a our last teen years, early 20s or older?


The MC has the option to drink in the game so safe to assume at least 21

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I thought that as well but I wasn’t too sure because in the Uk where I’m from it’s 18.

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It’s mentioned in one of the paths that the MC went out on their younger sibling’s 21st birthday, so I’d assume mid twenties at the youngest.


Oh silly me lol thank you I must have forgotten about that bit becuase I always go with the flower shop path.

Chapter 4 was awesome! Am so curious about what’s going to happen next, and I really enjoy your writing style.

Did have some issues saving though.


Hi there!! Thank you so much for checking out my game, and for the super detailed response! For Mc’s age, it’s up to you! But personally, I would say no younger than mid 20’s and no older than mid 30s (to me at least, some things feel a bit ehhh otherwise). If it helps any, I answer stuff on tumblr and I’m a bit more active there if I don’t answer here :slight_smile:
Also, I’m happy that you enjoyed the nonverbal options! Honestly I wanted to include more, so I’m glad that they were still good enough :slight_smile: Also, while I didn’t think of Sam and Dean, I did always love their relationship! So yay, happy that Al and Mc reminds you of them! (and thank gods I’m glad the rational part with Isa wasn’t as much of a mess like I thought-)

Heya, sorry about that! I fixed it I think like a day or two ago, and it should be good now! And thank you so much, I hope that you enjoy the next chapter as well :smiley: