Hollowmoon Valley (WIP 8/28/20)

You’ve had enough. Although you aren’t of the the normal retiring age, you’re ready to leave everything behind for the perfect retirement town: Hollowmoon Valley. An isolated town with perfect weather, lovely nature, and most importantly peace.
The people are overly friendly, and more than welcoming to you and your new business setting up shop in their little town.
As a traumatized hunter of the supernatural, it’s the perfect haven. Until it’s not because some rude degenerate has decided to start murdering your nice neighbors.
What do you have to do to get some peace and quiet?

This is a game for fun, but I’m more than open to criticism. Although please try to be courteous, I’m a squishy human.


-Male, female, or non-binary
-Family drama
-3 male and 3 female romance options (romanceable by any gender)
-one “secret” RO due to popular demand in comments
-Violence, blood, gore, possible sexual content
-Having a business


Chevy Torres:
-A tall and tanned woman with short chestnut hair and stern dark gray eyes, she’s buff enough to make crushing pumpkins with her thighs look easy.
-She’s stoic and protective, and more likely to show than tell.
-She just wants to live peacefully with her younger sister, and will do anything to keep her safe.

Polly Torres:
-A young woman with caramel skin and wavy chestnut hair that reaches her waist. Her light gray eyes are always alight with glee. She also got curves and she knows it.
-A friendly bundle of sunshine that’s a tad bit gullible.
-Ready to explore the world, but unwilling to leave her sister’s side. But very willing to knife anyone who looks at her sister wrong.

Satomi Kaneshiro:
-Tall lady with alabaster skin and a curtain of inky locks that drape down to her waist and covers one of her black eyes at all times. Likes to use her assets as much as she can.
-An elegant and sadistically thorny rose that has no problem in letting everyone know that they’re all pawns.
-Is seething in town until she can get enough stuff together for her master plan of brutal retribution.

Isa Lacroix:
-A pale man with colorless hair that curls around his ears, he looks frail enough to be blown away by the wind. His dead-fish eyes are uncomfortable to look at, despite the pretty icy azure they are.
-Calm and poised, always strictly dressed with not a hair out of place.
-A somewhat cynical doctor in forced retirement, debating whether to stay permanently in retirement or not. Meanwhile, nightmares.

Ase Wolff:
-A very tall and hulking man with wavy black hair that reaches his shoulders and covers most of his sable eyes. He has amber skin that is covered in copious amounts of scar tissue.
-An anxiety ridden mess of a man with a stutter worse than Porky Pig, but with a golden heart and soul.
-Just wants to live in peace and not suffer, and to avoid some arsehole bullies who don’t understand when to give up.

Noah Smith
-A tanned and lean man with auburn hair tied in a short ponytail, he has charming hazel eyes accented with a beauty mark.
-Super casual but takes his duty as sheriff seriously (somewhat). More like to be sweet talking folks than doing paperwork, to his deputies despair.
-Law bringing gun-slinger from the South who just wants to keep his town safe.

To play the demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/6590
Tumblr: https://hollowmoonvalley.tumblr.com/

I update a bit on tumblr, so if you have any questions or want to find out more please check it out!
Many thanks!

Current word count: About 129k now (including code).

8/28: chapters 1-3 up
9/12: chapter 4 up
10/31: chapter 5 up
12/25: chapter 6 up
5/20: chapter 7 up
8/28: chapter 8 up


sexual content

You don’t mean…shuddersholding hands?


The current walls of text are a bit difficult to read. Could you maybe break it into multiple paragraphs?

EDIT: I mean, add empty lines between the paragraphs, so it doesn’t look like big walls of text.


you won’t believe me , but the other day I read a wip and the characters hugged each other?!?! I barely could get that out of my mind and here I am to read hand holding :sob:


Awesome thanks! Like 4-5 sentence chunks would be good?


That might be a little too hard core for me, so no promises!


Slightly unrelated, buuuut…is the profile pic Bianca Abercrombie? :grinning:


All ROs are humans? :thinking:


This is cute! I like the amount of personality customization we can give our character. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this!


The intro and the little town seem very charming, though I have to admit I did not expect the werewolf!

Like Lady_Luck said, I would also suggest splitting your paragraphs into smaller chunks, maybe 2-4 sentences, as more than that can become wall-of-text-esque. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when it comes to CS games, reading becomes a daunting task when the paragraphs are large chunks :sweat_smile:.

So far keep up the great work though!

And yes I also appreciate the Biance pfp ^^


Yes indeed! :smiley:

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Thank you very much! I’ll add that to the next set of changes :smile: Also hopefully it was a good surprise :smiley:

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Thank you! I’ve always loved how cog authors put so much details and customization, so I wanted to try to add it in myself :smiley:


Seems interesting! Like, really interesting. I’ll check it out once the paragraphs are divided. I’m excited :grin:

And sorry to bother you, but are you planning on adding an options menu where you can change the font size and the background colour? It would make reading easier for some.


Sounds interesting hope we can become a supernatural creature


Oh would you happen to know how to implement that? I’m still trying to figure out things coding wise, so any tips would be appreciated!

:woman_shrugging: :thinking:

Strangley enough I didn’t think of that! :sweat_smile: I’ll keep it in consideration, although Corbie is a born humie.

this was so strangely… soft? really looking forward to read the whole thing!! I really loved your writing and description, it felt so comfortable to read and managed to calm me down a good load.

the characters are also diverse, personality wise. you’ve done a great job!! though i think it’d be better if the paragraphs were separated, as reading it all together felt somewhat intimidating? but still love it regardless! hope you’re staying safe out there!


Thank you thank you! I love this type of feedback, it helps me figure out wth is going with my writing, so thank you! I wanted to make it soft n comfy (at least for now) and not to make everyone sound the same, so I’m glad to hear that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Also yup, I’m going to break down the paragraphs later when I get out of work. And same to you! We can survive this :mask:

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