Highway Wars Releasing and Discussion :-)


I think you are already doing a marvelous effort in your story … it is both admirable and respectable for you to want to rework and expand the story plot :slight_smile:

Ummm… personally , i would like that there is an epilogue on how MC and the chosen navigator continue their life after ending (such as terraform land) , perhaps readers be given choices of either “marry and govern a city together” or "marry and continue to ride out together as Highway marshals to enforce justice "

if the MC chose to govern a city, perhaps he/she can appoint one of the warlord to become enforcer of its surrounding area ? :slight_smile:


I need a Gunner, but not the traitor ones… where can I find them???


For me … i accept a gunner from the military, but they will eventually die before we reach the town, if you are planning to hire a new gunner in the town… then i will advice don’t because they will betray us no matter what , thus far i haven’t successfully made the mercenary gunner at the town stay loyal to me… :slight_smile:


Are there no other Gunners to recruit then???


I am afraid no… :slight_smile: our navigator is our most faithful companion


There are some paths that don’t lead to the death of the gunner, but the second set of gunners will always backstab you if you give them a chance. However, not all paths lead to their death… when I was making the game I wanted to emphasize the dangerous nature of the 22nd century! Sorry if it feel a bit dark…


I guess then I have failed to find out that route where the first Gunner is still alive after I recruit them.:neutral_face:


Sorry, I realised my last message was not very clear the first gunner will die one way or another, the second gunner might survive, though they will always try to backstab you if given the chance…


I’d say it was a very good game, not A+ but a B+ or A-. (I translated that to 4/5 stars in the App Store.) For me, a lot of the appeal came from realistic consequences to reputation and honesty, and also having a sidekick who was competent and forthright. And I liked that gender played a role in potential partners and alliances (as it does in real life), without limiting the MC’s own personality or skill set.

That said, some of the points allocation didn’t make much sense. Why would having a marshal for a mother, with a militiaman father, make you worse at both close-quarters and ranged combat? Shouldn’t the coordination and reflexes that help you to drive also be a benefit, rather than a detriment, when it comes to gunplay? (It makes more sense as a detriment to melee skill, since that extra time driving takes away from your time spent developing strength and flexibility.) I tend to focus on the consistency of the MC’s story in each playthrough more than on side quests, MacGuffins, etc., so getting questionably-logical results from my early choices proved kind of irritating.

TL;DR: It can be a very fun game, but it’s best played at a slightly-lowered level of difficulty so that the silly stats board doesn’t drive the story.


Bug discovered in the current months: In D4_Attack_gangs.txt

*elseif difficulty_setting = “Impossible”
*achieve defeat_gang_alliance_6
*goto win_battle_description

Should be “Almost Impossible.” So I didn’t get the cheevo.

This particular bug is repeated throughout the various places where Almost Impossible would get a cheevo but doesn’t.