Abandoned Games


Here’s to the games in development that were abandoned for one reason or another. Let they alway be remembered. And hopefully finished on day.


A fine sentiment; I would second that.

FWIW, I suspect that one reason in many cases is just the sheer amount of time and effort involved. If I didn’t have a lot of spare time on my hands in the foreseeable future, and no real desire or inclination (or need) to do anything else, I would have to seriously consider lowering my own sights by a considerable margin . . . I have to take my hat off to CoG–and indeed, the authors of all the already-hosted games–for their accomplishments.


Agreed, but.

. . .Which games are those exactly? It’s never quite clear when someone has given up vs gotten temporarily snowed vs is making such huge progress that they don’t even have time to come to the discussion forum to chat.


I’m definitely only temporarily snowed in. I got a lot done over christmas break but its my senior year and college and scholarship applications and gpa stuff has kept me from working on my stranded game. But congrats to all the authors that do have time and keep up the awesome work.


Going West is definitely not moving at the pace I would’ve liked, as I’ve been in the process of moving and that has had me distracted. But it’s not abandoned, and I’m hoping to have a significant update up in April.


That’s two games we can scratch off of the abandoned list. Can anyone confirm the statuses of Child of Iseir: Flames of The Rebellion, Born a King, Ghost in The Library, Eight Thrones, Elementals, Epoch, or any other games that were in development that haven’t had any news in a while?


I do hope Child of Iseir: Flames of The Rebellion and Epoch are still running. *Trollface cry* :-(( :-((


Oh, and Elementals! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not done with Eight Thrones, but I haven’t been able to work on it for a while (or at least not very much). Hopefully that will end soon and I’ll be able to finish up the intro at least.


Ghost in the library, I am working on it but going is very slow not a lot of free time. But it WILL be completed this year.lol I want to move on to other CoG I have outline but have to fine a balance in my new job.


Heh, I was thinking of mentioning that one Lordisrish. Glad to see you’re still thinking of it.


There is not a day I do not think on the story lol. But as is in most lives things get in the way. It is getting better but not where I want it yet.