Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

hey anybody remember this one wip where you choose different backgrounds and one of them was that you were raised by wolves and like an old lady tries to take care of you and teach you to write and feeds you. very vague but that’s the only route i remember

Ask and you shall receive: The Lawless Ones


holy shit thank you! its been eating in my mind and i just had to read it again

Does anybody recognise the story where you play as an ex-commander who was exiled from your country by your adopted Queen-mother, and the opening scene is you saving a girl from a crazy mage in the forest?

I remember you have two mothers and an adopted sister who are influenced by your interactions. And that the first RO is a non-binary blood mage runaway, then a hidden face girl you meet trying to get her necklace back from a squirrel in a tree, a demon, then a potential two ex’s and lastly an edge-lord…

Oh, and there’s a whole bunch of animal-based “classes” to choose from. A sort of choice-based board that sets your personality stats from the beginning, I also remember there being a chance to choose what kind of commander you were, and all of that jazz.

You’re looking for this: The Exile


That’s the one. Thank you!

Hey everyone! I’m looking for this WIP about a town where you’re a detective (???) and you’re looking into strange murders happening in town. You get to work with someone who’s very grumpy and rude. Your best friend is a supernatural (a werewolf if I remember correctly) and there’s this super shady man who is a snake? (I literally remembered this WIP because I miss him even though I remember pretty much nothing about him lol). I think the demo ended where you’re talking with this flirty bartender and another person accuses them of something and they end arguing a bit and one of them loses control and accidentally reveals their supernatural form.

Sounds like Saints and Sinners

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That’s it, thank you!

Can anyone tell me what these two games are

1.) We are a creation of the dark lord sent to spy on the heroes team and we can change our shape and appearancw because we are made of shadow

2.) We are a creature who doesnt remember our cretion or something and we defend the cab driver in the court in first case and a construction worker in second

I don’t know the first one, but the second one is Evil Justice.

The first one sounds like I am not the hero

Thanks! Seems like they are both dead , cant find any tumblr link for either

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Would anyone perhaps know what these two wip are or if they still exist

  1. All I can remember or blanks that I can fill in from it is that your some kind of investigator and your investigating a suspicious house that has this guy or thing that steals souls, there’s a voice that kinda helps you through it and that seems to know you, you end up on a medical table and the thing walks in kills you I’m pretty sure and it cuts to one of the voice’s perspective everything else from there that I remember will just make a little more confusing

  2. This one might be gone, but I don’t know for sure till I try, you start in a dream that has you in some kind of cemetery and then there’s a beast that attacks you, but you wake up before then, after that you get up for your interview at a trinket shop I think and head to said trinket shop, you wander around the shop and soon meet up with the guy that owns it and get to your interview after that you head back home and later in you hear something outside your house that compels you to go outside and end up in a cemetery like in the dream, the beast from said dream shows up and tries to attack you but you get saved by I think werewolves one is the owner of the trinket store and the other I think is either a fellow worker or a friend of the owner

That’s all I’ve got thank you in advance to anyone that may know what these wip are

I think I remember reading this too. The name espaces me but I’ll drop more info (if it’s from the same IF). MC’s father dies in the prologue while MC hides in the closet. And a team of ROs comes to the rescue when MC gets trapped in the… mirror dimension. Also about “kind of investigator” bit. You have a partner with you, but I don’t remember who’s with you: sibling NPC, just NPC or RO.

Can’t say nothing about the second one.


I don’t remember much; I don’t even know for sure that it’s a CoG game.

There was a character named Raven or Crow that was kind of like a yandere. They would stalk the reader, and I think the setting was a school or an academy with dorms…? I think Raven also climbed into the reader’s dorm at some point and freaked them out.

That’s literally all I can remember… The nagging feeling won’t go away :smiling_face_with_tear:

Triaina: Academy

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Possibly WIP: Seasons of the Moon, but it has been canceled and the author has made a new game- with the same ROs though!

In the story you go into a cave or something or wake up there maybe? But you run into a character from a popular comic or show in your world and theyre the villain from it and tell you youre taking their place and want your to get a happier end than they did in the show or comic.

My earlier reply may be what you’re looking for. The MC does wake up in a dark place, and the villain of the story does want the MC to take her place. Said post

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