Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games



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Totally not embarrassed to have my teenage mistakes dredged up again sauntering in here to say that wip is dead for real so no need for anyone to pay attention to it again please don’t but pleased to say the goth cowboy lives on in a new wip that will not die because I’ve learned from this experience. Maybe one day the rest of the characters will find their own new homes.


I think the first was called Nellis Noble Academy.

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Thank you!

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The wip im looking for has the mc start from a rich family a younger sister and an older best friends. You get in trouble and are helped by an orphan who is hired as your bodyguard afterwards. You do get to choose a magic in it to.

It’s Trust Me, Obey Me

Thank you

Ugh for the love of devil I can’t recall this IF, which was shelved cause the writer lost too much data/files/progress.

World is filled with mutated monsters of different types and MC is one of ones that battles them. MC has special abilities non knows, including MC, I think these abilities came from their parents whom MC don’t know and raised by uncle or something like that. I think that the demo ended with MC getting a prophetic dream/vision of the wall of and of the walked cities breaking and then MC actually finds the cracks in the wall. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: go wild guys.

Sounds like The Night Hunters: First Blood

Thank-You… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: I just wanted to remember it, not exactly to read it.

I just remembered a game. You start by covering a shift for Dad, eventually you leave and go hang out in an empty building. Some people enter the building and start making a deal. Then two people start killing the others, you accidently kill one of the people and have to help with the bodies.

I can’t remember it’s name at all.

Neither can I. However, I know the game you’re speaking of! To help others who may recognise it you’re a teenager and have just been sent to a new academy for the wealthy.

Your parents were renown for whatever reason, but I’m certain that your fathers meddling has left your family damned in the eyes of the effluent. And working the fundraiser in your fathers steed is actually seen as a mockery to you.

It is the popular kid and the violent kid whom you come across in the shed. A place that you accidentally wander off to while going home early from a shift, and used to hide away from a storm. You see the pair kill either another popular boy/or your schoolyard bully.

When helping hide the bodies the three of you go deep into an apparently haunted forest with quicksand. The popular kid is a major pushover, while the violent kid is most certainly not.

The demo ends there from what I remember. And took roughly 20 minutes to play?

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they were hired assassins, and they all were being put in a certain place. someone hired the mc inside a fast food place.

ugdjjjx I can’t remember what it was but any interactive fics that goes along those please share!

It’s Conspiracy in Emerson https://dashingdon.com/play/hotmessexe/conspiracy-in-emerson/mygame/


Vague description but all i can think off, you were involved with crime/gangs and now your raising 1 or 2 children who hates you.

That sounds kind of like this one:


Hopefully I linked it correctly…


I am back again since ive been thinking of this game for several days now and my tiny brain cant remember the name of it :smiling_face_with_tear:

The game recently got a new demo this year where MC is actually a half demon but is just saying theyre a witch while they run their shop of magic (i think?) and such in town where they live with their half brother. Two of the ROs are werewolves and one is a vampire. MC can choose to be soulmates with the werewolf ROs right as they meet and they ask MC to do a job saving wolves and hunting witches… (the family business)

Used to be an old demo with the same ROs but the MC would get attacked amd turned into a werewolf.

“Dark as Night” isnt it?

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Oof yes thats it! Thank you! :purple_heart:

Gotta go follow the author on tumblr so i dont keep forgetting :sneezing_face: