Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

yes thats the one! thankyou!

The second one is the right one. Thank you so much for the help

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Does anyone remember a wip where you play a doctor in a third world country for little pay. The mc has a pothead brother and you end up meeting a prince??

Hmm, I’m looking for a wip, where you suddenly wake up in your favorite comic book as a kid, who would later turn out to be the villain. At first you gotta do some a trial for some church, where you then meet a demon/specter.

Kinda vague, I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might be talking about The Graves of Heirs, though I have no idea how the author is doing. Radio silence on pretty much everything, but I hope J’s okay. :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s it, thank you. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember much, but I know you start as a child. The queen approaches you and I remember you can bite her and brag about having hunted for your food.

I think you might be referring to The Exile.

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Hey all, I’m looking for two games in particular.

The first is an older title of at least three years, and from what I remember it is high-fantasy and based in an Academy for magic-using teenagers. One of the backgrounds to choose from was a nod toward the Addams family and you were raised by kooky coroners. I think there may have been at least 4 chapters?

The second is newer and from what I remember seemed to begin in a medieval setting. I haven’t played it since the initial release early last year, but it has since been updated and managed to pick up a lot of traffic. You play as a fallen entity of some sort who is betrayed by a possible love interest, and I remember the opening scene being of a father telling his daughter a story about the MC (I think?) while they hid away from a storm.

I do not know the first, but the second is really likely to be The Abyssal

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That’s the one! Thank you for your help.

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yup. A bit embarrassing because that was the game I was replaying when I posted.

I remember a WIP wherein we are in a prison of sorts.
A doctor/prison warden comes to ask us a few questions. (This is where we set our MC (Name, Race (Human, Elf or so…))
Then when this person exits he/she asks if we want anything & we can choose (pencil to sketch, cube or somethings like that).
Later after some time we are rescued by some people…

This is as far as I remember.
Apologies from me knowing that this is vague, but can anyone help me?

Should be this I think :slight_smile: Remembered: The Past (01/04/2021)

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I played a WIP long ago where the pc is called the marshall. The story starts with the pc riding back home to tell his adoptive family, which is royalty, that the king is dead. You have two brothers, one of which dies in battle later on, and a sister who becomes the ruler of the kingdom later on. Anyone has an idea what the WIP is?

I think it’s I, The Forgotten one

Thanks! That’s the one!!
You’re a lifesaver😅

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Wow, I just read it and it’s great. Hope it hasn’t been abandoned permanently.

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That’s it! Thanks @Vinnorias

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Hello! Im pretty sure this one is a wip that died but its killing me not to remember its name! You play as some sort of mythical creature (i believe a dragon?) who can no longer transform back into creature form due to Unknown Trauma. The opening scene had you being rescued and taken to some guild so you could recover (i think it included you waking up and making eye contact with an RO before falling unconscious), and all i can really remember besides that is one of the ROs was named Day (nicknamed Daiya) and everyone and their mom had the hots for him with his goth cowboy look and two dogs. I remember the author was also v active on tumblr!