Honey and Fire (TEMPORARY HIATUS - New RO added)

The fires of the Hells can never burn brighter than the flame in your heart. The rage of a dragon can never be quelled. You’ve been wronged and you will. Take. Them. Down.

You awaken one day on horseback with a group of people you don’t recognize, with no clear memory of your life before this moment. You’re taken to Amveros- or rather, they are Amveros? They might have just saved you, but from what, you’ve no clue and you’ve no idea if you can believe them. Your confusion is worsened when the leader suddenly tells you, “They won’t hurt you anymore.” Just what is going on?

Honey and Fire is a character-driven high fantasy interactive story revolving around trauma, recovery, love, and dragons. Yes, you play as a dragon who has been turned into a human. Join Amveros in taking on dangerous tasks and build relationships with these people you’re now stuck with as well as some you meet outside of the group, until a sudden attack on the city uproots your barely settled-in life and sends you off on an epic journey with your companions, who all seem to have demons of their own they must fight off. As memories start coming back to you piece by piece, can you figure out what happened to you and fight off the destiny you’d been groomed to accept? Will you decide to give in? Or will you crumble under the information you’d repressed, perhaps for your own good? They say ignorance is bliss, you know.

General warning

(Please note this game will have some mature subjects, such as sexual content, violence, mentions/depictions of abuse, and references to self harm)


6 of 9 ROs have been introduce in the demo, but below is a bit of information (and the abridged version of their descriptions) on all of them.

Zenos Meleid – Male – Homosexual (romanceable by male MCs) – The leader of Amveros. He’s kind but still a strong leader and he seems to get along with and care about every member on the team despite their differing personalities. He clearly knows you, or knows something about you, and some of the things you say confuse him, but he won’t say why. Zenos is 6’1 with dark brown skin, short dark brown hair, violet eyes, and light scars on his face and arms. He is human.

Day – Male – Pansexual (romanceable by MCs of any gender) – A member of Amveros that occasionally acts as second-in-command due to his vicious and effective fighting style and ability to invoke cowering with his presence alone. He is not directly rude, but he is very stoic and blunt, naturally refusing to show emotion on his face. He has two extremely well trained Rottweilers that, though he doesn’t say it, are the most important thing for him. Day is 6’5 with pale skin, short black hair, red eyes, two marks under each eye like slashes on his cheeks the color of black and red respectively, and a black hat (that looks similar to our modern, real-world police hats) He won’t say what his species is.

Koda Morley – Male – Bisexual (romanceable by MCs of any gender) – A member of Amveros. He’s the youngest member on the team, but he makes up for inexperience with enthusiasm. He’s a touch awkward, but ultimately very caring and driven. He uses two swords and is very skilled with them. For some reason, he gets shy around a male MC. Koda is 5’10 with bronze skin, short dark green hair, one grey eye and one pitch black eye (iris, sclera, and all) with a black vine tattoo around his black eye. He is a human that’s been touched by darkness.

Niinara Godwin – Female – Queer (romanceable by MCs of any gender) – A member of Amveros that occasionally acts as second-in-command due to her responsibility and intelligence. She’s fairly relaxed and shows an eagerness to get along with you, the type of person that’s suited by a smile. She’s a low level magic user, her magic different from Day’s and Effie’s, but useful all the same and she’s clever in how she uses it. Niina is 5’6 with dark brown skin, curly cloud-like hair that starts brown and fades to a light red near the ends, and amber eyes. She is human.

Dani Barton – Female – Bisexual (romanceable by MCs of any gender) – A member of Amveros. She’s a fighter and a strong one at that. She’s laid-back and can be a bit loud, but she’s always with a smile and doesn’t let others get her down. She uses her fists in fights but has a dagger and throwing knives in case she can’t just punch out the opponent (she usually can.) Dani is 5’11 with tan freckly skin, long russet red hair pulled into a ponytail with the sides and back of her head shaved short, and sapphire blue eyes. She is human, but Koda likes to joke she might secretly be a demigod.

Effie Silversworn – Femal e – Demisexual (romanceable by MCs of any gender) – A member of Amveros. She’s a magic user who relies almost exclusively on her magic, making her the most skilled magic user on the team (followed by Day and then Niina.) She’s quiet and a bit snarky with people she knows, but she’s more approachable than Day and, in fact, seems quite interested in getting to know you for some reason. Effie is 5’0 with light flawless skin, long wavy silver hair, and brown eyes with a golden ring around the pupils. She is a half-elf.

Olilia Helleborn – Female – Homosexual (romanceable by female MCs) – A shopkeeper who runs her shop out of her own home. She makes magic charms and various foods/treats for pets. She is an elegant person, speaking with poise and politeness at all times. She has 5 snakes, 8 turtles, and two chameleons. Lily is 5’9 with pale skin, very long straight black hair, silver eyes that glow softly in dim light with slit pupils, and two horns atop her head curling backwards. She is a cambion.

Inias – Male – Unknown (romanceable by MCs of any gender) – A fallen angel lost in the world. He’s a bit melancholy, shy, and naturally sweet, but it’s in your interest not to forget him falling wasn’t an accident. He hasn’t been out of heaven in so long, he’s out of his element. Inias is 6’0 with light skin, long hair starting black and ending blond in a loose braid, eyes completely taken over by black, big black wings and black marks following his ribcage on his torso. It’s possible to remove him from the game completely instead of saving him from losing his mind.

Auziel - male-leaning NB - Unknown (romanceable by MCs of any gender) - Information here

Play here: https://dashingdon.com/play/pandaboi/honey-and-fire/mygame/

Tumblr (bonus content, small writing updates answers to canon/world-building questions, beware of spoilers): https://honeyandfiregame.tumblr.com/
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this choice story was good read hope you keep working on this


Looking forward to the game, keep up the good work mate. Reminds me a lot of a fantasy version of forgotten (funny enough I don’t remember if that’s the title or not).


Certainly an interesting premise!
I hope you will continue working on it whilst enjoying the experience c:


Wait, are we a dragon? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This definitely sounds like a winner. By the way, I’m loving the description and character of the hazel eyes girl. Fidgeting for an hour lol


Feels more like a dragon soul forcefully sealed into a human body. Would explain the jumbled memory, since even though you have the memory, it’s not exactly your memory.


Thank you guys very much!! I’m a slow writer but I hope to finish the next update soon.

And @Exeldgamer oh!! Now that you mention it, they are kinda similar, aren’t they? That’s funny to me, for some reason :joy:

@The_Lady_Luck hey… Something like that. @Nightgazer also has a very good guess. Lmao I realize I wasn’t being super subtle about that, such as mentioning dragons when… literally no one was talking about them. I’m not trying to keep it super hidden but you as the MC don’t really have a name for or knowledge of what you are, so.

BTW, I feel I should’ve mentioned before, but I didn’t check this for grammar/spelling errors… even a little bit. It was 1 AM and I was Done. I stood up and felt every part of my body pop. It’s 2 in the morning now and you’re probably gonna find a couple missing or incorrect words. I’ll fix 'em when I wake up.


Ooh this definitely caught my interest.
Until more can be said, I’ll be waiting. I wonder? what personality stats/types/choices will be available to us?


I haven’t fully thought out what the stats will be by the time I’ve updated it, but I’m hoping to allow as much diversity as I can in personality. Right now a lot of things are new and uncertain so the MC is just really confused (and perhaps for some, scared) but chapter 1 will have a lot of conversations to give answers as well as allow you to start building your personality. You can be opimistic or kind or cold or shy/scared, you can be a disaster just out here trying to live your best life, or you can just be numb and shut down. (The first two might not be so easy given your current mental state and situation, but you can still try) We’ll see when we get there, but that’s about what I have in mind at least!


Me on every demos that includes romances:


I was unable to press ‘Play Again’ when I finished.


This is so good I’m shaking!! ꉂ (๑¯ਊ¯)σ
Reminds me a bit of the anime called “Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul” and I’m super hyped up(●`・(エ)・´●) The writing is so detailed yet simple to read I Love it <3


@pandaboi Do we have any abilities we can do now?


That is a very good written prologue, for my taste at least!
I hope you will continue working on it! Good luck!


@pandaboi great so far. I noticed however many instances of you forgetting words, swapped tenses or changing what you wanted a sentence to be mid-flow. Also at least one instance of the wriggling female horse rider being called he :slight_smile:


hugs this wip It looks so promising, Can’t wait for more ;w;


Wow. This is a very well written prologue. I don’t think there’s much more to say (it’s pretty short) but if it’s this good throughout, I can see it being awesome. :slight_smile:

This is also good. :thinking:


Thank you guys for the kind comments! I hope not to disappoint :blush: Are you ready for me to say way too much in response to short comments? why am I like this. Anyway:

@Umbreonpanda I’m not sure how to fix this? It goes a little weird when I try, but it still works. I’ll try to find an answer to that, though!

@Hamps I’m glad you like it so much! I’ve never heard of that anime, but if this reminds you of it, I’ll have to take a look at it sometime :wink:

@No_This_Is_Patrick Admittedly, I hesitate to promise any specific abilities you can do later, especially on purpose. I’m sort of still feeling things out. But I will tell you, no matter what (and you might not know this from the start), you are a force to be reckoned with for sure.

@LordOfLA FFFF- thank you! The fact that I posted without proofreading is bad form, but… I already accepted I’m just a mess anyway, so here we are. Now that I’m wide awake and causing problems, I combed through the prologue and corrected every mistake I could find. (and I changed a couple minor sentences) I also changed the tense in the latter half of the prologue entirely. Originally, it was past tense on purpose, but as I was looking at it, I really didn’t know why? The style I always write in is third person and past tense, so I think I just defaulted to that. Now the whole prologue is in present tense and the link should be updated with a (hopefully) error-free demo. I couldn’t find any instance of the woman being referred to with the wrong pronouns though, i don’t think? If you could point it out to me, that’d be helpful.

Heh :grin: I noticed there was perfect room to have some gay ROs so I went for it and I’m glad I did. (It’s not a secret so I’ll just tell you the leader that’s been mentioned, Zenos, is the gay male RO. The gay female RO is one I poured as much lesbian energy and goth gf vibes into as I could and I had a blast lmao) The others will most likely mention being explicitly bi/pan/queer (whichever they are) because I feel that’s important as well, so they’re not just perceived as player-sexual.


Too short…and sooo Goooooooooood! Did I say good ? SOO GOOOOOD!!!

want MOAR!



Plz plz plz let us be dragon stuck in a human body and not a dragon soul stuffed into a human body and then chase for a cure…so we can go back to boring human…


@E_RedMark Haha I’m already working on chapter 1 so I hope to have an update out quick~ :grin: Thank you, I’m glad you liked it so much!

Heh. Can’t go back to being a boring human when you weren’t a human in the first place :wink: