Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Might be The Golden Rose

do you remember any of the NPCs?

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No, but I’m playing it right now, though that devil’s bridge part comes later.

Ah, well that’s sad I liked the story. Thanks for the heads up. I’m not sure the reason for the suspension as you can probably guess but I hope it was justified.

I just finished playing fallen hero: rebirth and I remember there being a sequel to it but cannot remember the name. Help?

Fh retribution, iirc. It’s currently in final beta

Darn I thought it released already

nope, it’s in the proof-reading stage ^^

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I remember a game once - where you play as a person with a passive charm power, like you can’t turn it off directly to the point where you, as the mc, doubts every solid relationship you’ve made after the discovery.

The author really made me hook on the story, so I hope someone could help me find it


I think the game you’re looking for is Venaciti House?


Thank you very much!

I just hope the author didn’t abandon this though. It’s still one of my favorites :partying_face:

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Hey guys, does anybody remember the name of the game where you play as Ophelia, and Hamlet (and his band of friends) are trying to romance her? He also begins to lose his mind? And I remember there being a stoic commander or lord who you can marry instead of Hamlet?

Found it!


Thank you for finding this, because I hadn’t come across it yet, and now that I have, I love it so much.


there was this wip where the mc starts as a child and can choose between a poor, comfortable and rich background we basically leave our home and get taken in by a vigilante(i think their name was RAVEN maybe? but i remember them having a avian aesthetic) who raises us and later makes us their sidekick. after an accident, we wake up in a lab after a year or so with new powers(multiple options to choose from) we gain from being experimented on. there was a couple of variation with our mentor thinking we had died and another person taking our spot with them. we can turn to a hero, mercenary, or villain(not clear about this one??) storylines.

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Seems like : From Ashes We Rise [FAWR / WIP] Upd. 30. Oct


yes that’s it! thank u so much!

Hey,guys can anyone help me.

It’s a wip (probably an old one) where you start of in highschool as the new kid and get introduce to a two clubs that were forced to become one club(I think). The club main goal is to create a game and starts by giving us a random choice that soon later will become our deity and the people we rule/create, which are ogres (I hope). Then one day one of the club members disappears and slowly one by one each club member disappears until it’s only you. The the chapter opens up and to you returning to the town, where your club mates disappeared because you left, and look at a pic of you guys together. Next think I remember is that we wake up in a castle and meet all our lost friends that turned into God’s as while as yourself…as it turns out the game you all created turn to become your reality.

I think it could be this


Does anyone know what happened to that one wip where I think you are created or you lost your memories and this lady takes you in but something is off about her, and then there’s these heroes that say they were your friends before you lost your memory and the lady that found you wants to be your new mother figure. Uh there’s this villain? Bad guy? I also remember a part where this guy is presenting you to a bunch of rich snobs showing you off.

Its is. Thanks for the help.

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Hope someone can help me hehe

I can’t seem to find a WIP I was following before but I remember the MC being a humanoid creature and travelling with one of the RO’s and the story starting off with a ritual done on the MC by said RO. I also remember having the option to choose the same last name as the RO the MC is travelling with. That’s all I can remember rn.