Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Virtue’s End


That’s it! Thanks a lot!


Some time ago in March/April (I believe), there was a Work in Progress Demo released of a Game, and I do not recall the title or too much about the actual plot, but I remember some of the content.

• The writing was really poetic in style
• I believe you were in a Cabin or Home with a Parent/Guardian, and you had the option to receive food?
• Frostbite was potentially a problem?
• Setting seemed to be in a really cold area/house that carried a lot of memories for the MC.
It only had the prologue or chapter one written/available at the time. Apologies, as at the moment, this is all I can remember, and I can’t actually find anything about it.

Is it possibly this?

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Hello everyone, I hope you can help me find this game whether it’s still in development, has been published or has been abandones or deleted.

The game was about a detective, if you played either as female male or nb I can’t remember, but thing is if you played as female (as I did) the mc had a very Jessica Jones vibe. It was supernatural, player could either chose to use their powers or forsake it and fight with their own hands. There are bits and pieces I can remember, scenes of the game like being able to see a female friend from the bar you used to crash at, and who was murdered, in your dreams as they hunted you asking you things, or choosing to save a child from a house by going around rooms and then taking them with you in the car, and commenting on how they smelled like shit bc they had been trapped there for so long.

I know, not very helpful. :upside_down_face:

The demo was quite long but I can’t remember the name because it disappeared from the dashingdon engine and never showed again. I think last year it was still up but because I didn’t play in so long because the demo didn’t update I dont know when it could have disappeared.

Well, I hope any of you knows what I’m talking about :crossed_fingers:t3:

I think is “Good Intentions”


holy shit that’s it, bless you a thousand times. I’ll make sure to bookmark it. thanks :sob: :pray:t3:

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Hi! Does anyone know a game where MC is a heir of some “mad king/emperor”? Jgfjpgd it’s all that i remember sadly, there are also quite a few ROs and one of them infiltrates the castle to spy on the heir (MC), so like…there are people who think that MC will be a crazy ruler too, and there are those who aren’t sure about MC’s character at all. The castle, if I recall correctly, was closed because of The Father too…eehh


Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows the name of this one game I saw forever ago where basically you play as a guy (or a voice inside the guys head?) who’s a solider that fights off infected people while being recorded but he’s also married to the head of this corporation or something yet the MC has amnesia/can’t really remember anything and it ends up being because his husband had to wipe his memories because he found out something he wasn’t supposed to which was somewhere around the lines of that they were the ones turning these people into the monsters or something.

That would be Hunters Down, by user ColossalKitten.

Ah thank you so much!

Hello there! I’m looking for the hosted game or WIP where men in animal masks (wolf, dog, etc) are sent to watch a girl that works at a library and is a hacker? They moved in across the hall to watch her and the last time I read it she had locked them in a room that they had broken into.

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Hey all, I’m looking for an older title today. It’s based in a boarding school (I think that the children might be magic? I can’t remember) and you’re able to choose between being an orphan, a noble or the child of a family of morticians. I remember being shown around the school in the beginning by an air headed girl? And you could attend classes?

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The Nellis Noble Magical Academy, I believe it’s called. Double checked the name, but that’s what you’re after.

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Thank you so much. I actually overlooked this title when I was going through the forum. You’re a lifesaver!

So I found a game I liked but I forgot about it and the title eludes me. So I remember the game starts out with the MC having a angry conversation with another being as their soul is being ripped apart? Its quite a bit comedic. There reborn into a world and goes through a lot of bad things due to a bully. They are running from the same bully but he catches up to them and beats them to almost unconscious before two other characters one a man and another a girl. There both adventures and take help him by teleporting a town away.

It got some rpg elements in design, I think it was inspired by So What If I’m A Spider? The MC had the Foul Feeder skill I think, revealed the last time I read it because the bully forced him to eat a kitten. There was also girl with three split personalities one nice, other stoic warrior and the third of a assassin.

I believe it was called The New World?

The author is suspended though, and I think the demo was taken down from Dashingdon.

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I legit can only remember that the main player character lives in a sort of alternate fantasy universe that culturally and technologically regressed, leaving religion a very prominent power that basically controls every aspect of your life. I’m basing this of a moment I remember in the game where there is this evil devil’s (?) bridge that blinds (?) people? Or affects them negatively? And then our character describes what seems like car road asphalt, but of course from the perspective of a person who doesn’t know what it is and has never seen it

The golden rose, perhaps? I don’t know though, that guess is just passed off of the devils bridge thing

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