Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

That’s the one, thanks :slight_smile:

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Darn, I’m looking for this one game where you are sent to a city/move to some city, and have some sort of superintelligence power. Which of course, while trying to make ends meet, you decide the best course of action is to build an iron man suit, in the end building your own advance tech company while being Not!-Ironman.

If someone could find it that’d be great


Seems like Eos. Again by the same author who wrote Athalia. Again scrapped.

Hey ho, I’ve been searching for a certain WIP for a while now, but I’m just not able to find it.
From what I can remember, the MC owns a bakery/café with one of the employees being the opposite sex of your MC. Said employees has red hair.
Another character would be the MC’s roommate with whom the MC has been friends since childhood - if I recall correctly.
As far as I can remember, the author included self-drawn pictures of the characters and a little side story.
It would be very kind, if anyone could help me out. Thank you.

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I think it’s this?


Yes, that’s the WIP indeed. Thank you so much!

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Does anyone know a game where one of the love interest is the demon that might/might not be possessing them ?:sweat_smile:

It is The Mage’s adventures perhaps? :thinking:

This one, maybe?

Is it Good intentions maybe? I dunno wild guess.

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Nope …


I don’t really know… since I can’t see a thread. But, from what I remember it’s a new WIP I think :thinking:

In SUPERSTITION you can romance Zillah…

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I don’t think it’s the WIP. All I remember about it was that the demon is gender selectable and the MC is “maybe” on their childhood neighbor (HUGE emphasis on maybe)

Hey all, I’m trying to find the title of a game where the reader is put into some kind of facility by force where people with mutations are sent. I’m pretty sure that you can’t touch anybody because of a deadly power that you have?

There’s quite a few love interests too I can’t really remember. One is your guard and another is a person who’s out to get you that you’re forced to pair up with.

There’s an ensemble of odd characters who are planning an escape and ask for your help. I remember there being a short person who is always on their phone and doesn’t seem to like anybody, I think that their name was a number?

The Caged Songbird

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That’s it! Ahhh. Thank you so much.

ok so, I remember something very specific about a game: Your character is like an agent of some sort I think, and there’s another guy (/gal…?) (also a RO) that you can trust, and after what I think is some sort of attempted murder (I could be wrong) they get your character in a room, and out of nowhere, in a plot twist, this “new friend” knocks your MC out (with a syringe if I remember correctly). after a while, your characters wakes up to this guy explaining their plan, and is then hoisted hanging upside down over a bunch of crocodiles…? and then after the main bad guy has left one of the options to get out of this situations is to trick the guard? I think :sweat_smile:

It sounds a lot less like a fever dream in my memories, I promise!

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180 Files: The Aegis Project

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Ah! That’s what it was! Awesome! thanks! : D

Hi! I’ve been looking for a wip where the protagonist at the very beginning of the story is subjected to a painful ritual where they were turned into a demon creature. There are different options as to the likeness of this creature and each of them have their own corresponding abilities. One of them I remember is a basilisk. After the prologue, it was implied that the protagonist killed the one who was supposed to be their master(who was also the one who led the ritual that turned them into a demon) and they were reassigned to another master who I believe is an RO. Does anyone know what this wip is?