Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

This WiP MC is an elemental who can control all four elements and drainlife force… (Lol probably enough said)

Some crazy group of humAns will try to kill MC cause they’re an elemental and can’t have godly powers :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: and kills the fellow orphan when both of 'em coming from MCs B’Day (drinking) celebrations…

WiP last time ended with a fellow student who’s also an elemental who can drain life force in that elemental training academy and kills some rebel women by draining the life in elemental HQ or something after bombing there and MC finds the ones that tried to kill 'em in a jail cell in that HQ…

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Its probably
This. Elementals (WIP) Update! 18/6/19

Sounds like this one?

hey, could you guys help me find this WIP?
I remember you could choose the MC’s origin story (the one I remember was being raised by wolves)
then the MC was “adopted” by some kind of band or something like that

(I apologize for my bad english)

Is it this?

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that is! thanks friend!


Both are correct :smiling_imp::smile_cat::smirk_cat:


I remember playing a demo a several years ago. The PC is a soul eater or death mage something like that. Basically they can absorb the life force of anyone the come into contact with. They discover said ability in gym class I think. Please help me find it?

Ok, so there’s this one game where you and your sister are demon hunters and you’re hunting down this one demon in an abandoned laundromat when you and your sister get captured, sister manages to get away but MC nearly dies and then is saved by a group of 6 (?) supernaturals and I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s it called.

Sounds like this! It’s currently on indefinite hiatus though.



Is this?!?

Lol I’m in the middle of playing a video game and suddenly this came to my mind and had to, so I don’t go more insane :smile_cat::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

MC is a noble and for some reason their family (maybe father) is framed as a traitor and (killed probably or maybe prisoned).MC fights a street rat (lol kinda street kid) before all the mess.The city is walled and there are sectors like rich and poor classes…

It was! Thank you so much!

I think acegoats was replying to me, not the other post.

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Looking for a wip, it begins with the mc and their friend being followed by a monster to their apartment. The mc has some ability to sense it, and the monster kills their friend and tried to kill them.

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sounds like that might be Mind Games: Obsession?


That was it! Thanks!

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Oi guys I have descriptions of two similar but completely different WiPs…
I know it’ll be damn long and bad description, but lol try to help please…

First WiP

MC is a royal (King’s) bastard brought to the castle when MC is a little baby cause their mother (King’s lover) died on child birth and King’s wife, MC’s step-mother hates them like a Disney step-mother :joy_cat::smile_cat::roll_eyes: but king’s second kid, a girl likes them but MC’s step-mother seeing that king still loves MC’s mother, she manipulates the King’s eldest son and second kid (a daughter) that MC is in their way but when a third kid (a girl) from the Queen and King comes, the kid loves MC and isn’t manipulated by the Queen. Then King dies and the girl (a princess) MC loves is betrothed to the first son who hates MC but when the Prince turned into a war maniac cause of the hate towards MC and plans to exile MC. But MC runs aways with the princess and the little sister.

Second WiP

Same as before MC is a bastard but doesn’t finds out until Queen has a kid and MC is kicked out of the Royal family and the Queen hates MC, but MC becomes one of the greatest and youngest General/Soldier with an unique selected skill on war. The King doesn’t even cares 'bout MC and has a daughter and twin sons with the Queen.
One of the twins is a brainless idiot who only thinks 'bout war and the other one is a brainey but always says yes to whatever the other says and the daughter is a weakling. Then the King and the warmongering twin dies and writes a letter to MC asking to forgive him and not to let the brainey twin take the throne and instead make MC’s sister Queen.

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The first one I believe I can answer;


I believe the second one is I, the Forgotten One.