Chronicles of Rebirth: Hunted, WiP

Hey, guys, Cierra from Gathering Stardust here again with my latest project, Chronicles of Rebirth: Hunted. This is the first few chapters of it, the Prologue-Chapter 4, and it will steadily be updated as I write chapters!
The OLD Demo had chapters Prologue-Chapter 4, and I’ve decided to take it down. The NEW demo currently has the Prologue-Chapter 2. It will be updated as I do chapters until I feel the demo is finished!

The brand-new demo can be found here!: Newest Demo for CoR:H

So, what is CoR: Hunted about?

Here’s its sort of blurb:

As a child, you witnessed the murder of your father, dealt to him by a monster. A supernatural monster, one who nearly killed you right along with him. His death had a lasting effect on you, and as you matured, you made the decision to become just like him, your mother, and both of their families: a supernatural hunter. You trained as hard and well as you could, fueled by determination to find your father’s murderer, and maybe… maybe something else, too.

You made it, too. You are quite the known hunter, making waves for what you do. But you’re about to hit the worst streak of bad luck you’ve ever faced. Cosmically bad luck. In lieu of finding your father’s murderer, you tend to take on cases for other supernaturals while waiting for signs or any news. This time, you picked up a case of human hunters being found dead in a western part of Aome (your home country and continent), in a specific region called Stormhearth. Once you reached the region, and found the city-state the murders were mainly happening in, it didn’t take you long to find a promising lead.

And that’s where your bad luck truly began. The hunter became the hunted, and you were nearly sacrificed to unleash an ancient evil, locked away far too long ago. Yet, you escaped by the hair of your head, but only by becoming what you hunt: a supernatural, and a unique one at that. Alone, now cut off from your family and friends, along with your humanity taken from you, your only hope of surviving is by allying with a group of supernaturals and mortals who are trying to prevent the brewing war between their kinds. Will you take their offered help, or let what’s become of you eat you alive?

I hope it piqued your interest, hehe! Now, as far as game mechanics and gameplay goes:

  • There are eight total romances so far, five of which change gender to match your interest, three of which do not. There are technically only eight people you can romance in one playthrough, but there are a total of nine ROs (one is a pair of siblings that are very similar in personality). Their romances will be based on your actions versus your personality; basically, you won’t have to be uber shy and sensitive or bold and brash to get your romance! However, some actions may lock you out of romances, but each of these will have a warning on them.

  • You have quite a few gender, pronoun, and sex options. You can be a cis woman/man, a trans woman/man, or non-binary, which has sub pronoun sets, and I’m going to eventually add in where you can choose your sex.

  • Skills will play a pretty big part, but you won’t have to go all hardcore into grinding skills. If you don’t have enough skill points for later game choices, it’ll just give you alternative scenes to how you do things (kinda like Wayhaven does).

  • Puzzles and riddles will be common in CoR. Death scenes can also happen, too. However, if you die, you will not have to start completely over, you’ll just be sent to a checkpoint very close to where you messed up. Sometimes skills will help with these, other times they will hinder just to switch things up a little. :slight_smile:

  • Overall, this game is hella about customisability and being who you want to be. I will try to give as many options as I can in decisions!!

This is going to be a mix of modern, older, and futuristic fantasy with sci-fi elements and a big smattering of supernatural. I 100% plan to do optional NSFW scenes as well.

Romance Options (as of right now):



Aranea/Armean (Ara)

Brynhild/Brynjar (Bryn)


Jimin/Jiwon (Ji-Ji)

Lucien/Luciana (Luci)

Zarferi’Lio (Zafi)

Another edit: None of the ROs are human! Please refer to this post to understand more about why they may appear to be: Glamour and Shapeshifting Explanation Post

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Ahhhhhh!!! The official demo is hereeeeeee!!!

I have so much gushing about this game that I don’t even know where to start.

Ok ok, let’s keep this short for the sake of the little sleep pattern I have left.

The writing is great, the creepy hopeless mood when we are captured? So so good. The team, as well, so weird in such a good way. I love the friendships going around, tbh.

This said, Viking husband I’m coming for you :eyes:


Meira, ily so much omg skvkskkfskfk


In the questionnaire to pick what your Rewind MC was like, one of the questions is your MC’s name; but a few scenes later (travel bag scene) you have tu put your name again :thinking:
Talking about questions… Rewind project is still alive? :worried:


Your Rewind MC’s name isn’t the same as your name! That’s why it’s two separate questions!!

Rewind is gonna be alive again, yes!!! I mainly got ahead of myself with Rewind and as such, it’s on a Hiatus, but it’s certainly going to come back in the far future.


So I picked A as my lover from the first game, and A says something like “whenever I’m with my lover…” does that mean our MC is still alive and together with them?


Very much so, hehe. :wink:


That’s awesome! Actually got scared for a second. Will we see scenes of them together or will it only be mentioned once and awhile? Does the same go for the other RO from Rewind if they show up?


I’m not entirely decided yet! Making Rewind MC make an actual appearance would require me to make an entire nother character creator or go very vague, so it may just be mentions or talking for now!!


(Im ngl I totally have quite a few scenes planned with the Rewind ROs I know that will be in CoR talking to their MC like over the phone or talking about the MC, especially Ryx and AV).


So Ryx/Lio are also together with the MC? So they got they’re happy ending lol? Wanna replay and see if there’s a scene that mentions them!


There’s a lot of twists and turns to Rewind I have yet to reveal :slight_smile: Ryx/Lio has not made their appearance in CoR, but they will and have been mentioned.


Honestly I’m glad just knowing that they’re still together lol.


They mean the mc or rewind because then when you read the bios about people it’ll say like Avalon is married to the mc you picked from the rewind series


Comments are a bit confusing. Is this a sequel to something?

It takes place in the same world as another WIP from @Cierra_Lawson_Writes . We were discussing the ROs from that game that’ll make an appearance in this one.


Oh…will saves from that one eventually be exportable to this?


@kckolbe Chronicles of Rebirth is an entirely stand-alone series that takes place in the same universe and timeline as Rewind. Saves will not be exportable from Rewind as it’s entirely unneeded!

Edit: because of the continuity of the universe, characters that appeared in Rewind can sometimes make an appearance in CoR, depending on their race’s lifespan.


You just choose if male, female or nb MC, they’re name and who they romanced from the other game in the beginning.
@Cierra_Lawson_Writes :+1: :grinning:


Woman, man, or nb! :smiley: