Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I was looking at this game earlier today and now I can’t find it again. One of the ROs is the emperor of an enemy kingdom and he has a very cold personality. I remember the author specified that the RO’s wouldn’t like it if you flirted with multiple people, especially the emperor.

Sounds a bit like an itch WIP with a very short demo. Is it The Heir Of Alvion Kingdom or something else with a similar plot?

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Hope someone knows the name of this WiP. MC uses a time machine their friend made to go to future to find their future self having superpowers and is a villain and already killed so many superheroes… I also vaguely remember that time machine gets damaged and can’t return.

Lol I really hope I’m not misremembering or imagining this thing.

I know the one. Though the author hasn’t said anything in a long while the blog, the WIP is still available to play. Anachron does have a really neat premise, huh? I would love to see that one return someday. :melting_face:

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That’s it thank you!

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Finally, thanks @LadyUmbreon89 I was close. It is a nice and unique story wise, isn’t it?!?

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I remember a wip I read a few months ago, totally forgot the name but basically you were the prince’s friend, he was a RO and you guys embark on an adventure somewhere along the way i don’t really remember what happens but the mc ends up hanging over the edge of a pit or something, you have the option to pick which RO clings onto your hands refusing to let go eventually you fall and they think you died (I think) in the pit or hole another RO brings you out

Might it be this one?

Proud of the author for making it this far. :grin:


hello good day Geis. I’m very sorry that I always bother you. But I have a question. A long time ago when I found this forum I was playing a game. Where you can play as a man/woman or you can choose which one you want. In this game you play as a daughter/son of a family, your mother is sick and lying in bed.
Your mother doesn’t like you and tried to kill you when you were in her room. I think that’s how it was. And you had a friend when your family invited his family, you saw him and it brought back a lot of memories for you.
I also think it was a bit in the Viking era and I think it’s also romantic.
Sorry I can’t explain it well/better, but as I said it was a few years ago and I only remember a little bit about it.
Thanks in advance

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This?? (WIP) The Wroth Ode

I can’t remember how long ago I read it but the story I’m looking for had an MC and their teenage child going through a rough time. There were different choices for that situation including death of spouse, divorce, etc. They get a mysterious letter inviting them to live in a strange town. When they arrive they meet the mayor and they’re given a bakery to run. The town is full of people who have powers and there are superheroes. I think the town is in another dimension or something.
I think it may have been a WIP.

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Curious Cuisine?

Yes! Thank you!

I’m looking for a wip i read a few months ago, i dont remember much about it except that you play as a thief and you’re planing to steal the crown jewels and to do that you sneak in the castle as like a minor noble or something trying to either romance the prince or princess and i also remember one of the things you could do was if you were playing as a woman you could dress up as a man to romance the princess and vice versa

Might be Honor Amongst Thieves, Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — Updated 1/27/2024

Hollowmoon Valley?

I don’t think this is it, thanks though :bangbang:

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Believe it or not, Xoromin’s recent answer of “Honor Amongst Thieves” is what you’re looking for. :smile:


I need help finding an if from itchio. I think i only played it once, so i dont remember much. I think we were in some kind of “apocalypse” (dont think it was zombies could be🙃), and i think our character was staying in a shop. The shop had an apartment of sorts on the top floor, and i remember we had to escape or something by going through that and outside on a fire escape. I think you could get hurt real bad by falling or just jump rooftops to escape, but idk. I think right after tha/eventually they were found by other people and brought somewhere else, but i can’t say for sure.

Also, for some reason, i remember our character having a bad burn mark on their hand, but i could be mixing it up with another.

I vaguely remember that this if was a bit gruesome and had some good customization options.

Much appreciated.

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