Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

That is called Mortal Hero but the blog hasn’t seen any activity in a few years.

Holy cow that’s it! I can finally rest knowing what the name was! Thank you kindly for the assist!

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That’s Obsolete Stars. Obsolete Stars (WIP) There’s probably going to be an update around the end of the month. The author seems confident there will be.


Hi I’m trying to find a certain story on dashindon it was really good and showed a lot of promise. The premise is that you are the demon lord and you are killed by a group of skilled soldiers and magic users only to be resurrected by a group of scientists that put your heart into the body of a child.

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Fell Star?

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Yes it is thanks so much I stopped reading it for a while and lost track of the title.

I’m looking for a demo where you play the second child of royalty, a noble betrays your kingdom and your parents die, causing a war to start.

The oldest child is female, the heir, and has good magic control. Magic in the demo is called ambrosia I think? Not too sure.

Sound familiar?

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Thats Arcadie: Second-Born.


Oh wow it already came out on steam?

Yep! I enjoyed it a lot. The author is also working on a sequel if you’re interested.


Ohhh, did they add that one guy from the beginning who helped kill the parents as a LI?

Or would that be spoilers asking here?

In a way yes but it doesn’t start until almost the end of the game. Sorry for my bad English

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Nah you’re good. I might have to log into steam now tho

I am looking for 2 games

  1. I don’t remember if you are brought back to the living or if you slept a really long time, but your minions or companions either found you or brought you back. Later you can get a different body of a different species if you so choose.

  2. You are a noble or royal I think, but you run away and you can meet a guard while disguised that could potentially recognize you, I think one parent lives in a forest or something (not among humans for sure) and you open something that let loose an evil shadow/copy of yourself.

#2 is a Midsummer Night’s Choice, I think, where you are the daughter of a noble being forced to marry someone you do not want to marry, so you run away, disguised as someone else.

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#1 could be HCF Redux

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Thank you both, I skimmed through them and they appear to be the ones I was thinking off, now I’ll read them properly.

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There were two games I loved but can’t remember, one I’m pretty sure I found on itch.eo where you were a hunter or something you worked for someone and you could have the option to shape shift into animals. The second one was you were a racer and you were in this big race and your best friend ended up beating you but somehow you still take the win and the reward and he was pissed at you taking his chance to become a professional/the best racer ever
Any help😊

Here’s the second one. It is called Circuit

First one sounds like Virtue’s End? Not really animals but close enough maybe