Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I’m searching for a W.IP I played some time back.

You were a teenager in a modern setting and could shapeshift into a wolf, a fox and a dog.

As soon the game begins you were scolded by your mother, because you risked being discovered by humans, I think?

Sounds like Wild Summer which is definitely a good one. Thread’s locked, and there’s not been an update in a long time, but it is still a very well done WIP.


if I remember correctly it starts off with you doing a drug test for money and then your power awakens killing the doctor. after that your arrested and your adoptive mother visits. I think after that your taken to a house with other people with powers. does anybody recognize this?

Not IF but sounds a fair bit like firestarter by Stephen King.

I remember the game and that is basically the plot…house is like a halfway house for powered ppl and you can get a job at a cpl of places…plus there is some kinda BIG BAD lurking around…but sadly I cant remember the name…something FALLS maybe

Have no fear for I am here with a link that’s hopefully correct.

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yup thats the 1 im thinking of

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I’ve been trying to read this WIP again and I cannot for the life of me find it.

From what I remember, it was about your MC being forcibly brought to an alternative universe where your alter-self is royalty, but they’ve gone missing (or died?). So now you’re trapped there becuase everyone wants you to take their place until they can find their version of you.

IF where one ro was named honeysuckle? :sob:

That should be The Decoy

This version of the demo is still available, but the author has hinted on her blog that she’ll be doing a rewrite to better balance the opening of the story. Either way, enjoy!

I remember another one where I think you jumped out a window or something?

Another one is you had 2 siblings I think I can’t remember but you’re a prince and the story starts off with a queen poisoned by a princess so the king is angry and kills the MC’s family and takes them in as his royal consort

Sounds like Crown of Ashes

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Does anyone remember the name of that game where the MC ran away from something(someone?) and got to the edge of a cliff where they proceed to have a mental breakdown. Suddenly, they fall and when they wake up they are in this school for people with magical powers. We meet the headmaster I think who the MC can hopefully view as a parental figure. The MC’s hair will change into pure white though I don’t quite remember the eyes. You can choose to have the MC act like a hissing kitten or a touch-starved kitten. We meet 2 RO’s, one is jolly while the other is kind of stoic, and one of them the MC is kind of cautious about due to some trauma that included that RO’s power (which was earth) Oh and the power of MC is lightning. Basically the MC is one traumatized cat. I’m not too sure if this is on here or in itchio but nonetheless it’s worth a try.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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It’s Lightweaver: Chosen


There’s this one WIP(not sure if it’s dead) that I think starts out with you and your sibiling(younger I think) finding a mysterious object. It’s from I think a couple years back but I always wanted to revisit it, just can’t think of the name…

Can anyone help with finding an IF? It was a WIP school drama where the mc had a single friend and they both have been bullied along each other (it was pretty rough, physical). The friend was talking with mc about changing school, but the next day mc was informed that their friend commited suicide by jumping off the school’s roof. mc refuses to accept it and decides to investigate on their own to discover what happened that night. They sneak into the house of one of the bullies (it was a girl which used to be a friend of mc but slowly turned against them) and they search it, including bully’s parents’ room. I remember the last thing to search was a laptop. The last scene I remember is mc in an interrogation room, accused of killing the bully whose house they searched.

Probably Nothing Left [To Burn]. Just a heads up though, but the author has since stopped working on the story.

Thanks a lot

Is it the one where you find it in a shady thrift shop filled with magical items? And it’s a necklace or something that your sibling always picks up even if you try to leave? And there’s a whole host of gods/deities from multiple religions that you can choose to be sponsored by at the end of the demo and meet once? And a babysitter who is abusive to you and your sibling but your father is too negligent to care until she tries to harm you guys, and you get sent to wait in the car together while he kicks her out?

If it is I can’t remember the name, but I do remember those options if it helps others find it. Otherwise, sorry for the info dump lol.