Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Thank you!

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A wip I remember is I think it was on itcheo? You had some sort of computer chip or something some sort of technology I can’t remember, one of the RO meets you and you can choose to sleep with them and they end up taking your technology afterwards, another RO is soft sort of humanoid alien creature with a long tail, you all have to get on this ship for some reason and you can choose to be romantically interested still in that RO who betrayed you or kill them that’s all I remember :sob:

Sounds like Project Hadea

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:joy_cat::joy_cat::smile_cat: I’m back guys, I can’t even remotely come close to find this, MC used to be an extremely powerful and famous OP superhero and one point lost their superpowers and the past teammate or someone asks MC to be mentor/teacher to young powered or something like this. Pretty sure wasn’t an itch.io IF.

Might be Aequitas: The Offset, though the author’s tumblr has been inactive for some months

God I feel like a visit this thread every other day but does anyone remember this one wip where the main character had nine lives and had a bad adoptive family?

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I believe it’s NineLives on itch.io by springsaladgaming



Close synopsis but no, unfortunately. In this MC, also an ex superhero who lost powers unwillingly and accidentally becomes kind of a mentor to a group of annoying powdered teens but in the one I mentioned it MC actually gets asked by an old acquaintance to become official teacher/mentor to a group of new to be superheroes, MC was also one of the best when they had powers. Also to add to this, I’m pretty sure there’s far more content progress in the one I asked for… In this MC actually mentors the young idiots, I mean to-be-heroes.

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It might be the one in the twine thread that’s listed as an untitled superhero game, it sounds kinda like that, but you’d need to scroll around and find it

Im not sure how to do the fancy links people do but i think its this @Empress_Nightmare

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This is the one. Lol I suddenly remembered why I forgot this… Because of how bad the writing is despite the interesting plot.

Recently played an IF where MC aunt died- I think. We go back to the town and the house where we grew up. Along with us comes our best friend (we have the option to choose our feelings towards her(and or him; I can’t recall if they’re gender selectable).

I remember we go to an auto shop where we meet two of the love interests. Dion? And a young dude.

Also, MC has just awakened abilities that get passed down after every death in the family.

When we get to the town I remember if we go to the house someone’s already in there and if we go to a hotel we meet another person at the bar.

I might follow the writer on tumblr but I can’t find them among the 300 plus accounts I follow :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Into The Shadows.


There’s one where the player has been magically imprisoned for countless years until they’re freed by a ?demon? and teleported out of the cell. I can’t remember the name and it’s driving me crazy. Please help!

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This is the first guess that came to mind.

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Yes!! That’s the one, thank you!

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Bro I remember a game but I fr only remember one part…there was like a guy tied to a chair, it was the prolong and he’s talking to someone we don’t know but basically he knows he’s going to die there and not be found or something

This guess is a long shot so apologies if it’s incorrect

I’m searching for a W.IP I played some time back.

You were a teenager in a modern setting and could shapeshift into a wolf, a fox and a dog.

As soon the game begins you were scolded by your mother, because you risked being discovered by humans, I think?