Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

it may be…? But if it was 2 years ago, it likely isn’t this.

This isn’t it but it sounds really cool, so thank u so much! :revolving_hearts:

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could it be the 1 where you work at a museum and your kidnapped while its being robbed…bah cant remember the name something about a gem…no robots though

I think there might be some kinda robot voice involved

Hey all! There’s a wip I’ve been trying to find for ages now and I can’t find it for the life of me. The MC is a human and they work as some sort of handler(?) for supernatural people. Pretty sure one RO was another handler and the other ROs were supernatural ppl you managed. The MC and the ROs lived in an isolated facility. At one point the MC goes on a supply run into town where they feel like they’re being followed. Throughout the demo the MC gets flashbacks of their former parent/guardian (who was a witch) who abandoned the mc and/or died(?). Pretty sure the demo ends with the MC getting back to the facility and handing out the stuff they got to the ROs. Any help is appreciated!

I remember a game, where you were like a bastard child. The king had two wives or smth- the other queen had 2 sons I know for sure and the queen hated you and would always say mean things about you and your mother, your older half brother hated you too, one option at his birthday party I think I dunno it was some event he wants to fight you and I think one of his lines were like “I wanna see how bastards fight” or smth- like that and if u end up fighting him your nose bleeds and the servant has to pull you apart. Later on you have the option to approach your brother bc you had to go to war with your father the king and ur half brothers, and your brother says how he envied you bc you seemed like fathers favorite. Later on you guys get ambushed in your camp and he ends up dying then the king enraged runs into battle dying too, so u the guard and your remaining brother have to run and escape and the current demo ends like that …any help lol?

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the bastard crown…just updated


Yeah it’s the Bastard Crown

Here’s the demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/eddyie/the-bastard-crown/mygame/

This should link to the topic on the forum: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/wip-the-bastard-crown-108k-words-updated-chapter-2-03-03-2024/146750/1

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Hello! There was a wip that had a dark atmosphere and had you playing as a sort of special agent/assassin that got sent to a small town to find a creature and you had a hispanic teammate and there was a cute waiter you could flirt with but they were a monster? Or something like that? And there was a snarkier teammate/boss to flirt with and you could clean their wounds too. I can’t remember the name!

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I actually remember this story i just dont remember the name.

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The story you are talking about is Greenwarden. You can find it on Itch.io :

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Thank you!

I’ve been trying to find a WIP game that I played about a year or two ago, but every time I look it up I get Lost Heir which I know is wrong. In it I believe you play a disgraced general who used to have wings, but they were torn off. You were the prince of the kingdom, too, but banished due to something that happened so your sister is the next in line.

I doubt that’s a lot to go on, but I remember one really weird choice was with the first companion, they ask you your favorite color and they have funny dialogue for specifically black, saying “That’s just every color mixed together. You basically said ‘I like every color’,” and white being kind of the opposite “That’s just the absence of color-- you pretty much said you have no favorite color”.

Think you might be looking for The Exile

Can’t say for sure at all, but maybe Throne of Ashes by 13Leagues?

It was, thank you very much!

I remember it was like a low fantasy wip. You were the heir to a kingdom that your father ursurped and you met the former heir. And your other parent was non-binary I believe?

Turncoat Chronicle, published.

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There was a game I don’t remember much but I think you were like a baby or something and Poseidon brought you to like some sort of village or something? I’m sorry it’s not much to go huh but thats all I remember and he was saying to protect the mc or smth

I believe you’re looking for Cyprus?