Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I’ll check that could be it, i’m not sure though.

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I recently played a new game (very recent) where MC and their best friend are in the woods playing, when MC loses sight of her. After finding our way out of the woods we come up on a crowd, police and our friend being put into the ambulance, yet all of a sudden she starts pointing at us and panicking. Nobody else can see what she sees, so everyone automatically takes it as MC being the cause of whatever happened to her. This leads to everyone yelling at and pushing MC around- causing us to fall and hit our head (we black out)

More I remember: We were able to choose what game we were playing in the woods with our friend. One of the options was “Kick around a doll head”. Also, MC ran into what looked like another version of themselves and it was telling us that “it was our fault” “you did this to me” basically a hallucination of some sort, I think.

I think maybe it was some sort of dark entity or something that follows MC, that scared and attacked our friend.

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Looking for a demo that mc could choose between many races like divine, beastman, undead etc and they also had other subraces like reaper, lioon beastman, wolf beastman etc. You could also choose some type of artifact.

I remember playing a WIP, but I cant remember the name. maybe someone knows what I’m talking about? one of the characters was ares (if not it was one of the greek gods) we don’t have any memories in beginning, we are being hunted and we had a robot of some sort that was introduced in the middle of chapter one (?) — there was a few other characters that were introduced, one of them were the friend (?) started with an L, I believe.

I believe thats The Voice of Silverking.

i thought it was too but it’s not what im looking for, it’s something similar to it though!

This game where the mc is a modern hunter/ supernatural stuff agent, and they have a orc or half orc partner i dont remember much more from it, help

The game your looking for is enchanted blood

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Eastend is the game if you’re still looking for it.

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Omg thank you!!

Trial of the Demon Hunter - Volume One of Demons Among Men

There was a game I remember, you were like a mermaid, you there was a siren their pronouns were they/them you also had a best friend and a sister I don’t remember if you could choose the sisters gender…and the demo was on itcheo? I remember they released updates like episodes. Any help?

As the Ocean Lures

I found a game but forgot to bookmark it, it was completed and moved to another website, the author saying he had no intention of publishing it with hosted games, I can’t really remember much more.

There’s been a few like that. You’ll have to try to be more specific. Depending on what you’re looking for, people could probably direct you to any of their blogs.

Probably Lost Relics 3. James Shaw Games — Relics 3 Release Announcement!

I remember a game not Alot of details though I think it was on itcheo and you were about to jump off a bridge but changed your mind and somehow end up following someone, and the person has a friend and their friend isn’t human and they have hoofs and horns and so the MC passes out on their couch ect ect thats all I remember :sob:


I can’t really remember much apart that it was fantasy-themed, thanks for your answer!

It wasn’ this one, but it’s interesting still, I’ve bookmarked it for later, thanks for your answe