Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

A Prophecy Undone (WIP) (10/May: new scene added, 90k words)?


thanks so much!! that was fast :smiley:

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Hey all!! So here’s one, now I can’t remember much but I do remember a specific scene because I loved it so much.


MC is a…student? and at one point we wandered out into the forest; where we met an Elf/Fearie or something. At some point during the conversation the person tries to offer us food or a drink; in which we have the option to turn down or consume. I believe they also asked the MC their name.

I don’t remember if MC told anybody or if the adults found out on their own; but people hear about the interaction and warn MC about the Elf/Fearie- they’re not to be trusted, we don’t know what they want and how it wasn’t smart for MC to trust them (if we chose to) etc etc etc

I think I remember that this supernatural, was meant to be a potential LI for older MC , if we chose. But I could be wrong.

Edit: Soooo…i’m currently playing an IF and right after I sent this inquiry and went back to playing it, this exact scene came up…wowzer what a coincidence Lol. It’s called The One Chosen.

Hello, i’m looking for a game that the sibling got separated at child and reunite with each other in the opposite team trying to kill eachother. Another detail, is the person we are working under tasked us to befriend a doctor to kidnap? Their child In order to do experiments or something…

Knights of Evallon maybe? What you described sounds like elements from the old version though.

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Im looking for a game that was similar to the civilization games but it had some comedy. You alsi had a comedic devil and angel that would talk to you

Yes, it was the old one, it’s dead now. The new version is honestly a completely different story/game.

How different? I liked the old version, I don’t know if I should try it now.

Hey can anyone help me? There was a wip I liked and wrote down but still ended up forgetting, I don’t know if it’s dead or cancelled I really hope it isn’t :sob: but you were like this reaper? Idk you did something…and people would come to fight you, eventually a man stepped forward to defeat the mc alone, his name was the knight commander I believe and during your fight you have the option to kiss him and he does kill you but you come back to life, I’m sorryy that’s all I rememberrrr

I believe this is the game you’re looking for


who remembers a wip that was like…it was sci-fi and something happened and you got into like a black hole type thing and you found a ship that was i think super insanely advanced ai/practically sentient, like the ship was ALIVE but it was all banged up and you had to repair something and there was this adorable little robot that followed you around

I got sad because I just remembered it and I miss it sm :smiling_face_with_tear:


Valhalla! I loved that game.


yes omg thank you, im gonna go play the demo 50 million times now :face_holding_back_tears:

Hey can anyone help, there was like a wip or smth- I believe it was on itcheo you were like a changeling and had been smuggled into a human family, you never knew you were a changeling until recently you wanted to become captain of the guard or smth like that and protect the prince, you have an option to tell the prince or don’t, also you can romance the prince, your friend or the servant,

That one is called Misplaced

Trying to remember one I recently just played. You could play between two races, one of which was a birdlike species. And I remember one of the characters using neopronouns.

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Dawnfall? It’s on hearts choice

Hey so, there was a time I played a wip about a mage or something that asks for MC to escort them through their adventure I think, and on the path we meet different people. If anyone could help, I appreciate it. I’m searching for it for a long time and don’t know if it got deleted :confused:

(Sorry for any typo, english is not my main language)

A bit ambiguous, but that description makes it sound like The Exile by Pheo. I recommend visiting their blog directly (linked in the thread’s OP) if this is the exact WIP you were looking for. If it is not, but you get interested in this WIP, visit their blog anyway–it’s the most up to date resource for info about The Exile’s status.

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Omg. That’s the one I was searching. Thank you very much :blush: