Fell Star (WIP) [Updated 04/03/2022]

Fell Star is a Science Fantasy interactive fiction set in Freiy, a fictional continent where magic once flourished with abundance, only to slowly diminish overtime. Magic is disappearing, and no one knows why. You wouldn’t know. After all, you’ve been dead.

You play a Harbinger, a bringer of either hope of doom, who wishes to rest. And once you got that rest, you’re thrust back into the world of the living under some… Complicated circumstances.

As of the moment, the demo is a total of 62k words excluding code.

This is my first attempt at making a Choicescript game, and English isn’t my first language so if there are any issues with grammar, the code or anything else, it’s likely my fault, so, er, sorry in advance if things sounds weird. If anything else, thanks for checking out the game.


“Be wary of the Harbinger, for they bring either hope or doom.”

After your fall, you awaken in a strange place. Buildings made of metal and steel, the iron and silver weapons used to strike you down have changed their form, and the magic that once flourished throughout the realm is no more than just a flicker.

There is something else that is peculiar with your awakening. You are neither dead or alive. And the person who sits before you, covered in blood, is a child — rather, a child is putting it lightly, what sits before you is a Homunculus; a vessel who has your heart.

Just what has happened during the past years of your death? What will you do, Harbinger? Will you bring hope to this new age you’ve awakened to or will you bring it all down and build anew?

  • Customize your character. Range from customizing your gender, pronouns, appearance, personality, skills, and more.
  • Influence the ‘Child’ with your decisions! Your choices and actions influence their outlook on life. The child is a blank canvas as every choice you make will impact the way they themselves should act. Will you teach them to be merciless or merciful? Will you teach them to love or hate? Will you keep them at an arm’s distance, or end up keeping them close?
  • Connections are important, whether they be good or bad. Find allies to aid you on your journey as well as make enemies who are both new and familiar. And, perhaps… You might find something ‘more’ with the people you meet along your way.
  • Will you go on the path of revenge, to search for the one who is the cause of all of this and bring order to this new world? Or will you enter the path of redemption, casting aside the hatred festering within you from before and try to live a peaceful life? Or, will you continue your search for your end?
  • Will history only repeat itself once more?
People of Interest

The ‘Child’ Homunculus — Shian
“A fake. A copy. A replacement. The child was created no more than to be a sacrifice. A sacrifice is easily disposable. They are taught to not think. To be obedient. To never go against their orders. For they only have one purpose in life. Yet, the homunculus can’t help but want …”

The ‘Ascended’ Templar — Asol Apostolos
(Omnisexual Male, romanceable by any MC)
“The man who slew the ‘Great Calamity’ plaguing the realm and was revered as a hero. Yet, in the last moment he spent with them, the words and look they shared remain engraved into his very heart, etched into his mind. It is strange, as Death has refused to take him. Perhaps one day, he will find the answer he is searching for…”

The ‘Holy’ Saintness — Iina Teodoro
(Omnisexual Female, romanceable by any MC)
“Saintness. It is no more than a title. She knows that. She knows very well that without her ‘powers,’ she is just a normal village girl. That she is no one special. The Saintess does not believe that she is worthy of such a title. A saint is someone who wishes the best for everyone but she is filled with so much envy, so much wrath, and oh so much hate…”

The ‘Runaway’ Witch — Ae-ri Song
(Pansexual Female, romanceable by any MC)
“One of the few last witches of Freiy. Having been hunted down for her magic, she continues to run, despite the soles of her feet aching. She runs, not wanting to give up what is left of her powers, of her people. She runs, hoping to find a place where she can finally rest…”

The ‘Lost’ Shepherd — Divyan Shir-Del
(Pansexual Male, romanceable by any MC)
“Your eyes can see that their soul is merely a fledgling, so young yet, it is no more than a flicker. He is a being who took up the mantle to help those in need too early, someone who was forced into a prophecy he never asked for. His cold blade touches your neck as tears spill from his eyes…”

The ‘Mad’ Beast — Cassiar
(Demiromantic Gay Male, romancable by Male and Non-Binary MC)
“A human or a monster? The beast no longer remembers what their original form was before. The name Cassair is familiar but they know better than to accept it. It isn’t his. This name. This persona. This body. Whoever it was before who owned this body is long gone. It belongs to him now…”

The ‘Undead’ Soldier — Freida Decroix
(Demiromantic Lesbian Female, romancable by Female and Non-Binary MC)
“Limbs torn apart and replaced with metal. The human body is so limiting, so weak. That is why she abandoned it. When you die, the maggots take their turn but seel knows not the touch of rot. The soldier must get up. No matter how tired she is. How broken her spirit. She must rise, or else, peace will never come…”

The ‘Fallen’ Divine — Meidh
(Panromantic Asexual Non-Binary, romanceable by any MC)
“They know you. They know you very well. You’ve lived together. You’ve fought together. You’ve spent almost an eternity together, until you broke your promise. A promise you made long ago. Though, they can’t help but find it strange; why don’t you remember them…?”

Character Information


“I don’t know.” The short-haired child says, cocking their head in response as they swing their legs off the edge of the metal plate. “I don’t really care where we go, as long as I’m with you, we can go anywhere.”

Shian is a blank canvas. A homunculus who has imprinted themselves on you, as your lives were bound to one another the moment you open your eyes once again. With your heart beating in their chest, everything you feel, they feel. Everything you do, they develop a curiosity or interest in. You are tethered by the works of something beyond your knowledge.

Although they’re a homunculus doll, you can sense the potential in them. Perhaps it is due to your heart beating in their chest that you feel a certain ‘kinship’ for the child, but something in the back of your mind tells you otherwise. That there is something special about this child that is beyond yours, and perhaps anyone’s understanding. Shian is highly influenced by you. Your personality, choices and lessons that you teach the child will impact how they interact with others.

How will you shape them, Harbinger?

Shian is a child who looks no older than ten, though their real age can be far different than what they look like due to their homunculus body. They are as tall as 3’6" much shorter than the average child their age. Shian has short, red unkempt hair that reaches the base of their neck and smooth sandy skin. They look like a human child in appearance. Nothing about them really stands out. For the moment.

*(Shian’s appearance changes depending on your choices during the story and can be influenced by your own appearance. If you have long hair, they’ll have an interest in growing out their hair. If you’re tall, they’ll want to be tall, etc.)

“Death should have taken thee,” the older man states, sparing a glance in your direction. Before you can respond, you hear him chuckle and shake his head. “How strange. I cannot help but find it comforting that you stand before me once again.”

Asol is the man who ended your 'reign of terror.’ He should be dead, yet, he stands before you, alive. Much as you stand before him alive as well. Perhaps the fates have intertwined your lives. Much to your disappointment. Or perhaps you want to see the stuck-up man again. Who knows. Asol is a man of justice. Someone who does what he believes is the right thing to do. Stubborn to the max, he refuses to relent until he finishes the job he has been assigned.

The Asol during your time is far different to the one who stands before you. He looks the same as the one before, except for the strange metal attached and etched into his skin. His shoulders are slacken. His eyes, tired. The fight and fervor from before has diminished but still, he holds his head high and continues his duty without fault. He isn’t someone you want to cross. At least, in your current state.

Asol is a tall, robust human man who stands at the height of 6’4" with rich bronze skin that shines under the sunlight. He has bright, golden eyes that give off a celestial glow. You can feel it emitting from him whenever you’re near him. His left eye is blessed by the Old Wolf, the sigil of the Divine is marked within his pupil, showing all who look at him to know that he has earned the blessing of the Divines. His short, midnight hair is often slicked back, showing off the masculine features of his face. He has a stubble beard that is well kept.

*(Some of your choices in the Prologue can impact how Asol looks when you meet him again.)

“As if I have their love.” She barks out a harsh laugh and waves her hand, her lips curl upward, though strain. “They love my powers. Not me. If I didn’t have these powers, I would’ve been sold off or abandoned. I am envious of you. Truly. You live true to yourself, holding your head high and uncaring to others who appraise you. If only I can be as proud of myself as you are with your own being.”

Iina is a rare human. At least rare now of all times. She is one of the few humans in Freiy who seem to have an affinity in the arcane, especially in healing magic. Being one of the rare, few humans who is still able to use magic, Iina lived a sheltered and strict life. 'Forced’ away from her home, she grew up with other children who also knew magic but she was the only one who remained and had the highest potential in healing, being named the Saintess in order to bring order and peace to the new age.

Sometimes, she wonders if she is just a puppet on strings. She doesn’t feel as though she earned the right to be considered a Saintness. She doesn’t feel like one. She knows far too well that she is far from what a 'Saint’ is. Iina compares herself to others in many different ways, as she finds herself lacking. That she’s never enough. But she forces herself to continue. At a first glance, people would assume that she is a kind, altruistic woman who wants what is before for the people but she is far from what the people see her as behind her veil.

The saintness is a short human woman standing at the height of 5’1" as she finds herself self-conscious of her height, and with how pudgy and thick she looks. She is more on the heavier side compared to other individuals. She has long, dark-brown curls that reach her waist that she keeps down, and oftentimes wears a white veil to cover her face. With olive skin and dark, hazel eyes, Iina looks normal. She doesn’t stand out, nor does she really 'capture’ the eyes of others, since she looks like your normal stranger you’ll see walking along the streets. If you ignore the obviously expensive clothing and accessories she wears, she doesn’t truly stand out. She’s just normal.

“I can’t die, I just can’t,” stumbling over her words, the red-haired woman shakes her head, her breathing begins to quicken its pace. “I am one of the last of the Witches of the Old. One of the few who contains the knowledge of my people, of my coven. So long as this heart of mine still beats, I refuse to give up, despite the odds.”

The witch is a tired woman who wants to rest. But despite all of that, she manages to still look forward to the future, no matter how tired she is, she keeps her head up and continues to keep a smile on her face. But that smile of her never seems to reach her eyes at times. She’s a bit paranoid, often a bit too talkative as the silence and the void seems to scare her but you can certainly say that whenever you’re with her, you’ll never be bored. She keeps a positive outlook no matter what is thrown her way.

She’s quite sarcastic, once you get to know her, and perhaps a bit morbid when joking but she simply tries her best to keep things uplifting and fun during your time together. After all, so long as your goals align, you’re allies until the moment you decide to betray or harm her. She tends to lie a lot, so you don’t know if she’s telling the truth or lying to you. Perhaps if you get closer to her you might be able to understand the small cues and actions she makes when she lies and when she tells the truth.

Ae-ri is an average woman, standing a 5’5" with ginger-red hair that is often styled into a traditional bun with a hairpin. She has light, brown eyes and sun-kissed brown skin glows under the sun. On her right arm, there is a strange marking tattooed in the language of the Ancients, something only the other Witches of the Old would know. Despite being haggard, Ae-ri always stands tall and holds her head high, always on the alert and ready to be on the move. You also take note of the book attached to her hip, as it’s ghastly appearance with sharp teeth on the cover makes it difficult to ignore.

“Do you ever feel like your life isn’t your own?” The young, curly-haired man laughs weakly to himself and shakes his head, a sad smile on his lips. “I’ve lived my entire life for others. Everything I’ve done has been for others, because I was told to do it. Because it’s my 'fate’. Sometimes, I wonder; am I even living?”

Divyan is like a ray of sunshine, or the brightest light during the darkest of night. Just one smile from him can make your worries disappear, as some might find his demeanor to be adorable, or uplifting. It depends on the person. Always willing to help others, the shepherd does whatever he can to aid anyone in need from the kindness of his heart, even if he cannot provide for himself. He is like a puppy, you might even say, as he always seems to be in a hyper, happy-go-lucky state, which you wonder just where he gets that energy from.

He is a kind, well-mannered man who gets flustered easily and is quite emotional, open and very expressive with his emotions, as he is like an open book to whoever tries to read him. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he should be ignored, as despite how expressive he is, Divyan knows what it takes to take the leader. At a first glance, people might not acknowledge him but he knows how to make his opponents regret their decisions if they do ignore him.

Divyan feels a bit self-conscious of his height, standing at 5’7 but he makes up for his height with his energy. Divyan has a sturdy body, as he might not look strong, he can certainly pull his weight when the opportunity calls for it. He has short, curly brown locks and light brown eyes that always seem to sparkle when you find his gaze. His light skin shines and glows whenever he is outside, attracting the eyes of others whenever he passes them.

Wiping the blood from his lips, the beast’s bright azure eyes find your gaze and he smirks. “Not bad.” He cracks his knuckles and the scales on his body begin to glow a brilliant blue. “My turn.”

It is difficult to explain how Cassiar is. He never takes things seriously. Even if he is at Death’s door, he treats it as a challenge and charges in gung-ho without a second thought. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t a fool who is short-tempered, rather, it’s the opposite. Cassiar might not seem like it, but he knows how to scheme and cunningly turn things to his favor if in a battle or trying to gain the upper hand against his opponent. His silver tongue knows just what to say to make others question themselves, as there is more to the man than what you’d expect from a battle-crazy individual such as himself.

The beast claims that he has no memories. He knows not if he was a monster forced to become human, or a human who turned into a monster. All he knows is that he is alive and that he’ll live his life to the fullest, no matter what comes his way. Carefree and quite the rambunctious individual, Cassiar might be a bit short-tempered, but he knows who to take things seriously when the situation calls for it. He just prefers to punch first than to ask questions as he claims it’s much more fun than banter.

Cassiar is a muscular man with scales on his face and body, all draped in a rich, blue skin. He stands at 6" often complaining about his height if he stands next to an individual taller than him, but enjoys teasing others who are short. Cassiar isn’t human. He’s far from it. Especially with his slitted pupils from his bright, azure eyes that are contained in his black sclera. Cassiar’s body takes on a humanoid form, at least, an illusion of it to trick others. But you can see some of what he truly is beyond the illusion. He has two horns protruding from his temples, curling backwards as they’re of a decent size, smaller than his head but bigger than a simple horn.

He is more like a wisp inhabiting a vessel or pile of gloop that managed to create a body. Nothing more than just a mass of arcane forced to take on a humanoid shape. It’s beyond your knowledge that a being like him exists. You’d say he’s an elemental, but despite feeling the arcane resonating off him, he isn’t an element at all. Cassiar has sharp claws and edges on his body, looking far more beastly and animal-like than human. He has 'hair’ but they’re more of an extension of his arcane body, merely mimicking human hair, reaching his shoulders.

“New orders have been received,” placing two fingers against her temple, Freida’s green eyes glow blue for a brief second. Without any hesitation, she points her electric sword in your direction, her eyes shift to a deep scarlet. “Capture the Harbinger and the homunculus at all costs.”

Freida’s body has broken far too many times for her to count. For the Empire. For the people. For peace. Freida allowed herself to be broken and rebuilt time and time again. Again. She rises. Again. She fights. Fulfilling her duty as no more than a recycled soldier. Once upon a time, the woman wanted to live a simple life. A life where she’d find someone to love, to grow flowers and live the rest of her life surrounded by those who are dear to her, but that is no more than wishful thinking.

The soldier knows how to carry out orders efficiently. They will be done, no matter the cost. Loyal to a fault, so long as they are for the greater good, she’ll do whatever she can to ensure the objective is completed. Though stoic and reserved to herself, Freida is a bit… Awkward. Perhaps it’s because she isn’t used to interacting with others, or she simply just doesn’t know how, there are times when the cyborg woman would stamper and derail the conversation to make her escape. Of course, she does mean well. She’s perhaps just a bit shy when it comes to meeting someone who is more interested in her, rather than what she is.

Freida is a tall, well-built woman, standing at a height of 5’11" with long, blond hair that she keeps neatly tied together in a crown braid. At a first glance, many would assume that she’s an automaton, as most of her body is made of steel. Though not all of her body is composed of metal, there are still parts of her that remain human, showing off her rose-tinged skin. Her deep, green irises tend to change from blue to red, depending on the situation at hand. If she is doing miscellaneous tasks, they turn blue, but if she senses a threat, her eyes immediately turn red.

“What use are these wings of mine if you’re unable to soar the skies with me?.” The towering individual flashes you a wide grin, a warm expression on their face. “Rather than basking in the glory of the Almighty’s light, I’d much rather learn how to walk with these legs of mine if it means we can be together for a moment longer, moíhím.”

Meidh is a strange individual. They aren’t human, but the form they show you is humanoid, at least, to a certain extent. So long as you ignore the fact that they have four arms, five eyes and the wings for ears. Not to mention the wings sprouting from their back. The rest of them look human. Well, most of what they’re willing to show at least.

At a first glance, Meidh attracts the attention of others. Despite their intimidating height, the way they smile and bring life to those around them eases the people around them, allowing others to lower their guard and welcome them with open arms. They bring happiness when there is sadness, they weep for those who have no one to cry for them, and they stay true to their ideals, no matter what others say. When there is chaos, they bring peace, and when there is peace, they won’t hesitate to cause a bit of chaos.

Meidh’s lithe body stands at the height of 7’2", though, they’ll often complain about how 'short’ they are compared to their 'real’ body. Of course, they’re unable to take on their true form due to some strange reasoning. They refuse to tell you outright, but you’ll take their word for it. For now. Six large wings sprout from behind Meidh, though rather than being covered with feathers, the wings take a different appearance. They flow out in a multitude of wispy, sea green tendrils, mimicking the appearance of wings as they’re attached to metal etched on Meidh’s back.

With five bright, violet eyes, each containing black scleras that mimic the void, you swear you see the galaxy when you peer into their eyes. It could be due to their celestial nature, but there is something appealing about how their eyes seem to glitter and glow whenever they catch your gaze. Their long, black dread-locks are braided together, styled in a side-cut as the right side of their head is shaved. Their skin is as dark as the night of the harvest moon, glowing under the moonlit rays that only highlight the white and gold markings on their skin.



Content Warning

There are a few things that might trigger some individuals—death, violence, gore, child abuse, discrimination, and perhaps some non-explicit sexual content. Please don’t hesitate to tell me if there are other things that should be added to the warnings.

Changelog and Updates

01/31: Prologue and a section of Chapter One - 62k words excluding code

  • Bugs. If there are places where it’s giving you an error or even some parts of the coding that aren’t properly used.
  • Any critiques about the pacing, writing, or even the code would be very great! Especially as a first time coder (and someone who’s first language isn’t English), if something sounds strange, let it be a choice or something that just doesn’t sound right, please, tell me!
  • General thoughts about what you think about the demo so far? I feed off of feedback.

This was sick. I love being the villain! I love having cool powers! I like violence muahahahah! This is another fun story, and I will be watching with great interest.


I found an error when i was playing through chapter 1, good wip though!

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I skimmed through it but the grammar is pretty solid, I’ll make some time for it and I’m eager to read more.

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Love this so much. One suggestion can the chapter banners be increased in size, I can’t quite read the line below ‘chapter number’

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@Player.Pk found this error. please look at the first line.

@Pigeon I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the story so far. Villains are always so fun to play.
@12eno I’m glad to hear that the grammar is solid for the time being. I shall await eagerly for the verdict.
@Big_fan1231 Yeah, you’re right about that. They are really tiny. I’ll make a new image to make things a bit more readable!
@Yap_Huiming and @Bulk_Biceps ASDFGHJKL Thank you so much for finding those mistakes. I’ve fixed them.


hastily picks up jaw from the floor

You say this is your first attempt?

And English isn’t your first language?


It was fu**ing good and epic! I love your writing style, it’s very nice to read.
Because I’m obsessed with dark stories with terrifying MC (that MC was really creepy… was ;-; The reputation will have to be recovered…) who are the villain - I’m delighted with what you have created. So, yeah, this dark vibes of your WIP reminds me a bit The Abyssal :thinking: … it’s a compliment!

So far I have not noticed any bugs. But when I read it again carefully, I will let you know when I find something :+1:


Can we manipulate the child to do our bidding and become a proper villain

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@Cingulum_diaboli Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the WIP at its current state. And I thank you ahead of time, should you find any bugs or mistakes!

@Big_fan1231 Without a doubt, you can shape Shian to become a villain. There are hidden stats for Shian that’ll accumulate over time and impact how Shian will interact with you and others based on your actions. If MC is Merciless, they too can undertake MC’s personalities as their own.


Thats a dick move they just did. taking your heart and placing it in a homunculus! i am mad!


Usually most games on this platform place less emphasis on aesthetic, and you come in wITH LITERAL ANIMATED hEADERS. And you even got your tumblr ready!!! You’ve planned so much and everything seems so fleshed out from there, so it’s just- chef’s kiss :heart: :lips: :heart: :ok_hand:

Plus your writing style and your grasp on soft worldbuilding makes the world just feel so much more…idk? Enchanting? Dangerous? Large? It feels like there’s so much to explore and so much in store, I can’t wait to read more. Esp. With the varying texts depending on the MC’s stats! And you didn’t try to simmer down the variation, like:

You feel
*if (condition > 50)
*elseif (condition < 50)

Instead, you wrote full on paragraphs of different text :0 AND THAT MAKES READING THIS SO MUCH MORE IMMERSIVE. Great job!!! :smiley:


Can’t wait for more. One question though: could we choose the child’s gender or maybe customize their appearance like we customize our mc?


It’s been quite some time since I found a WIP I adore. And the fact my MC could be so tired of everything is awesome, though I had an image at the end when they were “killed” where they’d drop their head on the Knight-Commander’s shoulder (to his shock/discomfort). A sort of touch-starved, “I’m dying, grant me this” sort of response that’s opposed to the touch-aversed individual.

No issues with game breaking moments on my run through it, and the flow was good.


OMG!! This is good, super good! First, the storyline. Chef’s kiss! :heart_eyes: Second, the writing style. MAGNIFICIENT :heart_eyes: i am absolutely in love with this wip, i really hope you publish it cause I would def pay for this!


• a lack of images will not interfere with my enjoyment of a game, but these elevate it so much. They’re beautiful!
• their vivid memories, they’ll inscribe what they’d witness → what they’d witnessed
• The tales of the old rekindles the desire of Man, encouraging them to search for the villain who defeated the great heroes. → change them to him or Man to Humankind
• how there are individuals who’ll rather spend the rest of their time helping others than themselves → who’d rather spend
• but you suppose he needs some sort of handicap when going against a being such as yourself → a handicap implies weakness. Perhaps an advantage or a boon?
• the entity tALkINg LiKe tHiS makes it difficult to read, might make it unintelligible to people using screen readers, and makes me think of the SpongeBob meme. You know the one. I’d go with all caps, bold the text, italicize it, or do something else to differentiate it.
• As if you’ve wronged man → wronged the man or wronged him


@Bulk_Biceps Fate is such a strange thing, is it not? The wheels will continue to spin their thread. Everything has a reason, does it not? The cycle must continue… You’ll be seeing more of these people and their organization as the story progresses.
@ZytL asdfgh thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad to hear that you liked the demo so far.
@TheSleepwalker Over time, yes, there will be a possible section where MC and Shian will go over how Shian feels about themselves in terms of their gender but that won’t be until later when Shian is more confident with themselves. You will also be able to customize Shian’s appearance (This won’t appear until Chapter Two)
@TheChaosArchivist I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the WIP. (And yes, I also enjoy tired, ‘I’m done’ MCs) I knew I forgot to code in something that involved the touch-repulsed MCs. Thanks for the heads up.
@Lonily I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo and thank you for your kind words. ^^
@fool Thank you for finding those, I’ll be sure to fix them to make it sound better. And aha, you’re right about the entity. I’ll be sure to make it easier for readers, thanks for the suggestions!


QUESTION! - Y’know how the like more “playful” MC is well, playful. Will romance options showcase it? Also, will you add something where the MC seems playful on the outside but its just covering up something else, I don’t really know how to put it.

But anyways I know I have said it already but I am already in love with this game!


I dont like them already, and committing suicide doesnt seem like a valid option since your heart has been moved.

this is so fucking cool. i was so sad to see it end. i hate how they woke us up for some god awful reason and bounded us to the kid. like sure if the kid dies, we die but like is that really a taunt to a ‘im done with all of this mc’? ig torture can be possible but im just very very angry at the people that fucking woke us up. also, the knight commander (even if he kinda did kill us) will always have a special place in my heart. honestly, i really like him. he is the only character that treated us with respect and all that shit while the people that woke us up, plays with us like were a toy and taunts us first time we wake up and as silly as this may sound, i kinda miss him. tbh i kinda teared up a bit at their last interaction, especially when you choose to accept ur fate and help him kill you faster. as for the powers, i especially like the blood butterflies and i hope to see them soon. such savage delicate looking insects they are.

overall, 10/10 would read again. would probably punch that dude’s face that threatened us.