Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

That sounds a little bit like Emperor Syndrome found over in the adult reading section of forum threads. It may not be, though.

Looking for two:

  1. You’re a child to wealthy parents that are a Lord and Lady, and you have either a brother/sister or a kid friend that lives with you too, and you both come across a violet-eyed magician child being bullied in the alley one day when you go out exploring. They are adopted in as a ward to protect you I think. You get kidnapped and taken onto a ship that your parents, or somebody else blows up to save you.

  2. You’re nobody special but you’re given a Jinn’s lamp from somebody. You can work as a server for a Royal dinner and make a mess of things, or you can sing? Or you can be somebody’s smart plus one. It’s based in a country ambiguously Middle-Eastern. There’s a rebellion going on that you’re pulled into because of the Jinn, one side is led by a really pretty woman and I’m pretty sure she’s evil. You can become friends with the Jinn. A house burns down and you have the chance to rob it or save people.


That first one is definitely ‘Trust Me, Obey Me’

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The second one sounds like a released CoG game The Dragon and the Djinn

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Thank you @LadyUmbreon89 and @TheTal !! You have no idea how long I’ve been looking, cheers for this.

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Yes this is the one thank you.

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there was this game where the mc has a power that anyone that looks at their face is attracted to them(or something similar), so they use a mask, also mc had a partner but they got in a coma.

It’s Venatici House I just played it yesterday too, funny that.


Trying to find out the name of wip were the mc is a monster that used to live in a lake as its guardian the one day is free and decides to see what its like to live amoung humans


Yeah that is it thanks

I read this game recently, where mc is an engineer in isolation, but then a rebel appears with a puzzle/orb/container, and this rebel knows the mc from another person that asked to find the mc, and the rebel asks mc to come back to help the rebels.

Hope someone can comprehend what I just said and be able to help me, thank you.

Hello, does anyone remember a game where the main character was an angel? Although they didn’t participate in Lucifer’s rebellion, they had a brief conversation with him. I recall that you could choose the type of weapon your light formed, as well as the color of your wings. Any help is appreciated.


Sounds like Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil


Thats the one, thank you

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Redhill is the name.

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Can’t remember if this was on itch or here on the forum but from what I remember it was an early WIP set in a fantasy medieval setting where you where a prince or smth and you see your father getting murdered right in front of you betrayed by a confidante whom he was discussing plans with…after that i dont remember much you were growing up at court under the rule of the betrayer and you could plan to overthrow him i think…there were lots of angry options but I think the murderer of your father was also a possible RO? sorry for this rambling I just randomly remembered this WIP and thought it was intriguing but I cannot for the life of me remember anything else :sweat_smile:

I think roses were a big theme too

A Prophecy Undone (WIP) (10/May: new scene added, 90k words)?


thanks so much!! that was fast :smiley:

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