A Prophecy Undone (WIP) (10/May: new scene added, 90k words)


A Prophecy Undone is set in a world named Iomarion, where two nations, Istegar and Sútfold, are locked in a never-ending war against each other.

They said destiny was immutable. They said the chosen one could not die. They said prophecies would come true, one way or another.

They were wrong.

Your father, chosen of Ateus, was supposed to unite Sútfold and Istegar. Yet on the eve of the final victory, he was murdered, by none other than his trusted Hand. When you tried to expose the traitor, your words fell on deaf ears. Instead, the late king’s death was blamed on assassins in Sútfold ranks.

Deceived by these lies, vengeful knights of Istegar gathered in front of the Sútfold court, demanding blood. It was inevitable that the night of celebration devolved into a feast of slaughter. Afterwards, both parties retreated to nurse their wounds. Your uncle took your father’s place, and you were demoted from heir to spare.

Will you attempt to take your rightful place back? Will you make the Hand pay for their treachery? Most importantly, will you fulfil the prophecy in your father’s stead?

Word Count: ???k average, 90k total

  • Play as a vengeful prince/princess and customise your personality and appearance.
  • Take back your throne by hook or by crook. Or are you the type that enjoys controlling everything from behind?
  • Choose your divine ally carefully. Will it be Ateus, the Lord of Light, or Ulfric, the Great Winter Wolf? Or will it be none of them?
  • Discover what really happened during that fateful night. Learn the scheme of your enemy, and punish them for what they have done. Alternatively, fall in love with them.
  • Choose one RO from characters with a wide range of backgrounds and personalities. Define your relationship: will it be simple manipulation or is there something more?

Ingvar/Ingvild (Gender selectable: M/F)
Previously a Northman, the sellsword fled south after they defected from the Wolfpacks of Ulfric. You found them when they were homeless and starving, and made them your blade. They will serve you faithfully as long as you keep the coins flowing.

Lysander/Lysandra (Gender selectable: M/F)
Your father’s killer was no longer the young person they once were, but time only made them an even more dangerous foe. Now at the height of their power, no one - sometimes not even the king himself - dares to say no to their request.

Desmond/Desmonda (Gender selectable: M/F)
The Speaker of Ateus is said to have high hopes of becoming the next Lightbearer. Kind and compassionate, they have many friends among the commoners, but their unwillingness to please the nobles made them unpopular in upper circles.

Mori (F)
The mysterious envoy from the North turns out to be a Seasider. You sense too many contradictions in this woman — it makes you wonder.

And one more RO to come!


I welcome any form of feedback, be it grammar, coding, or the flow of the scenes. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, and my writing experience largely consists of short stories with convoluted plots. This is the first time I try something longer with romance included, and I hope the related scenes don’t come off as weird. Thanks a lot for reading my work.

Change Log

17/3: Minor re-write of chapter 1-4
25/3: Chapter 5 updated
30/3: New scenes are added to chapter 2 and 4. Updated appearance.
5/4: Updated chapter 5. Fixed a minor bug related to sparing Ylva.
17/4: First draft of chapter 6
1/5: Edited Chapter 1 and 2
10/5: revamped Chapter 1-6


Begin Your Journey

If you guys are interested in reading (and pointing out errors) a few days prior to the public releases, then you are welcome to join! Or if you just want to discuss stuff related to this IF. For now, it is a very small server intended for a small group, and I won’t be there 24/7 (work to do, papers to write sad adult life noises). So it’ll be a pretty casual environment :slight_smile:


Which destination did you choose? (I will prioritise the content for the most popular route in Chapter 7. After that, I will update accordingly.)

This one will be closed on 24/4/2023.

  • Light’s Vigil
  • Isolde’s Rest
  • Starfall Valley

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For curiosity’s sake:

The MC is allied to …

  • Ateus
  • Ulfric
  • Neither

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Edit: please share your stat screen at the end of your playthrough (if you can)! I need them to adjust my stat increase.


Just some polls:
Did you play as a prince or a princess?

  • Prince
  • Princess

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Did you accept Ateus’ offer?

  • Yes
  • No

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Will you wear red at the ball? :wink:

  • Yes
  • No

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And for those who got the Blade’s little scene at the end - what do you think of them now?

  • I can fix them
  • I can make them worse

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If you don’t mind, please share your thoughts behind these choices!


Can you put a save system?

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My bad for forgetting to tick the save plug-in. Now the save should be included. Thanks for the reminder.


Oh, I just realised that I forgot to include these in my polls:
What is your preferred way of character creation?

  • Roll Attributes
  • Point Buy

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Do you think 30 points are too few for point buy?

  • 30 points are fine
  • 30 poinst are too few (please indicate in comments your suggested number)

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About the Desmond/a romance will we be able to enter their route if we want to get the great wolf god help?

And are the gods like divided Atreus is a good god and the Wolf a bad one or are they just neutral?


Can we kill our uncle and cousin and torture Lysander/Lysandra


You can enter any romance regardless of your allegiance. But some paths may not have a ‘happy ending’ if you do so. As for Desmond/a - they are a special case. You get to convince them to join you if you choose a different god.


You defintely can kill your uncle and cousin. As for the Hand, the current plan is just to kill them in the final fight scene (if you are not on their side). Once I finish the alpha draft I will consider adding some variations if most readers want them.


So are the gods divided in good or evil or more like neutral?


It’s … tricky. In my draft, I just wrote about what they did and leave the reader to decide. But Ateus indeed leans towards the ‘good’ side, but some might still find his goals questionable.


I think I found a bug, for the first two chapters at least any options that should gain affable is instead aristocratic.

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About atreus how does he look is he humanlike or is the symbol a lion or some kind of other animal?

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@Drakona Can you point out which choice specifically?

@Fenrir1 You can see him if you pass a fortitude check. He’s human.


This choice and in the priest pov when she says the prince/princess has a polite smile it gives you a big increase in aristocratic instead of affable.


Also in this scene if you pick the third option it gives you an increase in deception, but if you pick the second option it acts like you picked the third but instead gives you an increase in stoicism.


I see. Fixed. Thanks for bringing this up.

Edit: oh, that should be aristocratic instead! Hmm, I think I have some problems with my stats.

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Okay, actual question about the game now but if we end up swearing to the great wolf god of the north, what will our blade’s (I’m assuming Ingvild is the blade) reaction be? Because I do like the sound of following a god that goes against my home country’s religion, but I don’t want to ruin my relationship with Ingvild.


Short answer: You are fine.
Long answer: The Blade has a ‘personal quest’ that lets you explore their backstory and determine their final allegiance. The current plan is either they are completely against the wolf god or go back to be their disciple. So yeah, it’s fine if you decide to join the wolf pack.


I prefer rolling dice for stats but sometimes dice don’t like me rolling them

I think poor Norgan’s gonna have a rough time.


… I’ll pray to rngesus for you.

If you don’t mind a bit of cheating, you can refresh and roll again.