THE DECOY: a multiverse jumping modern/high fantasy (WIP) (TALEEA RO ADDED)

It occurs to you just then, the true depth of your helplessness: you’ve been taken to another universe, alone with no way home, you’re stuck prisoner, your phone has no signal…and they don’t even know what Wi-Fi is. Yeah. You’re screwed.

The Decoy is a dark fantasy that follows you, a 21st century normal human, kidnapped to an alternate magical universe to play the part of the missing heir to a powerful throne…who also happens to be your doppelgänger. ♔

Life, for the most part, has been all-around uneventful. You work in Manhattan at a convenience store under a sleazy boss in order to scrape by and support your struggling family. Your dad is absent, your mom is too tired to parent, one brother is getting arrested while the other has detached himself from the life he once had. Still, while your days as a twenty-something employee are mundane, at least they’re predictable.

Meanwhile, in another realm , the magical dark world of Eterna is in ruin. A war against an entity and his bloodthirsty creatures is brewing, and after the powerful royal family is viciously murdered and the only living child–and now rightful owner of the throne–goes missing, that evil is one step closer to winning.

But of course, that’s not your problem. That’s in a whole other universe, one you don’t even know exists. Your biggest worry is whether you’ll be able to take on a double shift tomorrow. Right?


Turns out the missing heir is your doppelganger. In a desperate attempt to save face and stop from losing a war before it even starts, you’re kidnapped and taken to Eterna in order to play the part of the monarch, all while working behind the (bloody) scenes to find the true heir and get home.

Stuck in a world of magic and fantasy you’ve only ever seen in movies, an entire country–and an impending war-- is now dependent on how well you can act.

No pressure.

The Decoy is rated 18+ for dark themes, violence, and explicit content.


  • Customize your MC from gender identity, pronouns, personality, and appearance.
  • Choose whether to adapt to this new world or reject it, whether to be defiant or not. Pick what kind of monarch you’ll lead as and take full advantage of your new royal identity.
  • Build yourself up in this new world, focus on honing combat or knowledge of the realm, choose a preferred choice of weapon and more.
  • Romance one of six ROs with a variety of backgrounds and magical types. Some more dangerous than others.
  • Maybe teach your new makeshift gang what television is? Hopefully find some signal for your phone? (not going to happen).

SERIDA/SOREN/SAHAR CRETILLON (m/f/nb , identity dependent on player choice ): the successor to the throne and only living person left in the Cretillon line, S has gone missing not long after the slaughter that murdered their entire family. People have been waiting for them to be coronated in order to plan their next move, but they’re now gone without a trace and without them and the power that binds them together, Eterna is vulnerable. That’s where you come in.

AZRIEL DAMARIS [RO] (m, he/him): once S’s primary royal guard, Azriel has been promoted as the general of the Eternan army and head of the operation to save S. Stiff, serious, and severe, Azriel is tasked with being guard and guiding you through the world of politics and royalty. Unfortunately, Azriel doesn’t want you here and he doesn’t do much to hide it.

NAMARA AL-LUVEN: [RO] (f, she/her) Azriel’s second, Namara is a fierce warrior and loyal to the cause. She’s quite difficult to read, distant considering who you are.

DRENWIN SILVA: [RO](m, he/him): a skilled Mage and jester, Drenwin works alongside the Eternan army and puts his skills to work. He seems to be the most approachable of the bunch, which isn’t saying much.

VALE: [RO](nb, they/them) the boisterous, flirtatious and arrogant mercenary turned pirate captain of The Lady Mystica. Vale exists simply to make and spend as much coin as possible while engaging in their harem and abundance of bad habits.

CERIS BESILLE [RO] (selectable, she/her, he/him, they/them): a priest-in-training, Ceris is fiercely devoted to their beliefs. Reserved and easily scandalized, they haven’t left their quarters in the church since they were twelve, contributing to their lack of outside experience and rather insular outlook on the world.

TALEEA FAREWYN [RO] - (she/her) A half-fae Healer, Taleea follows alongside you as your right hand. She seems to be the only one empathetic to your circumstances, but it’s hard to trust anyone in this world, especially someone who is so keen on being…nice.

ARWEN/ARYA VALARIN: [RO] (selectable, she/her, he/him): A Valarin is S’s childhood friend and their arranged betrothed. A has been S’s other half since they were kids, which means you need to be extra careful around them. They have no idea you’re not S and judging from your orders, it’s better they never find out.

??? [RO?] – They are actively hunting you.


Hello, my name is Mae! I wrote THE DECOY as a novel a few years back as a personal writing-enhancement project and it has collected dust ever since. Since finding the IF community, I’ve revisited this world and found that it may just work as an IF! This is my first IF so if there are any errors or typos, please let me know ! Thanks!


really, I gotta ask: Why would anyone ditch a ‘Bloody’ throne (I get periods every month, that ain’t gonna scar me. Chamberlin! Get some Tampon for the Throne!), Magic, another Universe…to go back to Boring Wifi and a 2nd shift at McDo?


Don’t mind me, just putting on my clown makeup over here… :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


sounds like getting home after the isekai adventure might be an ending. heres hoping it aint as anticlimactic as the last wizard’s was (no offense)


my mc :handshake: asians :handshake: clementine


Okay, I’ve actually had time to read the demo and I really like what you have so far. Normally I don’t really care a ton about background set up before getting to the main plot, but I love my brothers and am really bummed I’ve disappeared on them.

Very interested to see where you’re taking us!


Loving it so far, i really appreciate the variety in characterisation in the mc

Will there be other stats like strength, intelligence, charm etc or only the ones about personality?


Not gonna lie this hit too close to home (when u gender swap the siblings)… let just say our parents kinda meh and i have to pick up their slack by taking care of my lil sist and my other sibling already have their own family and often try to stay away from the family problem… so, i can really immersed myself with MC… and thats why im so looking forward for where this story gonna goes… here’s me giving u all my support.
Kinda like the way you make the “isekai-ed” not so pleasantly… its quite different from my expectations, kinda makes my MC feels quite bitter with the whole situation… wonder how you will turn it around so my MC can stop seeing the cast (especially Azriel) to be someone to hate…


Wow, second game where I’ve needed a double-take when reading the RO list. Took a second to realise that there isn’t an [RO] tag by the description of your doppelganger


This is pretty good. And yes, I’ll take that 2nd McDo Job! But first, let’s fuck this new world upside down! :joy:

Hahaha MC actually struggles with that as the story progresses. More of an internal battle of returning home to a less than ideal existence or staying away from family and everything you know? kind of battle.


Yes, further customization (in relation to MCs new role) unlocks :slight_smile:


thank you!


Wow! What an incredibly strong opening and sense of world-building you have here. I couldn’t put it down. And I really enjoyed the great variety of personality choices you have catered to for players of all sorts that really fleshed out my MC. On top of that, I can’t help but admire authors like you who are able to make me care about characters (like the little brother and co-workers) within the first introduction. It made me really care about what happens to them going forward.

If there’s anybody reading this and wondering whether or not to give this a try before going about your day? Do it! This is heart-warming, gut wrenching and incredibly interesting.

So. Now that I’ve openly admitted how impressed I am with your writing, I have to speak about the Kingdom! Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read it yet.

I don’t think I’m going to like any of these Other Worlders enough to genuinely help them. Ever. Like, what kind of assholes toss a completely innocent person from a non-magical modern world and INTO A DUNGEON when THEY ARE THE ONES WHO TOOK US, and then EXPECT CO-OPERATION AND REFINERY?! Ugh. Honestly. I get that they’re probably trying to prove a point that the MC is at their mercy or whatever, but F those bastards! They can kiss their hopes and dreams of help goodbye with that attitude!

Literally everybody treated my player like an annoying bug for being emotional and wary despite her being their only salvation until the Princess is found, and just didn’t win me over at all (except maybe the healer, she was a nice unantagonistic touch in a really rude world) and when I tell you that I am praying for their downfall, I mean it. And if there is a “bad guy” who promises to keep her loved ones safe, she is going to drop kick the realms into the Shadowlands and become a Concubine lmao. It seems like the attitude of the kidnappers (and their aversion to tears and sensical fear) has afforded them a bitter New Yorkian enemy who will not forget! Which is so impressive because I started out this story with a gentle-hearted character in mind.

… I may have got a little heated :joy:


Thank you so much! My biggest struggle was whether the opening was too much of a slog as an intro, but I really wanted the readers to know how the MC lived before they get thrown into the other world, just to feel at least a little invested in MC’s previous life and loved ones.

And I’m very glad that’s your reaction!! They’re definitely not supposed to be liked in the beginning considering the circumstances. It’s meant to be a slow progression, so hopefully they warm up to you (or not is good too lolol).

Thank you so much for your words!


Wow, you were born to be a writer! You’re clearly talented! I love the plot/storyline, and I am all about dark romance and fantasy. I will say none of the ROs are speaking to me as of now since we’re still in that disbelief/mistrust phase, but I actually like the idea of us “starting off at the wrong kidnapping” and having almost an enemies-to-lovers trope. I wish you the best of luck of your writing and coding journey!

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@alternatewriter on the stat page i noticed some of the personality bars arent working.

Emotional dosent move, only logical.
Bold / Reserved - none functional.
Adaptive / Resistant - none functional.
Humorous / Serious - im not sure…

I’m curious about the personality of Serida and how much of a flip it’s going to be. So far I’ve been playing the MC as a downtrodden grump, so pretending to be a haughty princess could be interesting.

A little disappointed the Healer isn’t an RO, she sounds fun. Will we see more of her?


Yeah, I’ve noticed that too! I’ll check it out, thank you for the input !!