THE DECOY: a multiverse jumping modern/high fantasy (WIP) (TALEEA RO ADDED)

Wow, thank you that’s so nice :sob: and that’s okay!! It’s definitely by design considering the nature of MCs circumstances. Hopefully they win you over! (Or not, that’s okay too!)


This was real good! I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this

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Ah, yes, the “return” part of the standard hero journey. I was wondering about that too, particularly since by the time the “return” part might come into play the mc could possibly have proven themselves a good monarch and be married to the love of their live and then to give that all up in favour of some entitled twat who just happened to be plopped out of the right womb and did none of the hard work during the war to go back to living in modern day squalor especially if the mc did a lot of the hard work to get the other wold to its happy ending…yeah that wouldn’t sit well with my mc for sure too.
But then this WIP is just beginning so it will take a long time before we get to that point.

Well I mean it is not too different from the fate that quite sadly awaits too many children in our modern world just for the sin of being poor and trying to take advantage of some of the only real opportunities they might have to get ahead. The problem being particularly pernicious in some areas of the US with the school to prison pipeline, via drug dealing when some of the best customers are Wall Street Bankers, that the mc’s brother seems to have gotten himself into.
Eh, sorry for the rant mode, carry on folks. :sweat_smile:

All this to say the kidnappers are off to a less than favourable start thus far but in cruelty they are at least still a notch above the modern, sadistic prison guard.


I’m glad you mentioned this because there is a reason MC is struggling and starts off low in the ladder and because MC will struggle a lot with the idea of wealth and class and how the people they are now forced to work with tend to do as they wish for the sake of the royal family who are “important” even if it’s at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve. None of the characters are purely good and bad but I’m glad this convo is brought up now because I definitely wanted to drive home that a lot of MC’s thoughts will center around their life as someone who was in poverty and now thrust into such rampant displays of wealth! As for the return home, that’s another plot point that will be explored. Thanks for your thoughts!


Demo was amazing! Definitely keeping an eye on this :eyes: Though honestly I’m a little sad I can’t romance my doppelgänger, but maybe that’s a little too out there :thinking:

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I don’t really have any criticism other than the stats barely changing. It’s very well written and I saw no obvious coding or spelling issues.

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Since they are forcing us to impersonate the chosen one, can we abuse our power to make their lives difficult. I wanna use every advantage to make our kidnappers suffer


Now that the Mc is in the new world will they develop magic like everyone else? And if so would it be similar to the original princes magic? Would it be weird if the original prince could do magic and we can’t or it the magic was off a different type?

Actually enjoy the story and I’ll love the idea Of us being trapped against our will into a world we don’t understand or maybe don’t want to understand

heya, was wondering if there could be an option to change my mind about helping after escaping the castle thing and seeing ordinary people look at us with hope. i feel like we’d be more inclined to help innocents like them instead of the condescending kidnappers and jailers (and even then only if we’re promised a ticket home afterwards)


The attitude of mc’s jailers notwithstanding or maybe in large part due to their condescension my mc is curious and knowledge is power particularly, if like another poster suggested, it might allow the mc to develop magic. If they can I actually hope it is different from the original prince.

Heh, that is one of the things my mc would love to see the captors scramble to come up with justifications for, if magic is indeed a thing the mc can learn now.

Yes, that was one of the best parts, particularly since the mc was one of the downtrodden people in our modern world likely without the power to ever do much about their situation. It is why my mc likely does not want to go back if they can actually have genuine accomplishments in this world, instead of waiting to 40 to be “promoted” to assistant manager and still remain poor. :persevere:
And my mc, like most of my mc’s being gay likely makes the wish to not return, assuming he has genuine accomplishments, a decent life and a lover by in the other world by then, even greater as it seems he grew up in an environment where, even in 2023, nobody is gay, unless they do it on the down low.
So, yeah, I think my mc might try anything up to and including “disposing” of the “real” prince to avoid returning to a situation where, even if he avoids the pipeline to modern slavery in a privatized prison, the best he can look forward to is making assistant manager before 50 and having no sex and certainly no love life to speak of.

Best deal for both mc and the original might be if they simply make up a story about the mc having always been the long-lost twin brother and hidden backup prince who will not go back to being hidden now. That way potentially everybody wins. But if not…see the more drastic measures above.


She was surprisingly popular and has been added as an RO. Haha and as for the heir, we will learn more about them and MC having to disguise their true personality will be part of MCs struggles as a decoy!


yaaaay taleea


At least initially, the longer they need the mc and the longer mc gets to gather their own power-base and develop their rule the less it matters as personalities can and do change. :wink:

Edit, why can’t Vale be male? :sob: Just have to settle for becoming bestest buddies with the kid, I guess everybody could use a best friend who isn’t a lover after all…

Not feeling the male ro’s right now but it is very early days yet, except that I think my mc would likely never go for A. So is Soren gonna be an RO? It would be deliciously complicated and more than a bit narcissistic to fall for ones doppleganger, particularly if we’re going to go with the story of being long lost twins in the end. :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Are things, really that bad in the US now? While it is not necessarily the most profitable job that would at least make them lower middle class over here, unless Kenjii has an unusually large number of siblings?
Or are his parents really old fashioned about not giving allowances to instill work ethic?

Lol The synopsis is very alluring I commend author for such a awesome synopsis.But it is very funny too.You go on with your daily life then the author strikes you with “WRONG” no daily business time to do your rightful Job!I will start playing 2 hours later and post my thoughts afterwards

Things aren’t that good in the US for teachers but New York is just very expensive. As someone born and raised here, a one bedroom apartment can go for 2400$ a month, the cost of living is an absolute crime against tenants. It’s one, if not, our biggest problem, in the city especially. Pair that with expenses and Kenji’s parents working at low-income, underfunded schools…it’s hard to juggle aha. Kenji doesn’t want to be an added burden, so he works for himself.


that was the case years back in Montreal. You get a tiny space for that amount, and nothing included. It should be a crime!


I love the concept of a multiverse, I really enjoy the RO’s even when they are not really helpful towards MC, I love the siblings and the best friends. (it would be so immensely helpful to have a save system as well lol) I’m looking forward to read more of your story <3

This was great, I had a blast playing it! You have such an engaging style, and I can’t wait to see my MC grow and evolve through the story

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I love the demo! The way we can refuse to cooperate and want to go home feels understandable, it also makes me more excited about how our MCs change their mind about this other world and how we navigate through the whole ordeal.

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