THE DECOY: a multiverse jumping modern/high fantasy (WIP) (TALEEA RO ADDED)

Will the heir be a RO? :eyes:


They are literally your twin :joy:


But not biologically (unless there is a revelation later on that the mc was actually a hidden backup prince all along) or legally (unless there is gonna be an ending where mc stays and they make the twin thing legal). Besides in Midsummer Night’s Dream mc could already sleep with their evil, magic clone. So it is not like it is even unprecedented on this site.

That mentions dating and a possible relationship…still leaves open the possibility of a single one night stand.

Anyway…moving on the more important matters…if they want my mc to play a prince when do we get to raid the royal wardrobe and do dress up? I mean just the outfit and the accessories our doppleganger wears in the portrait we see are probably worth more than the mc’s entire apartment building, let alone their own dump.

Hmmm…right now it seems only mc’s younger brother might really suffer a dip in their quality of life due to mc’s absence, browsing the Tumblr…mc’s mom and older brother seem to have largely checked out, their dad is a deadbeat and their friends, while it might hurt them for a couple of months, would get over it eventually and move on, just like if mc had been hit by a car. Now if Kenjii had already been the love of my mc’s life it would be different, but if just younger brother is a strong enough tie to make my mc want to return in the end when he has a life and possibly a lover in the other world, not to mention money and social status and to then sacrifice it to return to poverty and a shitty job where the best outcome is making assistant manager before 50 and remaining poor and likely without a love life forever…
And that is if the return portal can manipulate time to deposit the mc at most a few moments after they left and possibly de-age them. Because otherwise it is not so much a return to the life mc left as a straight ticket to an insanity diagnosis, homelessness and likely an early death after a miserable existence.

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People love what they love I guess. Wouldn’t be possible in this case anyway since the heir would apparently find it weird as mentioned here.

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I loved it, I can’t wait to play the next part.

So… if we (the MC) were able to be transported to this other world, could we, at some point, take our brothers here as well? cause my MC has no problem staying and being queen as long as she can have them close :woman_shrugging:t2: :woman_shrugging:t2:
With that being said… the demo was awesome, both the plot and your writing are great! I really hope to keep reading


This is also my endgame hope, although not sure how the brothers will feel about it. I also have sympathy for our mom, working literally all of the time trying to make ends meet. I’d let her come lounge in the new universe too.


Yeah, I am gonna kill them all. They will have to bring in a 100 more princes to stop the menace that is my MC.


If you live in a world which has access to other realities, governs by monarchy, and magic is inherent in everyone, your nation’s enemy is quickly approaching your nation and the most powerful heir goes missing, how do you attempt to resolve it?

I just get attached with my family then got kidnapped by this people? I don’t sign up for the ‘This gonna make you cried, a lil bit’, contract.

But this is so good. You know it a good work when the author succeed making someone such as me crying. Good work, keep it up. Can’t wait for the next update.


Ahahaha thank you so much! I tried really hard to try to get people invested in MC’s family in just a prologue!! I’m glad!


Thank you! And a conversation or two about that does get brought up eventually


Hi! Having trouble editing the post (judging from one quick scan, it seems my permissions were taken away? dunno’ much about that, sorry!) Just a quick heads up that a new RO was added (I may be going a bit RO happy…luckily making them an RO still serves the story well and felt like a seamless addition instead of something I was trying to force. That was also the case for Taleea so I’m two for two rn lol)

ARWEN/ARYA VALARIN: [RO] (selectable, she/her, he/him): A Valarin is S’s childhood friend and their arranged betrothed. A has been S’s other half since they were kids, which means you need to be extra careful around them. They have no idea you’re not S and judging from your orders, it’s better they never find out.

A very typical ‘best-friend-who-has-no-idea-you’re-lying-to-them’ deal but something I’m excited to work on. That’s all! As always, if anyone wants to learn more on the story, I’m very active on tumblr.


@alternatewriter – I made your original post a wiki. This should allow you to edit the post once more.

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Thank you!!


Oh I like this, this is fun : D I am not making my existence here easy for anyone : D (I almost thought this story was a “Would you * your clone” type of situation until I realized your doppelganger is not, in fact, an RO :rofl:) Definitely foing for Azzy and making him regret every life decision up to our wedding


Did that a while back with Arcadie: Second Born, when the “Important Characters” section had the MC’s sister first listed. But not as an RO.


Same, i would really like to bring my family with me. Just the thought of the younger brother feeling abandoned makes me sad :sob:.


Most of the characters in the new world are insufferable. Good premise though. I’m looking forward to the updates.

It’s really too bad that it is not a simple swap where S. temporarily takes the place of mc in our world. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have more thoughts but they are likely a bit premature at this point since we only have a tiny demo at present.
I will say though that while some may like wandering around in their t-shirts and a pajama my mc really would like to raid the fancy wardrobe of his evil doppleganger and playing dress-up might well be one of the better things about this whole experience for him. :wink:

So, yeah, dear author really looking forward to the point where my mc can finally raid his doppleganger’s royal wardrobe. :grin: