Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Nope wrong one lol, it was a different thief one but thanks!
I remember a certain part when you’re older, you an the boy (RO) are stealing from somewhere when the guards I think start to knock on the door trying to open it, and depending on who you had decided to get training from you could hide in the chimney or run out, afterwards you’re sent to pretend as a servant to steal from the king and there’s 2 princes or 3 I can’t remember :pensive:

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Touch of Lies

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I think it could’ve been Memento Mori [demo link] [tumblr link]

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Yes, thats what it was thank you so much.:heart:

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Looking for a wip where the player character is a student at a magic school whose bloodline has been cursed so everyone steers clear of them. The player characters family are a bunch of necromancers if I’m remembering correctly. From what I remember from the demo we were showing the new student around and we got into a fight with this one kid whose been bullying us.

The Maledictus:-


Thanks so much

I played a WIP a few months ago. You played as the child of a noble family and you have a sibling. Your father is related to the king as far as I remember. You get a letter to meet your family at his castle. So you leave with your guard detail. Spoilers ahead for it


A bear man shifter is let out and attacks your carriage on the way to the castle. You get captured and your guard is killed by the shifter smashing her head into a rock in front of you.Youre taken to a camp with all the bandits where your guard detail that survived help you escape. One of the knights involved has sentient armour I think, and it speaks to him as he fights and kills the bear man. After you’re rescued, you attend your guards funeral and you meet her sister. You also speak to your family afterwards and there are interactions around that.

I think thats where the WIP ended last I saw. Any suggestions?

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I think that’s chains of destiny

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That’s it, thank you! (:

I don’t remember much but i do know there is a goddess fighting an evil god who already killed other gods. The mc dies at the beginning and she kind of calls upon their soul and wants them to help free her champions that are probably hold by this evil god. If someone knows what it’s called please tell me.

Kingdom and Empires

It recently got a rewrite though

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omg thank you so much