Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hey only detail I can remember is you choose an ro at the beginning to have a child with you were a former assassin and your child is the chosen one please work your magic :pray:t4:

Sounds like Hero Maker

a good while ago i read a wip and now i cant remember what it was called: you play as the younger sibling of a princess, your familly has magic powers but your parents were assassinated by a military commander for being warmongers. the game was you hanging out with your sister and the two RO’s as yall work towards taking out the guy behind it all

edit: turns out i was looking for arcadie: second born

So there was this wip that I read a few years ago that I still can’t find to this day. My memory of it is starting to get a bit blurry but I’ll try my best to explain what it was about.

Basically, the MC is partnered up with 2 of the potential (only?) ROs. One’s a male RO the other a female. The world they live in is a world where magic is forbidden. And I think the MC and their partners hunt? magic users? I don’t quite remember. But the MC basically has powers and that’s why they cover their hand (hands?) with gloves. The last thing I remember about the story was that near the end of the demo, all 3 of them meet some higher up person that is ordering them to do something that they are very reluctant to do. At some point they also force the MC to pull their hood down to see their face (though I don’t quite remember as to why the MC had it covered in the first place) then we were forced to bow. Like bow to the point that our face almost kisses the ground.

Oh! And the MC is very reluctant to tell their partners about their powers for fear of them rejecting the MC.

Please help :sob:

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Is it Invoker by tomawrites on Tumblr

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I am pretty sure there is a scene like this in The Northern Passage, but the other parts of your description didn’t fit to what I remember of this WIP… So, maybe this isn’t the game that you’re looking for or you mixed up two WIPs?


Heyy, I hope everyone is well!!

I’m looking for a project that I came across on Tumblr, created through Twine. Man the whole set up was beautiful. I believe it’s in one or a mix of these genres: Mystery, Horror, Urban Fantasy and Thriller. There were Timed Choices, a Hint Mechanic and You had to type in Clues.

Basic Premise: If i’m remembering correctly MC was sent into the forest to find someone else who had gone missing ( they were searching for a rare butterfly species), but whilst in there they started getting stalked and basically hunted by a creature of some sort; It ran on all fours, Had a Skull Head with no eyes and a body made up of bones and flesh (and or mayybee tree matter… idk). It had a really bad smell.

Depending on your choices MC can kill it- where afterwards we are introduced to another character; Elias, Ethan? (I think it was something with an E). This man comes across the scene in the woods after hearing the shooting and yelling. Come to find out Elias is basically part of an agency dealing with the supernatural and they also were searching for this man.



Can you give us the title plz, I’m interested too now : D


Hiya!! Lol knew I should’ve at least told ya’ll but it’s called 'The Ward’s Eyes’


Currently on a little break so the writer can take coding classes before continuing with the rest of the project.

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Hi I was wondering whether anyone could help me find a WIP that I played a good few years ago. The trouble is, I can only remember a few vague details which I hope I am not merging between a few different games.

I remember that the MC would have vivid nightmares in which he would be able to communicate with the villain- kinda like a Harry Potter Voldemort situation.

There was a female RO that was like a dragon changeling, believe the name was like amywyrth/ amybeth or something along the same line. I think you go back in time and start doing some type of physical training in a temple with 2 other characters, later on you discover a dragon egg but it isn’t hatched and when you go back forward in time it’s hatched and has like an emotional bond to you. The only resemblance of the game I can think of is soul stone war series but after playing it I don’t think it’s the same game. The WIP was on dashingdon around 3-4 years ago near completion.

Anyway, apologies for rambling on but if anyone could help clarify whether this was an earlier draft of the soul stone series or a discontinued game it would be appreciated.


A year later and im still looking for that wip where the mc lived in a village of masked people were if you wre to remove your mask then you were unforgivable. I think the story started with youdesigningyour own then, somehow, your mask got removed.

The visual novel Obscura on itchio?

There was this author who wrote stories, in one you meet and elf? An Elven who travels with you and you eventually build your own kingdom, and you’re a demon and the demon king is hunting you so you and your kingdom escape, but you’re believed to be dead. But you actually travel to a time long ago and meet a dragon who is in a dragon egg and you agree to meet in your original time line which you do. You also meet these fighting masters? Who live in a sky temple? I really loved this story I just can’t find it anymore not even the author :frowning:

Anyone know what this game was called or at least the author???

Is it The Masked Mirror ?

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I love you so much rn.


Hello Hello! Good day everyone. I recently read this IF in tumblr where the MC finds someone in the forest and it turns out that it was a vastly overpowered creature that decided to adopt MC. Now the MC is clueless at just who exactly their adopted father really is and only MC can see him. He can choose to show himself to others but for now it’s only the MC. (He can turn into a human by the way) He also apparently is a villain ish? I mean he kills and all that. Also ever since he lost his wife the world has been dim to him until he met MC. I’m not too sure but I think he turns into a wolf like gigantic creature?

There are ROs and everything else in it but this was the only thing I remember.

Does anyone know the name of this IF? I need to save it :sob:

Can it be "An ode to dying stars”?

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So there’s a game where MC, lives in a town that they say isn’t safe at night. I think MC ended up being out late one night and in a turn of events is handed down some powers (by an Angel…A dying Angel?). With those powers, he finds that he can now send the dead to rest or not. One key factor I recall is that someone died outside the bar MC would pass by (I can’t remember but I feel like, they were either the person we got our powers from or the first person we used them on after touching them),Yet nobody from the bar knows anything about someone dying.

Characters I remember
-A spirit we meet in the Library (RO)
-A character who is basically a vigilante of the night- they attacked us after mistaking MC as a supernatural…or spirit (RO)
-The random young ghost who is seen in the bar but nobody knows who he is. I think only MC can see him though, but i’m not sure.
-Someone we go to get help from, in order to assist the spirit from the Library

FOUND IT…IT’S CALLED BRINGER on Ich.io and Hasn’t been active since 2022

Thats the sad thing about this thread, you see so many promising concepts and WIPs, and most have been abandoned already.


Does everyone know like a WIP or demo where you play as like a detective or Agent, your best friend is an orc or something ect ect you end up getting hurt when you fall out of a window because you hit your head on the balcony