Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Does everyone know like a WIP or demo where you play as like a detective or Agent, your best friend is an orc or something ect ect you end up getting hurt when you fall out of a window because you hit your head on the balcony

Enchanted in Blood

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There was Also another one! There’s so many I’ve forgotten😭 But anyways this is what i remember, you’ve been turned into a vampire I think, and you can can either go live with the clan and the man who turned you, or the other clan who’s enemies I think with that one, the man who turned you is flirty I think and was on some sort of stage? also another part I remember is you have an option to flirt with this vampire and when you click the flirt option he takes a swig of blood from his cup then kisses you against the wall right after he does it with blood still in his mouth, (I’m sorry if this is Vague😭 Any help?)

I couldn’t remember the name it was like you were sacrificed by a cult or something and you could choose what monster or entity or something like that, and you had a monster inside you after that and only your holder, like your owner? Or smth, only they could unleash your monster when they wanted to, but they didn’t want you to. Any help?:heart_hands:

That could be Virtue’s End, which is active here on the forums.


Sounds like Those Betwixt

Another one I remember which is only a certain part but you were being chased by a homeless man at some point and ran up like a pipe or something and then fall through a roof onto cardboard boxes or plastic bins, idk SMTH like that and one of the RO’s I think helps you up

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Nature of Meta: Genesis https://dashingdon.com/play/litzilla/nature-of-metagenesis/mygame/

Another one I remember was where you were like the ice prince or something, you had ice powers and you trained with your father (the king) every day, and he brought you to pick a pet, the only options I remember was Griffin, Dire wolf, Dragon, and SMTH else.

Ah that would be Blood Legacies :slight_smile:

Here ya go!

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Back again!!:face_exhaling:

Premise- MC is a Supernatural (Mythical?) being. After some weird deaths (or disappearances) take place in a human world- suspecting it could be one of their own, MC takes up human form and is given the job by their boss, who is a God(?), to investigate what’s going on.


What I remember:

-You can choose from 3-4 species, each with their own strengths. I think one was a wood Nymph type of things idk. Another was a being with coloring streaks in their skin and hair. I think everyone had a given station and job

-I played a character who at the beginning was good at using, I think, illusion and or had the ability of being a honey trap almost. I remember meeting a guy and making him see is ex wife or husband, right before killing him.

-We collect souls in these little jars’ and each can be used differently. for example the soul of someone who died in rage.

-I remember we had a friend/crush who didn’t want us to leave, Orion/Cyrus/Cirius (idk if that’s his name) but he ended up showing up to the inn we were staying at and everyone was was basically struck in awe- because how ethereal and beautiful he was.

-At one point I think, MC has the option of taking true form in their room and almost thinks they were caught after Orion/Cyrus/Cirius just comes in.

-I remember a mage running a store and a part where MC is walking past and catches their eye. Or more so the earring or whatever piece of jewelry we’re wearing caught his eye. We have the option of staring them down back, saying something or keep moving.

-The first human I think we meet, after showing up to this town, is carrying wood and muscular and strong.

The Nameless https://parkerlyn.tumblr.com/ Found it lol.

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Ok Please work you guys magic again

Mc is half fae or something and there’s dragon riders and mc is working the event where dragon riders are chosen and accidentally finds and bonds with a dragon and I think they have two siblings I’m not sure?

Heart of Flames

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I’m tired but I’m trying to remember a game. I think it might have been on Twine? Anyway, you and a companion are like assassins/killers for some royalty? You get assigned a new task but before you can do it your companion turns out to be a traitor and you fight. I think you get knocked out and wake up later. I remember the companion being regretful that it happened like this.
I feel like it might have been a fantasy game, but I remember having guns as well.

The Night Abridged?

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yes, this is it. Thank you.

I’m remembering a two player game where you had to platform through different stages filled with saws and other obstacles and at the end was a gray box that had a door slowly close and if you didn’t make it you would be killed and the other person would get a point. Anyone remember this as well?

It doesn’t ring any bells for me, sorry… Also, not sure how much help this particular forum will be, since ChoiceScript games are text based ^^’ But maybe there’s still someone who is more familiar with platformers than I am and can answer this lol

Does anyone know the game where you play as a noble lord/lady. You basically have to manage territory. You have to decide whether to support the monarchy or support the anarchical resistance?

The Cruel Guardians?

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