Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Sounds like Split the body asunder

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@Sunflower826 Thank You!!

I also just noticed another one is missing from my Ich.io library so idk if it’s gone in general or if I accidentally deleted it.

Ever since they were young MC has had bad luck with getting close to people- not because they lacked social skills…but because everyone they’ve ever loved has died. It’ll go good for a while, but once a relationship is established, a darkness seems to sweep in and take it all away; they are always the only survivor. After another incident takes place MC decides to move into an apartment ready to live a life alone, little do they know, the residents are quite unique.

No joke I kiiinda hyper-fixated on finding this and after 2hrs straight of digging, I realized it was in my face, woo, yikes.

It’s called Cursed Ambrosia thecorvidcurio-if.tumblr.com

Hey, I’m back with another WIP I’m looking for

I don’t remember much, but I remember the MC at the start got caught by the police because they tried to plan a heist that went south because one of our teammates ratted us out, I think we had an option to be let go if we worked with the police

If anyone has an idea of what the IF is, pls let me know :pray:

Ace of Spades?

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Yes this is it! Thank you so much :smile:

This is one of my favourite dead WIPs :pensive:

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It stopped updating?!? Aw man :smiling_face_with_tear:

Looking for an older title, where you inherit a (possibly antique) store from your late grandmother and have no idea about the supernatural, when you’re stalked and attacked by a bad (fae?) guy and a group save you and take you back to their manor. I think they were friends with the grandmother at one point. Maybe she had a book they needed?

  • I remember you had the choice to play as a really pretty race (maybe a siren?) and the loner vampire leader was a bit of a simp for them in particular.

  • There was definitely an angsty bad boy/girl who didn’t want you there, but was a major flirt. This is kind of cliché, but it might help lol.

  • Pretty sure the demo did not go further than exploring the manor.


I’m looking for an IF (there’s a chance i’ve already found it and it’s just been rewritten but i’m not sure)

I remember it started with someone running and they had a sleeping baby on their person (baby mc), they were being chased by another magic user or assassin? of some sort. The person who was carrying us, ends up getting surrounded in an alley where they have a quick little interaction with the person chasing them-- and basically gets told that all could be forgiven if they simply returned. But of course, they refuse. They get away. ( I think either they did magic, or baby MC accidentally did, which helped with the escape)

At the end of the demo, Them and baby MC ended up taking a break under a tree, where we finally awake and there’s a moment between the person and us. The moment is broken when the person realizes that our pursuer(s) have caught up and found them.

I can’t remember exactly what took place but it was either

  • they ended up hiding MC near the tree behind a glamour; where we can see everything during the fight (maybe even choose how we act as a baby at that moment); then they end up saying goodbye and just leaving MC there. We end up getting found by a young women


  • Hid us near the tree behind a glamour, fought the person(s), won, but got injured and ended up dropping us off with a young lady.

I believe there was supposed to be something special about MC

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I think is red strings of fate this is the link to the demo:


Thank You!!

Hey guys im looking for an older WIP it was one where you were a student in an academy I dont remember what kind but I believe it was a military academy and you end up being teleported to meet the queen or empress and she give you and your classmates a relic based on your personality

The Wars we Wage? If I’m thinking of the right game you end up with your classmates and getting a weapon.

No its not that one but i am gonna read it now that youve mentioned it

Hi. I need help finding this choice script game, and I’m not sure whether it’s a completed game or a wip. I remember that one of the endings of the games takes the main character to become a god. There are three separate gods already there and then they ask you to choose a title for your godhood. You can then choose to betray all the gods and become the only god or team up with one of the other gods to kill the other two. Does anyone know what game this is? Thanks

Hey, I have a vague recollection that this was a CoG wip but I can’t find the topic and now I’m wondering if it got cancelled or if I dreamt the whole thing or what.

There was this magic that made drawings/paintings become real (so if you needed something you could just draw it and then magic it to 3d, anatomical errors and all). The MC was one of these mages and taught others, and had a sibling who was… a some kind of magic police? Who wasn’t a mage? Then there were some kind of weird attacks happening which seemed to be from paintings of someone who… shouldn’t have been alive? Or something?

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Not a dream, I recall the concept too :slight_smile:
Think this one was it Lasting Creations

Ah, so if it was HG after all, that’s why I couldn’t find it.

Im looking for 2 wips that i read before. I have such a goldfish brain because otherwise i would remember these since i read them not that long ago. (months ago but still) So there probably in my list of wips i just don’t recognize them.

-The first one your like a retired hunter or something and you live in a shack near a swamp? i think. And the swamp is inhabited by a lady creature. Also in this world normal humans are rare? or at the very least not the norm anymore. As many others in this world have some kind of body change. Also your partner (if you choose that route i think) is dead allegedly…

-And the second one your like bound to a creature by force (i think when i played i pick some kind of dog) and you had a handler before but i think our MC killed him since he was a d- mean person. And our new handler is one of the ro’s. Also i remember we were hired to protect a caravan and then we were attack by a creature where you could choose to fight as a “human” or transform.

Much appreciated whoever ends up helping me.

The first one sounds like Ouroboros.