Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hey does anyone know a IF demo where you play an MC with super powers and one of the powers you can have is like sun powers? In the first chapter you have a gf/bf who’s Scottish/Irish with levitating powers but you end up breaking up and the mc goes into a downward spiral.

Sucks I know what you were talking about but have zero clue what to even search. Like the options you could be were a nightmarish eldritch Yog-Sothoth blob and one of those big blue four-armed Hindu guys, but I don’t really remember the other two. Maybe one was like an angel? I just don’t really remember anything beyond that and a bit of the story (as in what happened, not the synopsis) so I really have nothing to go off of.

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Is this it? https://dashingdon.com/play/happysuccubus/symbiosis/mygame/


Yep that’s it it’s been driving me nuts trying to remember the name thanks!

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Yes! That’s the game I’m talking about

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And one was a mummy and a wisp I think

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Do you happen to know who the author is? Or if it’s still being updated?

Edit: Never mind found it lol


I dont know where to ask but here i am.
Right is anyone know a story where we are a parent or single parent? After reading MyrkMire And HeroMaker i’ve come to like stories where we become parents, so I hope to find more stories with the concept of us becoming a parent is there any?
And yes i already reading The parenting simulator

Maybe this list could be helpful ?

They can do it, thank you

There’s When Life Gives You Lemons (11/12/2022) (WIP), which has a bit of parenting, but is also focused on dating.


Already read it


There is the main story of Curious Cuisine where one of the focuses on the relationship of a single parent and their child.


The story you are looking for is called Moonlight and can be found on Itch.io. Here is the link:

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I felt that was it!! I think I might have actually passed it up on my following list on tumblr. Thank you for such a quick response!!

Hey everyone i have been searching for this medival era wip for the past week but couldnt find anything and decided to come here. I cant remember much of the wip but what i do remember is the mc is the child of a wealthy merchant and has a sibling (probably a younger sister) and they go to a market place to buy a pendant but shortly after it gets stolen and the mc tries to catch who stole it. They meet a person from the slums that helps them and after some events the mc learns they can use magic. People who are gifted with magic need to go to an academy to control their power and mc is a type of magician that has a large amount of mana enough to explode at any time unless they learn how to control it.

Trust Me Obey Me? It should be here on the forums toward the top, sorry I dont know how to make links.

I believe this is what you’re looking for.

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Aha, thank you.

I’m back with another two lol.

1. There’s an IF I think through twine or a similar system. But the MC is a dragon blood. I think They were part of a competition and I can’t remember the reason but they were disliked by most of the people and there were also three love interests who we, i guess; ruined relationships with. I do recall a gathering of some sort and it gave the pov of all the Li reactions to MC and their outfit when they entered the room. Just to give an example of one of the clothing choices, I wore a scandalous dress and i think it was 100% sheer lmao. I feel like it was one of those marriage or take the throne competitions but idk (either that or the mc was already of noble blood, may have even been the only dragon blood).

The character customization was THOROUGH and fun though.

2. There’s also one more IF I just thought of. In this one, I remember MC joining a group; I can’t remember if it was AA, Mental health or a Cancer sort of thing. But i do feel like the MC was sick and or depressed. The IF was supposed to be about found family and stuff, i think. I know that doesn’t give much but at the time I came across there was only one chapter. This one may have also been through Twine or a Twine like system.

Do these sound familiar to anybody?? Please say yes lol🤞🏽

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