Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

First one is From the Ashes we Rise and the other might be More Than Me?


No to the first one…but yes yes yes to the second one, that’s it. Thank you!

The first one the MC is basically a dragon in human form, but in From The Ashes I believe MC is a phoenix, aren’t they? I wish i could remember a little more about the plot because so far my description sounds like a few IFs that’s currently being worked on lol.

the From The Ashes MC is a dragon shifter, it’s the most likely option from what you’ve described imo as well :sweat_smile:

there’s another IF called Throne of Ashes with a phoenix MC that you might be mixing it up with :sweat_smile:


Ohhhh matter of fact you are definitely right lol. I got the two titles mixed up, how embarrassing!! :joy:

@hisoko Nevermind, that’s a mistake on my part you were right about the first title. So again thank you.


Hello! Sadly I am not 100% sure of my memories, and I may have mixed up two WIPs… but does anyone remember this horror/supernatural WIP where the MC is from (or has come to a town) where there are people from the past who are “stuck”? I don’t remember it well enough to explain it–I know it’s set in modern era, but there are people from the Victorian era who lives “side by side” with the modern people??? I kind of remember a scene where the MC is in a house/town hall/something similar and they saw the “past people” being separated from the modern world through a barrier???

I’m 80% sure that one of the ROs is a ghost/someone from the past.

Sorry if it doesn’t make too much sense! I honestly just remember one RO not being 100% human and something about the time fckery.

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Sounds like Nevermoore to me.

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Yes…yes, I know , I stay asking about IF’s but I was sitting here doing some course work and then this random thought(well…scene) played in the back of my head. I originally started searching for movies but now i’m pretty sure it was an IF game. But I have a HUGE feeling no one will know what I’m talking about because I can only remember the one scene and not anything else.

In this scene I remember MC getting either introduced or forced to stand before this organization of people. They had the MC stand at an altar where a speech had been given and then one of the characters standing at the altar with them, either stabbed MC or cut their throat; but we didn’t die, we bled; but other than that, the MC was unaffected. I feel like there was some sort of special sword or blade incorporated in all of this too but gosh idk.

I’ll be truly amazed if someone knows this.

The Porthecrawl Witness - Entering Beta ?

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I think this is it https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/wip-battle-academia-red-snow-updated-4-26-23/93740

Sounds like my story, someone else linked it in another reply

@Toi @Haunted Oh Wow, Lol I’m actually playing that Right now!!

Thank you!!

Yes, I think this one sounds right!!! Thank you very much!!!

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I’m sorry if this description is too brief to be useful but I remember playing a game while back which opened with the MC supervising drones loading supplies into their ship and listening to music (the choice of which affected your personality stats I think). I also vaguelly remember a scene that takes place in a bar. I think the MC was an interstellar smuggler but I can’t find the game for the life of me. If anyone recognizes the game help would be much appreciated

This is a old game but i can’t remember the name it had norse mythology on it and was set in medival times mc could choose their race like huldra, elf, human etc. On the beginning of the game the mc saves a noble from some kind of snake demon assassin and then takes them to a city. That’s all i remember.

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That one is Light Years Apart!

Well this is his summary so can u find me the game pretty please guys

I just played this game where you have to protect/train a powered crime bosses daughter and you could choose to be someone like King Arthur though you can customize and name your character normally and you are fighting against the cloud praetor at the end of the current wip I think it’s rather new

Broken Fable

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Hi so I played this WIP the game starts when you’re in highschool and somehow get forced to join some kind of a DnD club and you have to create your own DnD game to win some competition and you get to be the god of balance I think And you also get a certain race to be its patron deity but then the other club members start disappearing one by one until you’re the last one in the club and you move on but after around a decade I think you come back to your hometown and after you sleep you wake up in a strange place and after some time you realise that you have been transported into the game you were making while in the club and you find yourself as the god of the underworld and your former club members are there too as gods
If anyone recognise this setting and knows the game name I hope you’ll let me know

Atheina: A story of gods