Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Oh, that’s so cool wip. Now I regret reading it as it seems abandoned.

Technically on hiatus, based on the Tumblr, and is awaiting reworks/rewrites

Last activity was 2 years ago…


Oh, hadn’t seen that :confused:

I’m trying to find a game where you play as the child of a Greek God and you were at a school for half gods, you were sent to earth for some reason and there was a battle in a museum or something like that, I know that I followed the author on Tumblr but can’t find their page

Zeus’s Dilemma is what it’s called. It has been on hiatus for a while.

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This is the tumblr page:

Last post was this January, so I’m hoping I’ll eventually get me some more… Mor.

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Hello Hello! I am here yet again to ask for help in finding the name of an IF :rofl:
The story of this one is about superhero’s and the MC is a part of a hero agency and was tasked in being an undercover agent to earn the trust of the villains the agency is hunting down. We have a sibling and our mother died in a tragic accident that the hero agency knows about yet keeps hidden and along the way we get clues that the agency is not at all like the good agency people think it is. The ROs are the villains and we can have an ex bf/gf hero. All I remember at the end of the book was that the mission got compromised? and the MC’s sibling gets taken by the villains and all the while the MC is thinking oh hell what have I done. and there may have been a chance the MC’s cover was broken.

Also the big boss villain that we can romance happened to be someone who once saved the MC when they were a child…I think and hes very sick, like really sick (physically)

Anyways please help :sob:

Thank you and have a great day! :heartpulse:


I know the game cant remember the name though i think the last update was back in 2020

Superhero secret agent?

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nvm through some extensive keyword searches i found it lol.

Yes! This is the one! Thank you so much! :heartpulse:

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Being sick has wrecked my ability to focus, so I’m having a hard time figuring out if the link to this one WIP I’m looking for is dead, or not. :sweat:


We start off with the MC and an associate (player determined relationship) sneaking around after hours outside of their prison cells. The friend is leading MC to a kitchen to steal some dessert because it is MC’s birthday, but it isn’t long before they’re caught, and then the memory which turned out to be a dream breaks when the MC wakes up. They’ve been out of prison for a while, and have just been living in an apartment that took them in as part of a rehab-like program. MC does not currently have food in the house, so they must go shopping for it. On the way out, the landlord asks after how MC is doing, and reminds MC that his granddaughter is looking forward to some more help with her homework. MC eventually gets out of that conversation, and is finally on the way to the store… Or so they thought. MC gets a feeling like someone is watching them, and has a choice how to respond, if they choose to at all. They can ignore it, look around for the cause, or dive into an alley to get the drop on whoever is spying on them.

Turns out, it was someone MC knows from before they were arrested; the cop who took them in. You can sneak up, and steal his watch for the giggles, or just chat until he forces you to go with him. (Plot point; since he needs to bring you to the city’s main line of defense–a super hero team that he supervises, but has been struggling with a new tactic from the villain’s league making it near impossible to arrest them. MC is the apparent solution.) At the car, the landlord’s granddaughter shows up, and joins you both because she’s actually a hero in training under the team (sidekick, in other words), and she is not impressed with how MC is being treated.

There’s more I could say, but the gist is pretty clear which one I’m after… If I could remember the darn name. :confused:

Based on your description I am very sure that this is the story you are looking for. It is called “The Error” and can be found on Itch.io.


No wonder I couldn’t find it. It got ported, but that’s a wonderful assist. Thanks for helping me; this one had me bugging for a few days, now. :sweat_smile:

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Hello. I’ve been looking for this wip for a while. I think you are a royal (exiled), but your personality is set to being a pretentious asshole. And there are choices where you can be more self aware. Also, I think you’re exiled because of something you did specifically(?) I think one of the options was cheating with someone or making someone cheat. I know thats not a lot of details, but any help would be appreciated

Sounds a bit like Exiled from Court

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Yep, thats it. Thank you!

This sounds like Fell Star? But Fell Star WIP last update was around 2022, and you said the game you search was updated around 2020.

Not gonna lie, there are games with almost similiar synopsis like you said here, so it can be confusing sometimes lol.

The other one, that comes to mind, were either The Abyssal or Knight of Evallons’ plot point—the game is cancelled though, unfortunately.

Not Fell Star and yeah I know that a lot of games on here are similar to the one I was talking about :rofl:

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