Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Can someone please send me the link of Supernatural in New York a friend recommended it to me and i can’t find the link :sweat_smile:

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Supernatural in New York!

Although, according to the author, it’s in the process of being rewritten and ported to Twine. Still, enjoy your reading. :slight_smile:



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I might’ve made this up completely in a dream but does anyone remember a story where a kid tries to kill you with a knife but he was holding it backwards and stabs himself instead? Your father saves you after you get in trouble by sending you to the military with your childhood friend.

I don’t know which story that was, but either this is a Mandela effect or I definitely remember reading this, too!

Edit: Yes, it’s definitely real. It was some kid who bullied you, and while threatening / attacking you, they accidentally hurt themself, and you get into trouble for it.

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Thank you!

I’m looking for a game where you play a detective investigating the disappearance of your classmate’s bike. There were other cases but I’ve only played the first.

is it this?

Yep, thanks

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Uhhhnn anyone remembers this wip “you’re in a town where the past somehow overlaps the present and there you met some known infamous black sheep of the fam guy, who has taken an interest on you because you the MC cannot just see him but as well as communicate and touch him? Oh and yeah I think hes somewhat being blamed for the deaths around town, and your purpose is to unravel the mystery around it …” Ehhehe thanks in advance ( • ̀ω•́ )

Do you mean the Porthecrawl Witness?

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Wowww so fast~ yipp I think its that thank u very muchhhh(灬ºωº灬)

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So I have two WIPs that I’m looking for atm:

The first one I only remember vaguely, but I remember there being a scene in the MC’s childhood where they wander into the woods and get attacked by some kind of supernatural creature and almost die. At the start of the story the MC visits the house of this guy (Forget his name, I think it started with an M?) that they don’t get along with, I think their parents and the MC’s parents are friends or something. Later the guy gets attacked by a supernatural creature and you can talk to him at the hospital and bond over it? I don’t think he was listed as an RO, but I’m not entirely sure. I might be mixing up two different games (I tend to do that a lot), but I’m pretty certain that this all happened in the same game. I think the thread with this WIP could be unlisted, because even though I read it fairly recently I cannot for the life of me find it in my activity log.

The second game is pretty old and I don’t think it’s being worked on anymore, but it was a horror game where the MC moves into a new apartment. Everything seems fine at first but they keep getting the feeling that something’s off? And then at night they hear noises outside and see a shadowy figure at the door, but when they open the door there’s no one there. I think that was where the demo ended. It’s pretty short, so unfortunately I can’t say much more than that.

Second one looks like Just West of Autumn Boulevard to me.


Could it be Iterrian tribulations ?

Iirc your MC got an antique store that got broken into.


@Abe Yes, that’s it, thank you!

@rkgk No, I don’t think that’s it. In the WIP I’m looking for, the MC doesn’t own a store. I think there might’ve been some other kind of store? Or building that got attacked/destroyed, but my memory is honestly fuzzy and IIRC the MC doesn’t actually own it.

That first thing sounds like a mix of the two entries of the Keeper series.

It’s not the Keeper series, I’m pretty familiar with that series. The game I’m looking for is a WIP, it’s not in the store. I don’t remember how old it is, but I played it a couple months back.

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anybody remember a wip where you have a friend that lives in a water and your parents dont like you going out so you sneak out. you also gave them like food sometimes. then this personafied constellation comes down and like brings both of you to a party where other personafied contellations are there and you get to meet them. also your parents i think either forces you to not be close to your friend anymore or like makes you marry them. your friend is kinda like a mermaid but theyre not called like that.

@geldar that was fast! thanks!