Heroes Excellence: Armageddon Saga (WIP)

For the past few months, me and my brother always had a vision to work on a superhero story, and we were thinking of a story that can be out of the box, and somewhat emotional. So now, I present to you the Heroes Excellence: Armageddon Saga story. Basically, the gist of the story is well, you don’t start as a superhero, but the climb you have to get to there.

In this story, superheroes are artificial. After a science lab test gone wrong, scientists realized they could be on to something. The president of the United States issued out an operation called “The Hero Society” program. With this program, all humans who were drugged at a young age to have superpowers were called abHumans, and your parents had to register you in a program, informing the government of your existence and powers.

However, if you didn’t register? You would be arrested and your baby would be taken from you and given to someone who WAS willing to register you, or they would do it themselves. This brings in the MC. A victim of this as his parents were arrested and he hasn’t seen in years. Before getting registered by his aunt, she was killed by an assassin and the MC was taken in to a clan of hitmen, assassins, and killers, where you’re taught killing for money is the only way to live.

Eventually, you do get to break away and fulfill your destiny by becoming a superhero, but now… You play through the prologue. The prologue includes the genetic MC, who was not an abHuman but instead an enHuman. The rare case where you’re born with powers. The MC is now discovering that their powers are genetic and they didn’t need to be drugged. In this prologue, your boss of the “League of Killers” clan gives you a big mission, to kill two people of his past. However, the choices that you take during this prologue? They’ll come back to haunt you.

Prologue Link


Cool so far can’t wait to read the rest

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It’s great so far but for some reason the game doesn’t load after this


You got me interested in playing this I wish you and your brother good luck in making a good story

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The only thing that gets me is that for someone supposedly highly trained, you get knocked around pretty easily.


to be fair you do get caught off guard

also, this is the MC’s first mission. So it makes sense that he gets caught off guard pretty easily, he’s still learning the ropes. But I could see why seeing him get “knocked around” after being told hes been trained throws you off.


Even a professional can be knocked around like that

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That’s where the prologue ends.

Yeah. In every choice the MC is caught off-guard and sucker punched, but afterwards it’s a fairly easy battle for them with all their training and power.


So there a nice crisp piece of meat finally taking down his Target I have been playing too much forgotten stories

I like the direction this superhero story is heading in, it’s unique. I think the best superhero stories of all time are the character-driven ones, that had themes, life lessons, and more importantly a great antagonist and a great protagonist. I like the idea of the MC starting out as a hitman and eventually becoming a superhero, rather than him always aspiring to be a superhero or going to a school for superpowered people.

I also noticed you said the choices in this prologue will come back to haunt you, i assume you are talking about the fact that you kill the parents but leave the son alive. Which is great, because you can have Jax(the son) become a big villain down the line. But it also gives the MC depth when he eventually becomes a hero.
When crafting a superhero story, the protag is important, the antag is important and the side characters are important. I wish you and your brother the best of luck on crafting an amazing superhero story that is off to a good start so far.


Is…is it wrong that I was TOTALLY down with laying waste to the whole family?

I’m there to do a job, not leave evidence :joy::joy::joy:


great game! oof, i feel bad for jax :frowning: cant wait to see where this goes!


This was great! Having the choices affect the MC later on will be nice and adds to the play through!! Once it’s implemented :joy::+1:

Interesting! Looking forward for this. I wish you good luck!

I only have one problem with the story if I am a trained assassin I should be able to pick locks

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The beginning was really intense. But I don’t understand the reason to let Jax alive. A cold and cautious killer never leaves a witness behind :thinking:

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To be fair, this is his first mission ever. He isn’t truly a cold and cautious killer. His heart couldn’t bring himself to kill the kid, which was a rookie mistake on the MC’s part.

I wish you both luck guys!