Heroes Excellence: Armageddon Saga (WIP)

I like what you have so far

That’s not an assasin that’s a thief

Thief are only specialized in lockpicking/stealing/silent movement. Hitman are Jack of all trade, they must know how to enter somewhere without causing a scene and to kill, even steal and sabotage. If not they are simple gangster.

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Me:“You are without a doubt the worst hitman
I’ve ever heard of.”
MC:“But you have heard of me.”


I’m a sucker for superhero stories with tragic backgrounds and this hit the mark and it’s also has an original take on the genre, something I never seen before.

I’ll try it as soon as I get home :grin:


In the author(s) defense he does establish that this is the MC’s first mission therefore it makes sense for him to make mistakes like leaving the kid alive and not picking the lock. I
think it’s a good little detail that he chooses to leave Jax alive because it shows that he still has a heart to some degree, which is also the issue for the MC. He’s supposed to be emotionless and remorseless. He was taught that the only way to live is to kill, but in the heat of the moment he doesn’t think about picking the lock, he doesn’t think about taking out the kid, why? because it’s his first mission.

He’s not a professional yet, so we have to put these mistakes in context.


Haha I played through like five times just trying to kill that kid! You can’t leave witnesses…


Sounds amazing can’t wait to play it

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First mission doesn’t mean not knowing how to do thing. I understand not killing the child, as you can see I didn’t say anything about that. But since, as I understand, the MC is part of a pretty powerful/famous hitman group, I doubt they will send non trained agent on job, since failure will hurt the reputation of the group.

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I didnt say that though, I said it made sense for the MC to make a rookie mistake in the heat of the moment. He has never killed before, its established that he was not mentally prepared once he arrives at the house.

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There’s nothing wrong with the MC making crucial mistakes, this is called character development. I’m sure the MC will pick locks in the future and be more careful over time, because with time comes growth and experience and wisdom. He’s not going to be the perfect hitman or the best hitman day 1 in, but what important is he succeeded in his mission on killing the parents, and will have time to fix his mistakes.


Again. As I said I’m not against the idea of him having problem in killings someone, I’m just explaining that he should know to picklock a door and not having problem doing that, since the psicological weight in doing that action is minimal. Being trained to be a hitman and having difficulties to kill is a thing. Being trained to be a hitman and having problem in using non-letal skill is an other thing.
Plus, the organization he work for is professional and famous. I doub they would not see if their agent is soo not mentally prepared to even start the operation correctly or with basic intrusion skill

Do you plan to eventually publish this and get it beta tested? If so, sign me up! It’s got my interest. :slight_smile:


Hello forum, I’m the brother helping write this story, thank you guys for the feedback. We plan on releasing this story for free, I also recently seen complaints about not being able to pick the lock, The reason that isn’t a choice is for plot reasons, and I know it makes it seem like the MC doesn’t know what he’s doing but I ask you guys follow the journey and trust the process.


I can confirm this is my brother, Trey. He will be answering most of the questions on here while I sort things out and complete chapter one of the story.

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Yeah, I and Taco wanted to do something unique with the superhero genre. We plan on this story being gritty, dark, emotional, etc. The world isn’t black and white and this story will touch on that.

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what kind of assassin can’t pick a lock to get to their targets? for and assassin kicking down doors and fighting your target should be a last resort

I got too influence by other genre of assasins and thief so that’s why i have different opinions😆

I mean in the games i play assasins has more combat power and less skills in opening doors, while thief has lesser attack power and more on picking locks


I mean, personally I would just sit there in a car, rifle aimed at the door, wait for them to come out. Gotta get groceries eventually


I agree assassins should be able to pick locks(the easy ones) since they are not thiefs and picking locks is not their forte.

There is an easy solution for this in the story just make the lock they are trying to open harder than what they usually can open.