Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


Yeah… I think it might be cooler if we could loose our powers, and then become something akin to Batman or better yet, The Punsiher. But, then again, Community College Hero already puts you in the boots of a hero with no powers.

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You know, I thought this game didnt interest you with your other posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though I was surprised to see this thread. I didnt keep myself up to date much lately and I thought the games would be released later in the month. I’m glad to see I was wrong. Anybody know the price they set?


Ugh, the wait is killing me! I just want to play!


I think it’s gonna be 2 to 3 dollars on the amazon store. But, they have been known to change prices depending on word count.

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Yeah. Honestly I think its probably going to be a short game. I dont know why but I feel like the firsts in series are alway shorter here.

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GIVE. ME. IT. :fearful:


Idk, I mean, I’m the highest scoring reader in my state (99th percentile, meaning only on percent of kids in america scored higher then me), and it still took me on average, about an hour, or forty five minutes to rush through it. Buuuut, my first to third play through was 2 and half hours long.

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Uh maybe its just me then. I thought they might be testing it to see if peoples liked it first. Ah well, I hope this one will be a long one. There’s never too much to read.


Yeah, I mean it’s probably gonna be at least 150k and at most 275k.

EDIT: I mean, he got soooo invested in his writing, he came up with his own secret code name.

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He did invest a lot of time in it. If this game is not long, its gonna be wide.

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Well, I love Sergei writing even if is railroad, I have all his games , and I want romance Rana Rain. However, If I don’t like something I say it , I am not the typical fan girl who believes all is perfect. If we fans doesn’t give honest feedback the game would suffer. Sadly, Internet people think if you critic something you are against it, or are a troll


Well, Now fallout has a lot more content but i agree with you


I don’t think its released yet, but this link seems to be working:


You sir, are the worlds greatest person. I will follow you no matter what. I will be your faithful servant until you die. You are a god. Lol jk. Thanks.!!! My inner fanboy came out so hard, my teacher looked at me like I was crazy.

ERMERGERD, I’m not gonna play the demo…screw it my curiosity is too much.


Oh god this is magical.

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Rise! my fellow night owls! Wait thats wrong, how about procastinate? Its 3:54am here in oceania

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Whoa, I didn’t realize we were so close to the release! Still the 7th for me, but I’m hyped now.


It’s already on the App Store.


So none of my saves work when trying to import a game from Heroesfall.

And this is after I rapidly clicked through it to make sure I had a current save.

Edit: I’m gonna see if starting from game one works but it’ll take a while to replay the whole series.


It’s not Google play yet :frowning: