Heart Lines

Heart Lines is a mostly just-for-fun WIP set in a pseudo-Victorian/low magic society, with the occasional tiny bit of steampunk thrown in. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I can’t say much, but the basic gist of the plot is someone made an unwise deal with some very powerful beings and it all rebounded on the MC.

I’m learning ChoiceScript as I go, so this will probably change a great deal over time-hopefully for the better. The demo is very short, only a bit over 4000 words, but I’ll be out of town next week and expect my computer to be out of commission for a little bit. I will probably be able to work on it when I’m out of town, and I have other ways than my computer to work on it, but it’ll be more of a hassle and knowing that I have the demo posted is a good way to keep me motivated.

So, without further ado,

Please let me know about any errors, typos, etc. Pretty much if anything is incorrect, or you think it could be done better, let me know. :slight_smile:


Looks interesting. I found an error when I chose to stay in bed.

“line 146: bad label stay_in_bp”

Pretty interesting, I like it!

@FairyGodfeather That should be fixed now, thanks. Completely missed that label.
@Aquila Thank you! Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Another bug got a paragraph that repeats

After last night, they shall have to get the horses if anyone wants you out of bed. You’ve had quite enough of strange happenings. The horses prove to be unnecessary, as you have to rise and answer the call of nature soon enough. In the brightness of the morning, the strangeness of last night seems to fade though it is still closer than you’d like.

The horses prove to be unnecessary, as you have to rise and answer the call of nature soon enough. In the brightness of the morning, the woman from last night seems far away, though still more like a memory than a dream, much to your disquiet. You can’t seem to shake that patchwork skin from your mind.

Aha! That one took me a little bit, but I tracked it down. It was a tangle of stupidity on my part. Should be fixed.

…I really should’ve tested that path a little more. :confused:

I enjoy your language - you write very elegantly. Haven’t seen enough to comment on gameplay yet though.

I like your writting style and the few play throughs I did I didn’t catch any errors myself, or at least none I noticed might find something after a few more replays. I’m really interested to see where this goes and how the stats are important!

At one point it says “The street last night is an obvious choice, and the library may have some interesting books. The street last night is an obvious choice, and the Library may have some interesting books.” when you want to investigate the “dream”.

Very interesting so far. The man/woman is very mysterious & im looking forward to find our more about him/her

Me too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input! I haven’t been working on this for a bit-mainly because I’ve started actually learning ChoiceScript rather than muddling through and trying to avoid variables, so now I can see what a mess I made of the “code”-but have instead been working on another project, The Bloodstained Tree, which I actually started at the same time as this one. The Bloodstained Tree was what I always considered my main project, with Heart Lines being one to fiddle with on the side when I got burned out on it.

To sum things up: I am working on a different project, The Bloodstained Tree, and simply haven’t gotten a chance to do anything with Heart Lines. There will be updates to it, just not very frequently since it is on the back-burner.

I like the name…
But here’s a pro-tip: It looks bad (and is bad) when you pitch a project and swap to a new one within a month of starting the old one. Pick an idea, develop it and stick to it - or you’ll never finish anything, believe me.

Oh no, if it looks bad, I must look terrible. :slight_smile: I have three open threads here about WIPs and another on a different forum, and a fifth project I’m working on in email.

I think there’s no problem with experimenting, of fiddling about with different ideas.

What’s The Bloodstained Tree about?

:slight_smile: Believe me, I know it looks awful. I’ve just never been able to work on only one thing at a time…I tend to burn myself out if I can’t switch over occasionally. I limit myself to two though, otherwise I really don’t get things done. Things are going well for The Bloodstained Tree (26,100 words! Whee!), and I’ve also gotten a bit done for Heart Lines. Mainly fixing the coding, but there is some new content as well. I’ll probably have an update posted tonight.

Also The Bloodstained Tree is very different from Heart Lines, and it’s something I’ve had in my head a lot longer. I started work on it as a NWN module, but could never wrap my head around the scripting. It came from my love of Norse and Russian fairy tales (doesn’t have much resemblance anymore, though), and basically centers around a tribe of hunters making it through a very bad winter. There’s a lot more to it than that, but I don’t really want to say more just yet. :slight_smile:

@FairyGodfeather @Amaranth
Not at all, I’m very likely the worst for it. But I find it’s best to keep your dabbling to yourself, if you post all your half finished ideas around people begin to stop commenting and rooting for you, simply because they think you’re unlikely to finish. I’m not trying to jab, I’m just sharing my own experience! :slight_smile:

I didn’t take it as a jab at all. :slight_smile: I always appreciate good advice, and it’s not as if you were harsh or anything when you gave it.

Update is up.

Great stuff! I like having a bit more description for the character, and I’m interested to see how your occupation changes things, I opted for Fiddler.

Woo I love the game it’s great

Hope you carry it on maybe make more options for jobs but that’s about it