HALLOWEEN JAM Entries **Beta thread Links**

Hi, everyone. This thread will post All games for thr jam that reach public testing. Please, send the feedback to the authors via pm and not here to not clutter the thread that is mainly for links only.

To any author ready for testing publicly send me your link and your game title so I can post it here.

Good luck to everyone


First Entry

Mirror, Mirror by @Cecilia_Rosewood

Feedback wanted

Quoting Cecilia:

I’d like some more general feedback. Think about things like favorite and least favorite branches, what stood out about the game in a positive and a negative way, favorite NPC if any, etc. And also if branches felt rushed, incomplete, or something along those lines.

Public link to Mirror, Mirror


Remember send the writer @Cecilia_Rosewood the feedback from the game using a pm. NOT posting it here.


Second Entry

Tale of a demon gate by @Nocturnal_Stillness

Public link to Tale of a Demon gate


Send the feedback to @Nocturnal_Stillness in a pm not posted it here, please. He has also a thread open for the game


Third Entry

The visitor and the magician by @Sailingshells

Feedback wanted

Quoting Sailingshells:

In terms of feedback I’m open to anything, but mainly I’m looking for whether anything breaks, since there’s some convoluted code.

Public link to The visitor and the magician


Send the feedback through Pm to @Sailingshells Not posting it here.


This is a humble petition

If you enjoy at least one page of the free games show here give a paragraph, a simple paragraph to the writer.

There are writers who see their link count grow and has received ZERO feedback no single word.

:pray: Please for the love and joy these authors bring if you read please let them now your feelings, even a small phrase and any bug reports.



Going to bump this as I feel it’s important. Jams are a great way to practice your writing and provide some fun free content for the community. I’ve only had a chance to read mirror mirror so far and it is not a long game, I suspect the others will not take hours of your time either. It would be great for everyone to show some support for the jam and try to find the time to pick out at least 1 game to read and leave a few comments to support the authors who have made free content for us to enjoy so we can continue to have nice things :slight_smile: There’s few things more discouraging that putting a lot of work into writing something and being met with radio silence.


Also wanted to ask; are we allowed to submit a Mature Rated game for this jam? Like, something that would most definitely be put in the adult section?

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If the answer to this question is ‘no’, I’m going to be screwed, haha.


I’ve been having the entries opened in my browser for days and days, waiting to have time and energy to do proper thorough reads, but stuff keeps getting in the way.

Is there a deadline for when feedback is still useful? Because knowing that might help me get to it earlier.
It’s too easy to just put it off, when it’s just an ‘at some point’ task.


I can’t speak for the other authors but I probably won’t be able to make changes after October 24th-ish (I’ll be very busy that week). Of course feedback’s still always welcome, even if I can’t integrate it in time for the jam showcase :smiley: Whether you get to it by then or not, thank you for playing! I hope you have a fun and relaxing time :jack_o_lantern:

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It is allowed always share hosted and cog directlines. Please Put a big disclaimer on the more mature content

You have all the month to do it and even further than that feedback is slways welcomed

I just wanted to add a quick note here to say how much I LOVE the jam. It’s a great thing. Superstars, the lot of you.


If you like the jam, I encourage you to try and write even a small game to learn more about how games work and all that and share your ideas.

Many people on forum and myself can help you with your doubts and code. Minimum for the jam is a small 2k game anyone can write and code a small game and learning and have fun with the process.


Fourth entry

@Amesy congratulations for ending the game Digital Twin

Feedback wanted

Amy request on feedback

"Feedback on the dialogue, prose and general atmosphere building would be helpful."

Link to Digital twin


Send the feedback through Pm to @Amesy Not posting it here.


Fifth entry

@ViIsBae congratulations for present Golden eyes

Link to Golden eyes


As always send your feedback on the beta to the author @ViIsBae through pm not post it here.


Sixth entry

@Eiwynn congratulations for presenting
Through the Twisting Glass

Feedback wanted

Feedback Questions

1: Did the first chapter get you interested?

2: Were there any parts of the story that dragged… or that felt rushed?

3: Were there any parts that confused you?

4: What did you think of the characters?

5: Did the ending leave you satisfied?

6: What would you change about the story?

7: What did you like about the story?

Link to Through the Twisting Glass


As always send the feedback from the game to author, @Eiwynn via pm not here.


I’ve read the entries submitted so far, and each entry had its completely unique take on the common theme.

I enjoyed each entry, and each has inspired me in different ways.

Can’t wait to read future entries.


I had to go deal with an irl crisis in the middle of reviewing. But I’ll try to get the rest done, and get feedback sent out, before I go to bed. (it’s midnight here.)


Take your time life come first. You could get all done later! Writers will thank you the same.

Also hope all get better for you!