Halloween Jam 2023- *Theme Revealed*

Twisted Mirrors is this year’s theme.

*A classical interpretation of the mirror role in folklore is like a weird soul-twisted creature changing the viewer’s soul. Like an evil twin or Dorian Gray. Or the evil Mirror making the evil stepmother jealous.

*Another, like in Alice through the mirror. Mirrors are portals to weird twisted realities.


A story with choices and several endings made in whatever game language used in this media. Cs, twine, Cys page etc,

Based on the theme, Twisted Mirrors.

Have a public link available on 31st October

If there are enough entries People will be available to vote the first week of November. There is no price like this is a friendly jam with the main goal is show people that can end projects and how to make betas and be valued works in a future published. Even this project if you polished it can be end published soon. Several entries in the past are now published in polished form! You can do the same as well!

If people who enter want I can do this year as well a private discord server for participants can support each other.


The image makes me think of split and/or hidden identities. :thinking: Or a broken performance. This gives me some ideas even if this is not the theme for this year.

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I will post more art each day so everyone can guess. But I like your guess :wink:

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Hm, broken glass and either a mask or a marionette. Something to do with puppetry, breaking free of strings? I’m curious to see what it’ll be this year!

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The first thing I thought of with that picture is the episode of Doctor Who called “The Girl in the Fireplace.” I mean, you can’t tell me these guys don’t look like the photo:


I doubt Halloween Jam has anything to do with that, but it’d be cool if it was


Masquerade theme was last year! But I agree with you those pics are creepy.

My mind immediately goes to internal conflicts. Smashing a mirror because you don’t like seeing the mask you put on in everyday life, and dealing with the struggle of that. A bit more of a psychological take than a literal one.


I was thinking more of those medieval torture masks then you burn into people’s faces than Masquerade.

So my guessing is confinement or Paranoia

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This is the hint today I think it makes the theme far clear.


Ooh, house of mirrors. :sparkles: So many possible themes from that! Deception, reflection, doppelgangers - looking forward to it!

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I found inspiration for this year’s jam.


Now let’s see if I can put something together between now and Halloween.


Cool songs. I was wondering. if making a thematic mood songlist for the jam. But, I don’t know if people are interested n that.

Are you interested in having a song list and other media to serve as possible inspirational material?

  • Yeah, can be interesting
  • No, that is something. I don’t. care about
  • It is something I don’t care about.
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Last teasing image previous the reveal


Looking forward to the reveal. Will hopefully be able to actually enter this year!


You can do whatever genre you heart desire always respect forum game principles and rules and the contest theme.

It can be a romance story, a mystery story… Sci fi etc… So don’t feel like it has to be spooky or something like that.


I very much look forward to taking part in this year’s Jam. Even without the theme being announced yet, I have a rough idea for what the story is going to be about, and I’ve even made a little something for it already.

A small, creepy little lullaby


Dammit. I had a deeply creepy dream a few weeks ago, woke myself up from it, and thought, “This is totally what I’m going to write my short Halloween game about. I’ll just wait for the theme announcement to see how I can adapt it to the theme.”

And now of course I can’t remember a single thing about it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, looking forward to the big reveal, and to proving that I can write something short. :slight_smile:



What are the rules again? Can we start writing as soon as the theme is revealed, or is there some other start date?

yeah, as soon as I announce the theme until 31th october