Halloween Jam 2023- *Theme Revealed*

I posted in the first post the theme Twisted Mirrors


First of all, thank you for organizing this Mara :))

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in my writing and I think this would be a great opportunity to try and write something smaller and with a set deadline, so I’ll be definitely joining. I already have a plot in mind which I’m happy about and everything ahah.

Anywho, I never participated in this so I wanted to know if we’re allowed to share the links before the date to get feedback while we work on our stories, or if they must be kept out from public viewing until the 31st of October?


I normally recommend not making the link public and doing a private testing instead until you have the whole game done. Then you give me the link and i announce your game in the future beta links thread.

Edit I will do the Beta thread to not flood the forum with dozens of games wips from the jam.


Quick question; how many endings does the game have to have? Does two suffice, or does there need to be more? Also, what is the minimum length that the game must reach? Is it 30k like regular hosted game guidelines?

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I’ve got a few ideas for potential entries. I need to sleep on it and decide which one interests me!


2k is the minimum and the ending depends. The game has to have meaningful choices on i. But there are gaunlet and other types of Interactive fiction that joining in a same ending. So a ending can be if rest of the game had lots of meaning choices


Okay, First day of the jam. And this is an advice for people lurking that always wanted to write but always found it really scary.

I will help you to start, I know what it is because I have chronic anxiety.

The way to start is easy just write a paragraph. It doesn’t matter about what or how silly random it is.

Is it simple right?

Then just write this

    #You are 
    #doing it!
    #It has choices.

It sounds stupid. But it has a reason, it serves you to see anyone can start a game ANYONE. I coded 100k games in a phone. So hell, if you can do it too!

There is nothing mythical about Cs is all about started. Today I recommend you trying to write 100 words and a choice.

And if you feel brave tell us here your experiences or ask for help!


The irony of the writer. Went to bed with ideas 1, 2 and 3. Then wake up this morning settled on idea 4.


And be. happy if somehow 4 don’t grow to become What and If 3+1 can be a branch of 5 and 4.

Now seriously, one of main reasons people do not. end their games for contests or other deadlines it is for not knowing where our limit lies and trying to do to much.

If you work on a time set from months or weeks start to see how many words can you realisticly do in a day or a week and plan accordingly.

You always can add chapters and branches later. A jam is too have fun and move you to write something! Like with Nanowrimo it serves as a skeleton you can polishing later with all time of the world.


Oh I know. I’m setting myself limits and targets. This will be written as a word version of a dot-to-dot :rofl:


Someone told me about this… and so I believe I may well come out of hiding for this. Honest to goodness, I could use a good self-motivating kick in the pants to get myself writing, and a nice short-story length project would be wonderful for it. I’ve already got an idea in mind. I appreciate …this- I mean, I miss the old writing contests that used to take place, and this is close enough to the spirit of that it stirs me up. So I did want to express appreciation. And, fingers crossed, hopefully come up with something worth submitting in time.


Twisted mirrors are really useful. You can use them to see around corners.


“Twisted Mirrors”

Mirror- a portal to another dimension.

Twisted- the alternate dimension is warped and things may not be what they seem. Perfect for something, though I’ll keep it under wraps for now.


yes, both are classic interpretations.

But a mobile can be seen as a Mirror or a camera anything that can reflect your image is a mirror. so I encourage people to explore new ways to see the genre, and the theme


Thank you very much. This would be the classic video game interpretation, isn’t it?

“anything that can reflect your image” - the key word is reflect, so…

Then again, what if the mirror that is reflecting you isn’t the real you?


Or not reflect as I said Twisted what is more twisted that a mirror that cant reflect you?


This image inspired me for a game.


Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the theme was the ‘Evil twin’ trope. Because, you know, identical twins can pretty much be mirror images of each other. Don’t know if I’m going to do anything with that train of thought, though.


it is valid always it has a twisted something in the story

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Hit it right there!

Officially started my entry for this years Jam :slight_smile: