Diversity jam- closed

Deadline 5th May 12:00 pm Paris Berlin timezone

Hi! Everyone. 5th May we celebrate the Diversity day. A day about celebrate the thousands of cultures ans languages that extend worldwide.

So I thought that a comunity as diverse as this needed an event that let everyone express on their native language or in a culture or language they are learning or has some ancestry from it.

Even if you are English native, there could be a language you have skills for or want to learn. This can be a encouragement to try and learn something new.

Any language except English

Jam's prompt theme

And as for the prompt, few topics are more universal than the fable and the folk tale. Oral transmission from which most cultures are born.

An elder, a wise person telling stories to children in the heat of a bonfire. It can be from any culture, race, or era. Even today it happens in summer camps or with parents reading to their children before bed.

So, imagine someone reading a story to a kid or children. That’s the topic.

What is it, what era or what culture… That is open to the writer’s interpretation.




@Kotosinica game



@Lan game

@expectedoperator game




Yessss it’s here!

A quick question about the theme, does the campfire-setting need to happen in-story, or is it so that the story simply needs to be one that could be told in that kind of situation? Does it need to be an actual folk story, or does a fairy tale inspired by folk stories count?


Only need someone telling a tale to a kid or kids. The rest is up to you.

Edit What is a tale or story changes from culture to culture. Is open to writer’s interpretation.


Thanks for this idea Mara!


To double check, it’s the intention to write a story in your native- or at least a non-English language for this jam?


Exactly any language not english.

It can be your native or not. I am trying to encourage English natives to try another language. There are lot of good learning free apps and I am sure that people from those communities that can help.


Are semi-historical Folk Tales allowed? If so, I’ve got just the thing.



Of course as I said any story you can tell to kids. Semi historic and founders stories are really big part of myths and folklore. It can also be religious like gods and spirits.

Oral folklore includes a little unknown blind Man call Homer Odissey lol. Or The Cid in Spanish folk etc…


Luckily the “oral storytelling” is already in-built in the format I had in mind, I want to make an epic poem :grinning:

…I just realized the second poster has typos in it :open_mouth:


I know it was an early prototype. I put it because y love the images I have several versions I will put randomly


This is very exciting! Thank you so much for creating this jam, Mara. I’m looking forward to seeing the stories people will share!

I love the theme, too; sharing stories with others is a wonderful – even essential – way of building community together and sharing culture.

Time permitting, @Falingard and I are going to work on a short piece in French, their first language and a language that’s now part of my daily life. We’re already having a lot of fun brainstorming together. Merci pour l’inspiration!


First game

Het verhaal van Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer (in Dutch) by @Cecilia_Rosewood



@Cecilia_Rosewood I read your jam entry. I liked it. I think you captured the way of talking between an adult and children very well. The story of Kenau is also one to be told. Certainly because being called a kenau became a derogative, while its based on a woman that was willing to fight for her city. Lot’s of rather misogynistic words and verses are left in our language, without people realising it (for example ‘daar was laatst een meisje loos’).

I noticed two small mistakes.

Hier mist een ‘er’

I think it should be ‘vandaag maar bij laten’


Seems pretty undiverse to exclude a language spoken by 1/5th of the entire world but whatever I guess



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The point of the jam is to explore writing in non-English languages, which is very clear in the first post. No need to be weird about it.

(To be clearer and less glib, please don’t post in a thread about writing in non-English languages to ask “what about English?”)


Nice misrepresentation of my post

I’m not asking “what about english”

I’m obliquely calling this “anti-english”

You don’t get to say “Diversity” and “all cultures” while excluding the language of 1/5th of the world and the cultures of 500 million people.


I’m not sure how viable learning a whole language in a month to write a game is. I’ve been learning german with duolingo for a year now (and was taught the basics back in school too), and I wouldn’t say I’m at a level to write an interesting story.
But I suppose some people are really quick learners, and mileage might vary about how fluent someone has to be to feel confident in using a language.

I don’t think I have time or energy to participate, so it doesn’t really matter, but if I wrote a game in danish there would be, what, 5? people in the intere IF community, who would understand it? :joy:


OK! Apologies for misrepresenting. Please don’t post in a thread about writing in non-English languages to say “this is anti-English”.


We can always use translators to understand it, we may not get to a point in which we could correct something in said languages, but at least we could get what you mean across.


All games have to be in English to be published. All jams are in English, all WIPs are in English. Absolutely everything is on it.


Diversity includes the concept of promoting minorities to be heard, to learn about others, and to be close to others.

I am Spanish, but I am also from a minority culturally and idiomatically. I am Galician, and I speak Galician.

I can appreciate the fact that I can show my culture and language even if we are only 8 million speakers.

English is a big language that EVERYONE here in this forum loves and appreciates.

However, I think that for once, after more than eleven years, it is time for us non-natives to showcase our folklore, or for natives to experiment and try something new.